WORLD OF RADIO #1226, produced March 31, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Summer time changes go into effect this week. UT is the timezone we
 use, 4 hours ahead of EDT, 5 CDT, 6 MDT, 7 PDT, etc.
*From Sunday April 4 our times will be: Wed 2200 on 7415, 17495-CUSB,
 Sat 2030 17495-CUSB, Sat 2330 9330-CLSB, Mon 0100 9330-CLSB, Mon 0430
 7415. Last week final broadcast moved a quarter hour later by local
*On WWCR: Thu 2030 15825, Sat 1030 5070, Sat 2030 12160, Sun 0230 
 5070, 0630 3210; Wed 0930 9475
*Large and smaller audio files of WOR on our website from early UT
 Thursdays at
*Also mp3 files available later, recorded from SW by Alex at
*New edition of Continent of Media available at
*Eike Bierwirth in Germany compiles new seasonal schedules in time
 order, in progress:
*Any day now, the High Frequency Coordinating Committee should post
 its A-04 schedule, but it is incomplete. Look in
 public data section
*English broadcasts audible in North America:
*R. New Zealand International went to A-04 frequency after 1300 of
 6095, but March 31 it was back on 9870 temporarily
*V. of the Philippines, 0200-0330 in Filipino and English on 15120
 15270 11885; 1730-1930 in English (really Tagalog) 17720 15190 11720
*Son La, Vietnamese regional presumed on 4740 at 1320-1400+, sounds
 higher powered like 10-20 kW
*We`ve been urging Thailand to use VOA relays in the US, and this has
 finally started on 5890, English at 0030 via Greenville, 0300 via
 Delano, each followed by an hour of Thai; direct also on 15395.
 Both US frequencies are aimed south, oddly
*China Radio International relays in Western Hemisphere in DXLD 4-058
 showing many, many hours via Sackville, some via Havana and other
 sites. Includes English at 1300 on 9650, 15260, 0100 on 9790. Havana
 17720 replaced by 13740 1400-1600 in English
*R. Korea International may be renamed KBS World, like NHK World
*Iran in Spanish, not English, at 0030-0330 on 9905
*UAE Radio Dubai, 1330 English scheduled on 21605, but March 30 was a
 blob of buzz 21608-21609; next day 21597.5 with excellent audio
*WYFR confirmed clashing with Radio Cairo in English at 0200 on 11855;
 one night Cairo was on top, March 31; they ought to move plus and
 minus 5 kHz
*Three different stations scheduled at 1730 on 17660 via England;
 heard on Sunday was Voice of the Eritrean People, re-running previous
 week`s news
*R. Centrafrique working conditions are catastrophic, workers falling
 ill due to heat and humidity, air conditioner broken (no worse than
 summer in Oklahoma); needs to be modernized. Inactive on SW
*Radio Ndeke Luka, for the CAR from UK, audible again in Florida,
 15470 at 1900
*Nigeria bans radio stations from relaying foreign news; affects
 among others some FM stations carrying VOA and BBC in several cities
*BBG/IBB QSL initiative: Wants reports confirming carriage of VOA,
 RFE, RL, Radio Free Asia, Radio Aap ki Dunya via 1400 affiliates, and
 will QSL (not shortwave); verify @
*VOA closing down its Tokyo bureau, budget cuts. Gave glowing sendoff
 to correspondent Amy Bickers
*Looking for Radio Sawa, the ex-VOA Arabic service, which used to be
 all over shortwave? Gone from SW, now only FM, MW, satellite
*You`re listening to the non-commercial, non-communist, non-corporate,
 non-Christian, non-capitalist DX program, World of Radio 1226,
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK, 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*WWCR is expanding its DX Block Saturday night around centerpiece
 World of Radio on 5070. Sunday UT once DST is in effect (one hour
 later this week only): 0145 Ask WWCR, 0200 DX Partyline, 0230 WOR,
 0300 Radio Weather, 0330 DX Radio School, 0405-0500 Cyberline
*Radio Weather also scheduled on WBCQ, Mondays at 2200 per
*Zappahead`s WBCQ Anomaly Page for programming change info:
