WORLD OF RADIO #1220, produced February 17, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Two weeks since the last new WOR, so lots of catching-up to do
*Ozone Radio, Irish pirate carrying WOR on Sunday mornings, cutting
 back to first Sunday of each month due to lack of response
*Sometimes WOR is on webstream leading up to Different Kind of Oldies
 Show, Saturday evenings
*Radio NewYork International webcast adding WOR, Sundays at 2100 UT,
 4 pm ET,
*But IBC Radio has suspended WOR while reconfiguring
*WOR on WWCR, Thu 2130 on 9475, three-month season about over. From
 March back on 15825 at this time
*Mundo Radial remains on 9475 until first week in April, since it`s in
 the 2200 UT hour; new edition from February 17 thrice weekly
*(Recording of WSHB interval signal)
*WSHB soon to disappear, on Feb 29, closing down if not sold at last
 minute; CS Church has been divesting broadcast operations. Church
 restructuring laying off top level managers. WSHB told Don Putnick
 that it would close. A pity: two 500 kW transmitters in South
 Carolina with very good coverage, but wasted last few years on
 nothing but CS teaching. Full schedule at
*IS just before hourtops (another recording, then ID, opening Russian)
*Inside info at stations by monitoring labor unions, if any; at VOA
 AFGE Local 1812 claims that BBG will cut VOA English further in Oct
 from 19 to 14 hours a day; real cuts will be in broadcasters thrown
 out of work, [apparently 11 positions]:
*Instead USG broadcasting money going into new initiatives like Al
 Hurra, new TV service in Arabic, mixed reviews; see DXLDs from 4-027
*R. Rebelde, Cuba, much stronger than before on 5025, humongous signal
*New article about what really happened at RFPI:
*Kofi Annan asked UNDP to intercede, but University for Peace refused
 to negotiate and UN backed off
*R. Miskut, Nicaragua, silent on 5770 for six months but about to be
*Recent report of Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia reactivated on
 9635 at 2230-2300 is probably mistaken, as Voz Cristiana, Chile is
 on same frequency at same time
*DST in Brazil ended Feb 14; coastal states resume UT minus 3; as if
 we went off in mid-August, a very good idea
*R. Nacional Amazonia off-frequency again, 6183.2 and 9668.2 at 0730
*Wind gusts caused shorting and fires at R. Australia Shepparton site;
 two aerials off the air, but 21740 also missing here sometimes in the
 2100-2400 period
*There are two separate programs called Radio Free Vietnam via KWHR,
 9930 Hawaii; one from California, Tue and Thu 1600-1700; the other in
 Washington DC, but with maildrop in Louisiana, Mon-Sat 1230-1300 with
 same ID: ``Dai phat than Viet Nam tui do``
*R. Pilipinas, one of the most obscure external services in English,
 0200-0330 on 11685, 15275, and heard in Colorado on 15120 only
*R. Veritas Asia, Catholic station, had listeners` meeting in Bengal,
 80 attended, Swopan Chakroborty honored as Best DXer of 2003
*BBC Hindi service has two-month road show in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
 thru March 26 [schedule in DXLD 4-024]
*About 200 Malaysians, Indonesians and Thais travelled to Singapore
 for 10th birthday bash of R. Singapore International; Chinese service
 listeners send perishable gifts, help out visiting correspondents
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1220,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA, or woradio at  Check our
 website to read much more in DX Listening Digest via
*R. Nepal was off 5005 only briefly, back Feb. 7 with reduced power on
*BBS Bhutan, now in English daily 1400-1425 on 6035, no longer
 weekends at 1000-1100
*BBS has new FM network and expanding hours to 0100-1600 from Feb 21;
 we can only hope they retain SW to fill in the gaps
*All India Radio, considering cancelling foreign language broadcasts,
 now wants reception reports from UK and Europe, Middle East, SE Asia,
 China, offering QSL cards. Schedule at
*English from Pakistan at 1600-1614 heard on 4795, 5027, 5080, 9395;
 1530-1600 on 4790; 1614- on 5080
*Station on 6240 not V. of Mojahed, but V. of Iranian Revolution, from
 1455, also on 4371, 3875
*EPLF-DP startinng new clandestine for Eritrea, Voice of Liberty, Feb
 22, Sundays 0400-0500 on 15675; via Germany? in Tigrigna, later in
*Al-Mustaqbal, service in Somali sponsored by EDC, is actually for
 southern Ethiopia; 17565 Mon/Tue/Thu only 0630-0700 via UAE, 1200-
 1230 via South Africa
*ZBC Zimbabwe reactivated old frequency 3306, early mornng and eves;
 daytimes still 6045, but irregular, with Radio 2 not in English; 3306
 heard all-night when on; remeember this is the mouthpiece of one of
 the most evil, repressive regimes in Africa
*In absence of Dr. Scott Costa Rica 5029, Burkina Faso heard on 5030,
 0630 with charming indigenous music; Cuban on 5025 now the problem
*R. France domestic network journalists on strike Jan 27 for pay
 parity with TV colleagues; RFI journalists did not join strike until
 Feb 11, but domestic strike settled Feb 13 as RFI strike continued
 [a few more days]
*Proposals in Britain to break BBC up into regional services are
 nothing new, not such a great threat, tho played up by press
*Network in Ukraine carrying R. Liberty has dropped it. RL adding MW
 via Hungary 1188 at 1800-1900, 2000-2100, but not yet confirmed; also
 still has SW broadcasts
*VOR dropped webcasting of non-Russian language services
*R. Romania International to close Portuguese and other services in
*RCI resuming Portuguese at Marchend, not so positive a development:
 may not be on SW; paid for by cutting Ukrainian service. Advertising
 for a Brazilian section announcer-producer.
*RCI Action Committe takes a very different view of RCI repositioning: -- Portuguese probably weekly 15 
 or 30 minutes; cut Ukrainian to weekly, without news. And elminate 
 all RCI-produced programming to Americas, nothing but CBC relays; 
 some positions unfilled, and $4 million of $15 million budget 
 unaccounted for [absorbed by CBC domestic?]
*Steve Waldee reports on Computer Noise Effects on Shortwave Radios:
*That will pale in comparison to powerline communications. FCC has
 agreed to go forward with notice of propsoed rulemaking, the next
 step. 5100 hams filed comments about it. BPL providers may mitigate
 interference to hams, but no recourse for SWLs
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 13; flux range 100-85-120
*And so we come to the conclusion of World of Radio 1220; I`m Glenn
 Hauser with a
*Standard disclaimer ###