WORLD OF RADIO #1219, produced February 4, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*First two 2004 editions of Continent of Media, not yet broadcast on
 SW, available for download or streaming at
*KTRU 91.7 in Houston TX sometimes carries WRN overnight, including
 WOR Sunday at 5 am CST, as on Feb 1
*VOA terminating 10 east European languages Feb. 27: Bulgarian,
 Estonian, Czech, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian,
 Slovak, Slovene; and reducing Ukrainian and Armenian
*AFGE Local 1812, representing many VOA workers, says BBG is
 considering an IBB scheme to all but eliminate VOA`s English news
 service [later: to cut from 19 to 14 hours per day in Oct]
*RFE/RL ended Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Croat,
 January 31, cutting 100 positions in Prague and capital news bureaux,
 in keeping with Bush administration wish to end broadcasts to NATO/EU
*Bulgaria to continue RFE on its own under new name, Radio New Europe,
 only on FM?
*WMLK still using old 50 kW transmitter on 9465; 250 kW still needs
 some parts
*WINB resumed 13570 ex-9930 at 1300-2200
*R. Canada International repositioning programming at end of March:
 resumes Portuguese for Brazil. English and French tailored for
 target areas rather than worldwide. CBC relays continue for North
*Quirks & Quarks on Sat Feb 7: A Hitchhiker`s Guide to Mars, on RCI;
 and CBC after noon local time
*Private broadcasters in Canada sue CRTC for hundreds of megadollars
 over licence fees as unfair tax
*All Comedy Radio net, on our KMMZ 1640 Enid, added to Mojo Radio 640
 in Toronto, overnights from 2 am EST, and weekends
*Annual Homelessness Marathon available to noncommercial radio
 stations UT Friday Feb 13 for 14 hours from 0000 = 6 pm CST on
 Thursday; among those carrying it are CKUT Montreal, KUNM in
 Albuquerque; on NPR and Pacifica satellite feeds, webcast
*Heads rolling at BBC over Hutton report, fixing blame for
 exaggerating grounds for going to war with Iraq; BBC Chairman Gavin
 Davies quit; next day, Director General Greg Dyke; and after that
 the reporter responsible for the item, Andrew Gilligan. Lots of
 discussion in British, American and world press. See last few
 issues of DX Listening Digest via
*World Music Radio, private SW from Denmark, delayed again: delivery
 of transmitters during Feb, first broadcasts late Feb or early
 March; studio ready, transmitter site not certain yet
*Latvia`s SW transmitter on 9290 has no regular schedule, but short-
 term bookings. Two planned for this weekend: Sat Feb 7, European
 Music Radio at 2100-2300 UT, for the world; Sun Feb 8, Radio Marabu,
 1300-1700, [lots of pop-ups]
*R. Ukraine International shifted 5 kHz to 5910 ex-5905 from Feb 5
 to North America 0000-0500, with English at 01 and 04
*RDP International, Portugal resumed DX program, UT Thu 0040 on
 13770, 13700, 11980, 11655, 9715 [the last blocked by WYFR -0045]
*NBC Namibia heard in California on 6060 at 0322-0330, difficult;
 no longer on 90m band
*If you do hear something on 3270, especially in Europe, it could be
 2nd harmonic of a Greek pirate on 1635, actually 3270.39
*V. of Liberty, Liberia, 11514.4 heard at 1545 past 1800 in Finland,
 also announcing as LCBN Radio; 102.3 FM
*Standard disclaimer
*You`re listening to World of Radio, where the times we mention,
 u.o.s. are Universal in the 24 hour system
*Our address, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at  Thanks this week for financial support go to Steven
*R. Galkayo, Somalia, 6980 heard with English news at 1730, closing
 at 1736 on a Saturday, not heard on another day
*Al-Mustaqbal, new service for Somalia, via South Africa on 17565,
 heard at 1205-1233; is Mon, Tue, Thu only
*New high-power MW relay of R. Sawa via Djibouti is finally on the
 air: 1431 kHz in schedules since Feb 1, 1600-0400 in Arabic, non-
 directional, 600 kW, testing; and heard in Finland at 2130, not
 parallel to other Sawa services on SW
*R. Bahrain again being reported on 9745-USB, 1322-1355; 1207-1335.
 But later in the evening, R. Sawa is on 9745
*R. Kuwait English service missing from 15110 at 0500, sometimes
 Arabic instead
*Saudi Arabia has gone to great lengths to prevent opposition
 broadcasts into the country; see DXLD 4-022
*Iranian clandestine, V. of Mojahed, 1550-1600 on 6240 with bubble
 jammer; history and background of the station. MKO no longer welcome
 in Iraq, but still on the air; considered terrorists by US and EU,
 but believed to originate from UK or US, feed via Telstar 12 [very big page in Persian]
*V, of Jammu Kashmir Freedom on 5990 at 0230-0400, defective buzzy
 transmitter in Rewat, Paksitan, same as on 5101 and 4790
*R. Nepal missing from 5005 as of Feb 4, still on MW
*Malaysia still using SW for domestic services, but RTM Radio 6, Tamil
 service missing from 4845 a few days; 5965 and 7295 heard, and
 Sarawak 7270, 7130
*Defectors from North Korea in the South starting a broadcast on
 internet, Free North Korea Broadcasting, in
 April, testing due already Feb 16 [we got a blank page so far]
*KORL 690, Honolulu, new format, 1600-0400 in Japanese, Radio K-Japan;
 jazz at night and asking for customers, multicultural radio
*Strong harmonic in Ecuador on 6760.14 turned out to be 2 x 3380.07,
 Centro Radiofonico de Imbabura, Ibarra; also heard on SW 3380.7 plus
 MW 1229.92 = 4609.99
*R. Nacional de Colombia heard in Wales at 2230-2255 on 9635; seems
 to be very rarely on the air
*New internet service supported by Venezuelan Pres. Chavez, but based
 in Miami, Radio Revolucion Bolivariana, 
 [with lots of pop-ups]
*Guyana`s government TV and radio to merge into NCN, National
 Communications Network, so may hear new IDs on 3291
*Government of Jamaica to sell shares in RJR to the public, from its
 ten percent interest
*Community Radio 1650 AM in Decatur IL,
 says it is operating legally under Part 15
*WFAL, 1630, Overlea High School, Maryland, named for falcon mascot,
 [reported by George W. Jensen], more likely a pirate
*NAB board votes to endorse interim AM IBOC nighttime operation, so
 brace yourself for more noise on MW at night from ``HD`` radio; but
 unclear how FCC will act on this
*Dying breed, CB radio group signs off in Seattle, REACT out of
 business; was to help motorists in distress; cellphones to blame
*Mid-Atlantic Emergency Net on ham 5 MHz band, Wednesdays 2200 ET =
 UT Thu 0300-0330 on 5330.5 USB [but nothing heard here Feb 5]; NCS
 changes call district each month; contact KE4SKY
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 3; flux range 105-130-85
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1219  ###