WORLD OF RADIO #1225, produced March 24, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*The Week of Confusion from last Sunday in March to first Sunday in
 April when most SW broadcasters have made their A-04 seasonal changes
 involving time and/or frequency changes, altho most US stations do
 not do it until one week later due to the one-week gap before we
 start DST
*World of Radio will be one hour earlier by UT from outlets outside
 North America, and then from April 4 also from North America
*World Radio Network already posted schedules with summer timings, so
 WOR one UT hour earlier, either this week or next: to North America,
 Sunday 1000 UT; rest of world, Saturday 0800 UT
*New Continent of Media 04-02 available soon at
 --- and 
*Details of English cuts at VOA from March 28, and more to come in
 October when it will be reduced to 14 hours per day; News Now name
 may have to be changed
*A number of DX programs cover the Winter SWL Fest, such as Voice of
 the NASB on WRMI 7385, 0330 UT Sundays, same time as one World of
 Radio broadcast, 0230 from April 10; upcoming guests Allen Graham,
 Alan Heil, Dan Robinson; Adrian Peterson, Allan Weiner, Larry Magne,
 Gary McAvin of WMLK, Frans Vossen. Check for possible
 uploading of mp3 audio files
*R. Mexico Internacional closedown not confirmed yet, as even when it
 is on, reception on 9705 is quite poor. Radio Enlace on Radio
 Nederland will deal with this April 2-4
*XERTA, 4810, Mexico DF, says its schedule is weekends only, from
 2300 UT Fri straight through until 1300 UT Mon
*Just below 2980, HJAG, R. Garzon, Colombian harmonic of 1490 heard in
 Vermont, despite local 1490 harmonic 5 miles away, at 1005-1039
*Bjorn Malm`s audio clips include La Poderosa, Huancabamba, Peru, on
 6536.11; and R. Bambamarca, 4420.33 announced as 4418 (recordings)
*Community radio station on 4900, announced as 5010, until 2208 sign-
 off, R. Comunidade das Gerais, Brazil, apparently unlicensed
*New A-04 schedules show Santiago, Chile as transmitter site for
 stations other than Voz Cristiana, now availablizing their site for
 relays: BBC 1900-2030 on 17605 in Portuguese; ``China Radio``, 1200-
 1500 on 17625, 2200-2300 on 11720; same via Okeechobee, so does this
 mean Radio Taiwan International? Or could be China Radio 
 International. It`s also shown via KWHR, Hawaii, 11565, 0900-1000 & 
*Argentine feeder heard again, 20276-LSB at 1940
*Schedules from more than one source often make for contradictions:
 Calling the Falklands from BBC, 2130-2145 Tue and Fri only on 11680,
 or 11720? See DXLD 4-052 for complete BBC schedules
*BBC relays for Americas in our evenings will include: 0000-0300 on
 9825 Ascension, 11835 Okeechobee, 12095 England; 0300-0500 11835
 switches to Delano
*Bonaire is site for morning English to North America on 11675, at
 1100-1200 from April 4; previous week 11675 at 1200-1300 [actually
 1100-1300 for that week]
*Spain in English at 0000-0100 moves from 6055 to 15385, not so good
 at first, but usually improves in May
*Swiss Radio firing 26 employees of SwissInfo = Swiss Radio
 International, due to 15 megafranc subsidy loss
*Albania`s English schedule last week: add that it`s daily except
 Sundays into UT Mondays
*Radio Bulgaria`s A-04 English: 0630-07 11.6, 13.6 MHz; 1130-12 on
 11.7 15.7; 1730-18 9.5 11.5; 21-22 5.8 7.5; NAm 23 & 02 9.7 11.7
*R. Varna, Bulgaria, weekly for mariners, from 2100 Sun to 0300 Mon
 on 7.4
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1225;
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA  Check our
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*R. Romania International, A-04 English: 0700-0726 11830 15150; 1300-
 1356 11830 15105; 1800-1856 11940 15380; 2130-2156 7285 9725 15285
 17735; partly for NAm: 2300-2356 7280 9590 9645 11940; 0100-0156
 9690 11940 15430 17760; 0400-0456 11820 15140 15235 17860
*Israel Radio: terrible financial problems may mean dismissal of many
 staff, strike threatened; may have to vacate IBA house. Plan to
 merge radio networks may affect English and other foreign languages
 on SW; summer time starts April 7, when all SW broadcasts shift one
 UT hour earier; from March 28, original UT English will be, and
 (alternate) frequency shifts May 1. 0500-0515 11590 9435 17600, alt
 15640; 1110-1120 15640 17535; 1800-1815 15640 17535 11605; 2000-2025
 15615 17535 11605, alt 15640
*R. Pedar (Father Radio), Iranian clandestine from Los Angeles, 9740
 M-F at 1830-1930, will switch to 1730-1830 on 17660 or 17735; is
 actually simulcast of TV Channel One, where `father` lectures, with
 lots of commercials
*Welcome back to Supratik Sanatani, Kolkata, resuming DXing after 10
 years; Sedaye Kashmir, 9890, 0530-0630 is `soft` clandestine in
 Urdu, Kashmiri from 0610, clearly an AIR operation; confirmed as
 Delhi by Jose Jacob, 100 kW on 9890, other times on 6100
*Bangladx yahoogroup posting says special programming on independence
 day March 26 in Bangla and in English, the latter at 1230-1300, 1815-
 1900 on 9550, 7185, 15520; not clear which frequencies at which
 times; and all regionals nonstop that day 0030-1710 
*National Radio of Laos, English at 1330-1400 on 7145, well heard in
*Special program from New Zealand on early history of SW service is
 available on website for only one week, Shortwaves and Long Memories,
 under Mailbox at
*Evening transmision of Radio Peace, Sudan, 4750, at 1600-1747; over
 here try to catch it from sign-on 0230
*R. Shabele, 6961, Somalia, not heard March 10-14; what happened?
*R. V. of Eritrean People, from March 28 at 1730-1830 on new 17660;
 also new website from ELF Revolutionary Council,
*R. Cairo, Egypt`s new 11855 for English at 0200-0330 to NAm will
 clash with WYFR on 11855 to Central America; unconfirmed report that
 this and some other English broadcasts from Cairo will be canceled
*Allan Weiner of WBCQ, was one of many filing for AM changes in
 January; to move WREM from 710 to 780, 5 kW day, 60 watts night
*Clear Channel applied to move WWVA 1170 from Wheeling WV to Stow, OH
 as a Cleveland market station, 50 kW day, 27 kW night; competing
 applications so not clear if this will be approved
*Radio Free Brattleboro, unlicensed 10-watt community FM station in
 Vermont wins in court temporarily against FCC closing them down;
 claims authorization to broadcast comes from citizens of the town.
 Could be landmark case; read more in DXLD 4-052, 4-051 among others
*In Kent, Washington, neighborhood station on 1700 AM, part 15
 compliant, antenna less than 3 meters, power less than 100 milliwatts
 so no problems with FCC. Range half mile, East Hill Radio
*Bob Edwards, host of NPR Morning Edition forever, forced out of his
 job six months before his 25th anniversary
*Bill Westenhaver and Sheldon Harvey giving up the International Radio
 Report on CKUT Montreal, but show will continue with Janice and Steve
*New developments every week in powerline communications, which has
 the potential to ruin our reception on MW and SW. Urge you to read
 the reports about it at the end of most DX Listening Digests, most
 recently 4-050, 4-053, 4-054
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 23: flux range 120-95-120
*And that`s World of Radio 1225; I`m Glenn Hauser ###