*Hal Turner has taken his show off WBCQ; was Mondays 8 pm EST on 7415;
 told Allan Weiner that after seeing Mel`s movie, he could no longer
 do business with a Jew; replaced in that hour by a rabbi
*Alistair Cooke died March 30 at age of 95; many tributes like those
 a month ago when he had to give up Letter from America; see recent
 issues of DX Listening Digest; BBC Radio 4 had a one-hour tribute
 to be repeated Saturday April 3 at 1902 UT, also webcast, [and
 probably archived]
*Another casualty at BBCWS is East Asia Today, as of March 26; not
 dumbed down like other news programmmes; reordering priorities
*Dutch Info Radio won`t come true this summer either as hoped via
 Germany, WRMI, and low power from Holland
*Complete new schedule of Deutsche Welle in 4-056 taking up 10 pages;
 best English for us is 2100-2200 on 15205, 11865, for West Africa
 from Rwanda, since we are a bit further in the same direction
*Radio Slovakia International new English schedule: 01 Ams 5930 9440;
 07 Au/Pac 7440 15460; Eu 1630 5920 7345; 1830 5920 6055; cutting
 costs by further reducing power from 200 to 150 kW
*Austria already moved Sackvile relay an hour earlier, now English
 at 1510 and 1540 on new 13775; also direct around 0130 on 9870
*Radio Budapest, Hungary, English: NAm 01 on 9590, 0230 on new 9790;
 Eu 15 Sun only 6025 9715; daily 19 on 3975 6025 11720; 21 6025 11830
*IRSM, ex-Radio Yugoslavia, should be at 0000 exc Sun, and 0430 daily,
 English to North America, on 9580; one hour later until April 4
*Voice of Russia new English to North America: 01-05 17660 15595;
 additional: 01-02 11825; 02-03 9860; 03-04 9860 9880; 04-05 9880
*V. of Greece relays via US transmitters: 06-08 to Pacific via Delano
 on 17705, rather high; same at 1600-2200; 1200-1500 9690; Greenville
 2000-2200 on 17565
*BCE Luxembourg added second DRM frequency 5990, 0600-2400, as well
 as 6095; 5990 destroys 5985 Russia via Germany and 5995 RCI via
 England at 1945
*R. Polonia`s remaining two English hours: 1200 on 9525 11820; 1700
 7265, 7285; interference on 11820 and 7265
*Peruvian on 6329.1 is back on, now IDing as Radio la Voz de El
 Faique, instead of Estacion C
*new unID, Radio Familiar Cristiana at 1100-1125 on 4916.0 variable,
 probably Colombian since there is such an FM network there
*Two harmonics on almost same offset frequency below 1820 kHz;
 1819.93, Ondas del Porvernir, Samaca, Colombia around 1000; and
 Radio 91, Dominican Republic
*Radio Mexico International still heard as of March 30 on 9705 at
 1300 with VOA off the frequency, but quite weak [and April 1]
*Air America, new liberal radio network started March 31; and via
 webcast including Al Franken, M-F
 12-3 ET; WLIB 1190 New York; also 950 Chicago, 1580 LA, 1050 Loma
 Linda, 620 Portland OR, 1330 Minneapolis
*New station in Dallas on 26450, remote pickup auxiliary, with
 classical music, ``Radio Diva``, WPZA598; is licensed, also on
 26430, 26410; heard by skip in Reno; says will convert to female
 pop rock artists. 26450 to feed unidentified affiliates
*Attention London: someone is retransmitting WRN in northeast US,
 on 1710 kHz, e.g. with VOR at 0200 heard in Michigan
*FCC`s AM applications window in January resulted in some very strange
 requests, if correct, stations wanting to move all the way across
 the country, such as WAMI 860 Opp, Alabama, to 1540 in Kanab, Utah!
 and apps for new stations in major cities such as 1400 in Phladelphia
*Special MW DX test scheduled from WNNR, Jacksonville FL, 970, Sunday
 April 11 at 0400-0500 UT
*FCC inviting public comment about powerline communications, via the
 elecronic comment filing system and
 specify docket 04-37
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 30; flux range 135-110
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1226  ###