WORLD OF RADIO #1224, produced March 17, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*The times for WOR on WWCR: Thu 2130 UT on 15825; Sat 1130 5070; Sat
 2130 12160; UT Sun 0330 5070; Sun 0730 3210; Wed 1030 9475. All
 shift one UT hour earlier from first Sunday in April to stay at same
 local time in most of North America, probably on same frequencies
*Newest WOR time on WBCQ has already changed from Sun 2330 to UT Mon
 0200 on 9330-CLSB; also one hour earlier from April
*Our affiliate in Momigno, Italy, Studio X, 1584 kHz, is 10 kW but
 plans upgrade to 50; heard well already in Stuttgart; WOR is UT Sat
 0000, Sun 2000, one UT hour earlier from last Sunday in March
*RFPI has issued new program schedule for webcasts, in two formats,
 doc and pdf at showing World of Radio: Thu 2000,
 repeated every 4 hours thru Fri 1600; Sat 2130 and 2300, repeated
 every 8 hours thru Mon 1500; you can figure out the intervening
 times if needed [however, not yet started due to downloading
*Radio New Zealand special about early years of RNZ International:
 Sun March 21 at 0030 UT; and during Mailbox slots Mon Mar 22 at
 0830, 1130, 1330, 1530, Tue 0330, on old B-season frequencies, not
 upcoming A schedule I gave last week. 9870 at 1330 and 1530 for
 now but back down on 6095 for A-04, not penetrating nearly so well
 into NAm; add another, 11725 at 1951-2051 to schedule given last week
*Strike at ABC Melbourne March 15 over sports show affected newscasts
 on Radio Australia
*Wantok Radio Light, new Christian SW station for Papua New Guinea,
 expected on air by May on tropical band; to be built in April and
 May; HCJB is involved, but run by Life Radio Ministries in Griffin,
 Georgia. Frequency still not chosen
*First of many A-04 schedules this week, effective Sunday, March 28:
 R. Singapore International, English at 1100-1400 on 6150 and new 6080
*New SW service to China from Taiwan, mainland service of Voice of
 Han on 9745 from Kuanyin; curtain antennas, power unknown but
 probably low, schedule 2255-1705 UT. Already heard in UK at 1920,
 confirmed by matching to delayed online audio stream, via See WRTH under Voice of
 Kuanghua on MW. 1845-1930 is a window when when China and Sawa are
 absent from 9745
*Radio Pedar, meaning Father, is a new clandestine to Iran, M-F 1830-
 1930 in Farsi on 9740 via Merlin UK; originates in Los Angeles. May
 change to 17660 in A-04. See
*Jeff White reports on his visit to the UAE and Moscow, for the HFCC
 meeting in Dubai; see DXLD 4-048
*Reps of IRIB confirmed that Iran discontinued English and French SW
 to North AMerica, for budget reasons, but still on internet 
*Iran A-04 will have English at 0030-0330 on 9905 to South America,
 which should also be audible here if frequency clear; remaining
 English: 1030-1130 15600, 17660; 1530-1630 9635 11650; 1930-2030
*V. of Turkey A-04 English, one UT hour earlier: 1230 15225 15405;
 1830 9785; 2030 7170; 2200 NAm 9830; 0300 NAm and else 6140 7270
*FEBA, ex-Seychelles, A-04 via Russia: slow English 1400-1415 daily 
 on 9495 via Novosibirsk; 1500-1515 on 7350 via Irkutsk, plus 45 
 minutes more in regular English
*R. Cairo, Egypt, A-04 English to NAm 0200-0330 on 11855, any
 improvement? [no, will collide with WYFR!]; also has Arabic to NAm
 0030-0430 on 7115 in the ham band! Where Yugoslavia also has been.
 Others: 1215-1330 SAs 17670; 1630-1830 C&SAf 9855; 2030-2200 WAf
 15375; 2115-2245 Eu 9990; 2300-0030 ENAm 11725
*More on Radio Peace, newly discovered Christian station for southern
 Sudan on 4750: heard near Chicago from 0237 past 0400, English and
 vernaculars, poor strength, deteriorating after 0300. Power seems
 only 1 kW; website has a lot about
 it including propagation studies centered on a place called Waw, at
 8 N, 28 E, but not actually mentioned as site. Also called Nuba
 radio since it`s in the Nuba mountains. First day on air last June
 22, tho not discovered by DXers until 6 months later
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1224;
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley
*Standard disclaimer
*Mali, 4835 still has news in English, Sat 1905-1917 mixed with music,
 difficult to copy
*R. Romania International dropping several languages from March 28.
