WORLD OF RADIO #1221, produced February 25, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Censorship is not an Option initiative has brought Radio for Peace
 International back, to webcasting, at first Quicktime only with
 capacity of 6000 at once; see  Later mpeg-4; no
 schedule yet, not clear if carrying WOR or COM 
*New Somali station on SW: Radio Shabeelle on 6961
*Two different clandestine stations run by OLF: R. Voice of Oromo
 Liberation Front, and Voice of Oromo Liberation: see
*EDC program in Somali, Al Mustaqbal is actually for Somali Region 5
 of Ethiopia, on 17565, Mon, Tue, Thu 0630-0700 via UAE, 1202-1232 via
*Zambia Radio One on 5915 at 0515-1555, 4910 before and after; Radio
 Two on 6165 throughout; still using two MW frequencies, 729 and 927
*R. Zimbabwe on 3306 at night, 6045 day, maybe changeover at 0530,
 1630. Now also reported on 4828, parallel all night, but 100 seconds
 delayed from 3306; every half hour plays song in praise of
 government`s land reform program, Our Land is Our Prosperity; result
 of Iran aid; also to beef up external SW broadcasting
*Brother Stair blocking Namibia at 2200-2300 on 6175; is via Germany
 to China and Mongolia; only NBC frequency heard, with 3270, 3290,
 6060 silent
*R. Nacional, Angola heard in NYC on 7216.8 at 2100-2300  
*Schedule change for Radio Ndeke Luka, into Central Arfrican Republic
 from UAE on 11785, 1830-1930 instead of 1900-2000; best in first half
 hour in UK, French and Sango
*CAR itself used to have good signal on 5038v, as did Togo on 5047v;
 now 5046.6 has weak signal, or 5046.87, tentatively Togo around 2100
*First QSL for V. of Liberty, Monrovia, 11514.4, issued by Morgan
 Freeman at WJIE, to whom reports should be sent; jpg, later P-mail
*Madrid won`t QSL, but REE program Espanoles en la Mar, produced in
 Canaries, will verify; full schedule: M-Sat 1510 on 21700 21610 21570
 17755 15585 15385; M-F 2105 11625 7275; Sat 2205 17850 15125 15110
 11625 9765 7275 7270, some of which are Costa Rica relays; address:
 Apartado 1233, 38080 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Islas Canarias, Espana
*Isle of Man International Broadcasting finally won court challenge
 against setting up longwave 279 station; so now can proceed
*Dutch Info Radio to broadcast April-October via Germany and WRMI,
 unlike last summer; and asked for license for small SW transmitter
 in Holland itself
*World Music Radio, Denmark, delayed and delayed; transmitters
 expected from Canada in February, on air by late Feb; 10 kW on 5810,
 1 kW  on 15810, stream via and on 
*Sun Feb 29 1600-1800, Radio Mi Amigo via 100 kW Latvia on 9290
*Ukrainian pirate/private on 11980, Radio Dniprovska Khvylia
 (Zaporizhia), schedule Sat and Sun 0600-0800 and 0900-1130, with 100
 to 250 watts, DSB/reduced carrier, N-S dipole; but inaudible in Kiyiv
*WOR 1221, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at
 For much more:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Ulis Fleming
*International Radio of Serbia & Montenegro anniversary on March 8;
 special QSL, and if reported by March 10, a station flag; address:
*R. Romania International not only cancelling Portuguese, but four
 others to close at Marchend: Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek and Turk-ish
 Brazilians and Portuguese campaigning to keep their language, but
 decision was to be made by Feb 24
*Turkmenistan president plans foreign satellite TV channel in English
 and others; but domestic TV is cult of his personality, no comedy,
 analysis, discussion, or western music; gold profile of Nyazov in one
 corner of screen
*Turkmenistan English news at 1500-1510 heard on 5015 except Sundays
*New time for English from BBS Bhutan 1400 already changed to 1500,
 daily on 6035
*Why can`t I get more reports like Steve Waldee`s audiovisualized
 logging of Magadan 7320
*Station under China on 5050 around 1030 in California suspected to be
 ARDS, Australia
*84 percent of AM stations in New Zealand controlled by four companies
*Argentine X-band station nominal 1660 is heard in Brasil on 1654, so
 we might have chance, R. Contemporanea, at 0439
*Fire threatened General Pacheco SW site near Buenos Aires Feb 24,
 caused RAE SW to close down, and move MW and FM to backup sites; not
 clear how serious the damage
*R. Nacional Paraguay SW site reported in newspaper to be under
 refurbishment after years of neglect, and expected back on air (was
 9737v), end of Feb or beginning of March
*New Bolivian discovered in Argentina: R. Television Chicha, 4763.3,
 in Tecla, nom. 4760, since Feb. 20, heard until 2400*; schedule 1030-
 1700 and 2100-2400
*R. Difusora de Taubate, Sao Paulo, 4925, may reactivate now following
 Carnaval; had been off for maintenance
*unID on 4960.5 by Bjorn Malm is R. La Hora, Cusco, Peru, also on
 4856v at 1051, 0130; we IDed from sound clip on his new website: 
*R. Melodia, Bogota, Colombia, sporadically active, is back again on
 6139.79v at 0730, and earlier
*R. Rebelde, Cuba, new improved signal on 5025, holds up two hours
 past sunrise in Atlanta, all day in Naples
*Sat Feb 21 on 20851.6 at 1500-1520 I heard a pirate, identified on
 fundamental 6950.44 as WBST, allegedly in Salem, Massachuseetts
*WWRB wants DXer help in choosing new 3 MHz frequency to avoid QRMing
 stations abroad they would like to hear. Contact
*AFGE Local 1812 at VOA now reports 11 positions in English service to
 be elminated in October with cut from 19 to 14 hours per day; protest
*X-bander in Enid on 1640 changed calls from KMMZ to KFNY, as in funny
 heard first by Morris Sorensen in Manitoba
*Buzz on 1670 came from IBOC experimental WD2XXM, Frederick MD, Feb 18
 at 2200-2300
*Bill Harms rebuilding his Ultimate TIS site 
*FCC decides Low Power FM can safely operate on 3rd adjacent channels;
 so LPFM applicants should get another chance
*Noise on your SW radio not too much fun unless it`s coming from
 Jupiter, 18-32 MHz; radio storms there expected to peak March 1 at
 0800-1000 UT [less probable March 7 0600-0800]; more at 
*Largest meeting of SW listeners, Winter SWL Fest is approaching March
 11-13 near Philadelphia, Best Western Inn at Towamencin; see
 Early registration ends March 1, then prices increase
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 24; flux range 120-95
*Reminder that from March our Thu 2130 broadcast on WWCR moves from
 9475 to 15825
*Glenn Hauser, concluding edition 1221  ###