 Major reorganization into two international channels as Romania Live.
 RRI-1 for diaspora in Romanian; RRI-2 in English, French, German,
 Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Serbian
*R. Tirana, A-04 English: Europe 1845-1900 7210 9520; 2130-2200 on
 7130 9540; NAm 0145-0200, 0230-0300 both on 6115 7160
*Rai International, Italy, A-04 English: 0055-0115 NAm 9675 11800;
 0445-0500 6110 7235 9875; 1930-1955 5970 9605; 2025-2045 6185 9670
 11880; 2205-2230 11895
*Croatian Radio, A-04, mostly in Croatian but English and Spanish
 segments: SAm 2200-0300 9925, overlapping: ENAm 2300-0300 9925;
 WNAm 0100-0500 9925; Au/NZ 0400-0700, overlapping 0600-1000 both
 on 12110, all via Germany
*Croatian Radio has a TCI 611 curtain antenna for sale, 5.9-12.1 MHz,
 at 100 kW, 5 slews with accessories, original price $300K, delivered
 in 1995; was to serve North America but never installed
*R. Prague`s new schedule in DXLD 4-050; English to NAm: 2230 7345
 9415; 0000 7345 9440; 0100 6200 7345; 0300 7345 9870; no more
 1400 on 21745, but shifted to 1300 on same, for EAf instead
*R. Ukraine International, A-04 English hours: 2100 7420 Europe;
 0000 & 0300 7545 NAm; 1100 15415 WEu; 7545 to shift in summer to
 9810, fall back to 5910
*Latvian 100 kW on 9290 has special Sun Mar 21, European Music Radio
 with birthday program at 1400-1600
*R. Sweden, A-04 English to NAm: via Sackville ex-9 MHz to 6010 at
 0130, 0230; direct 1230 & 1330 on 15240; easterly at 1230 13580;
 1230 and 1330 on 15735
*Battle for the soul of the BBC, Independent (UK) article about Mark
 Byford, says news staff are against his becoming permament Director
 General. See DXLD 4-047
*R. Vlaanderen Internationaal A-04 English: NAm via Bonaire 2200 and
 0400 on 11635; elsewhere: 0700 5985; 1130 9940; 1730 9925 11640; 1930
 9925, some via Russia, others via Germany, none direct from Belgium
*R. Netherlands A-04, English to NAm at 1100 on 11675 Bonaire, ex-
 5965 Sackville which was not cutting it; also 0000-0200 9845; 0400-
 0500 6165, 9590; Sat/Sun 1900-2100 15315 17735 17660 Bonaire; also
 daily same hours to Africa 17810 11655 9895 7120 some Madagascar;
 in NAm also try As/FE/Pac partly Madagascar, 9890 11835 12075
*HCJB A-04 English: 1100-1330 12005 N&SAm; 15115 changes to Spanish
*R. Altura, Chaupimarca, Peru, on new 5014.4, heard in Japan at 1125
 ID as ``Somos Altura``
*R. Guaruja Paulista, Brasil, testing on new 5930; DX program is UT
 Sun 0030, also on 3235, 5045
*R. Amistad, one of Guatemala`s few SW stations seems back on 4698.77
 at 1100; volunteers from Chattanooga replaced plate transformer with
 microwave oven unit at 250 watts; also heard at 0250, and at 0906-
 0922 on 4698.09 but no IDs; usually breaks down quickly again
*R. Nacional, Paraguay, 0924-0938 on 9736.8 between DW and BBC
*R. Mexico International, soon to close, still heard March 17 around
 0600 and 1500, very poor [WTFK??? 9705 of course]
*Ukrainian service of RCI reprieved until fall pending negotiations
 with Ukraine`s national radio company [but not on A-04 SW schedule;
 perhaps at 1530-1600 on 11935, 15325 via UK]
*Bad week for free speech in US: House passed bill 391-22 for heftier
 penalties against indecency, raised to $500K; not passed Senate yet
*KCRW Santa Monica fired commentator Sandra Tsing Loh over one
 accidental naughty word, then invited her back, but she refused
*KPCC Pasadena cancelled LA Theatre Works` ``The Play`s the Thing``
 over naughty words; PBS censored upcoming documentary on Emma Goldman
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 16; flux range 120-90-120
*That`s World of Radio 1224; I`m Glenn Hauser ###