WORLD OF RADIO #1227, produced April 7, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Resources at our website include
 DX/SWL/Media programs updated frequently and
 Monthly update to Nets to You
*WOR schedule change on WBCQ; Sat 2330 UT shifted to 0300 UT Sunday on
 9330-CLSB; all our other broadcasts are one UT hour earlier than in
 the winter
*Right after WOR on WBCQ 7415, Wed 2230, new is Music Download Scene;
 Sun 2000-2200 UT on 9330, medley of programs: Northern Lights,
 Science Rocks and Radio Weather with evangelism
*Escalating electric bill at WBCQ; new fund drive to raise $100K for
 large wind turbine to provide most of the power needed
*WBCQ`s new time-shifted schedule also at
*As is WRMI`s at with new musical block Sat 0900-1000
 on 9955, rotating programs, some in German, disco music from Austria;
 three airings of Voice of the NASB, UT Sun: 0230 7385, 0930 9955,
 2130 15725; Wavescan now Sun 2100, UT Mon 0400
*Radio Free Asia has different labor union than VOA: Washington-
 Baltimore Newspaper Guild, with current
 bargaining including schedules, work week, safety and health; does
 cutting the Cantonese service violate federal labor law?
*More spurs from Delano transmitter; weak signal on 9561.75 was not
 Ethiopia, but spur from 9690, V. of Greece relay until 1459*, also
 matching on 9818.25
*R. Sawa has four high-power MW outlets, 500 or 600 kW, with different
 streams: Cyprus 990 and Rhodes 1260 with Egypt/Levant stream, 24h and
 1500-0800 respectively; Kuwait 1548 24h Iraq stream; newest Djibouti
 1431 24h Sudan stream; last two beamed NW; first two SE
*R. Sawa, Djibouti, 1431, in regular service since April 1, but until
 2000 UT, V. of Russia in Arabic on same frequency
*R. Congo, Brazzaville schedule: 5985 0430-0700, 1700-2300; 9610 0700-
 1700; 6115 0600-0830, 1700-2030
*Channel Africa, South Africa, English schedule [see DXLD 4-061, 062]
*R. Rhino International, for Uganda, suspended until May 3; schedule
 was Tue-Sat 1500-1530 on 17870 via Germany
*On April 2 at 0530-0700 DW programming replaced by music. It was a
 strike at 0300-0800; trade unions vs salary negotiations, royalties
 for freelancers, pensions. More severe measures threatened
*DRM schedule has very low powered SW outlets in Germany; now one DXed
 across the Atlantic by Mark Fine in Virginia: 15896, Bit Express at
 2255-2305, brief peaks of 100 watt campus station, with excellent
 audio in stereo
*Belgian station adds SW via Germany, Maeva FM, first in DRM on 5985
 at 1400-1500; then 5975 in analog 1300-1400, later changing to 6015
*Radio DMR, external service from Moldova, 1600-1640 on 5960, heavy
 interference, including English certain days, of Tiraspol government,
 a.k.a. Radio Pridnestrovye
*Easter Sunday April 11 specials from 100 kW Latvia 9290: 0900 Radio
 Caroline, 1400 European Music Radio, 1700-1900 Mi Amigo Radio
*Michael Grade appointed BBC Chairman for four years from May 17;
 other vacancy, Director General not to be filled until then
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1227,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Dave Hammer, Miami
 Valley DX Club
*Wales Radio International, weekly half-hour in English: Fri 2030 on
 7325; UT Sat 0200 9795; Sat 1230 17745, all via Rampisham, England
*Temporary DX window in Europe on 1386 kHz, clear of any high-power
 signals after 1900, a chance to hear 1-watt LPAM stations in UK;
 and higher powered Guinea, Kenya. Closes April 17 when R. Baltic
 Waves, Lithuania, starts relaying China with 500 kW, 1900-2200 UT
*R. France International, new English schedule [as in DXLD 4-064];
 still on 11m, 25820 at 1200-1230 until first Sunday in May, to
 resume in September; only service to NAm is in French 1100-1200 on
 17570, the second half being marine weather
*REE Spain has resumed last summer`s schedule of Nuestro Sello,
 classical music on their own RTVE label, when we can hear it, M-F
 after the news at 1400 on 15585, 17595, 17760, 21570, 21610; also UT
 Tue-Sat after news at 0100 on 6020, 6055, 9535, 9620, 11680, 15160
*Weekly Sephardic half hour from Spain to NAm, UT Tue 0415 on 9650
*R. Slovakia International has made cost-saving cuts, by reducing
 frequencies and power; but now a more drastic cut is in the offing:
 plans to close SW service completely May 1; several language services
 ask for listener letters opposing this to: Jaroslav Reznik, Director
 General, Slovak Radio, Mitna 1, P O Box 55, 81755 Bratislava; or e-
 mail reznik @  English to NAm is 0100-0130 on 5930,
 9440, both with adjacent interference
*Swiss Radio International closing SW at end of October, but days for
 English are already numbered, replaced after April 12 by music. Until
 then historical features; see also and Media
 Network feature article. SRI`s entire remaining English schedule:
 0730-0800 13650 15445 21770; 0830-0900 21770; 1730-1800 13750 15515
 17870; 1930-2030 11815 13645 13795 15220; 2330-2400 9885 11905.
 French Guiana relay is on 15220, 11905; Sottens, Switzerland on
 21770, 17870, 13795, 9885; the rest are Juelich, Germany
*Croatian Radio, 9925 via Germany, now has English at 2215-2230, 0215-
 0230; will add newscast in Italian
*Not only Croatia but now San Marino and Norway authorize their hams
 to use 7100-7200 kHz, tho primarily still occupied by broadcasters
*English from Voice of Greece 0930-1000 9420 15630; 1830-1900 12105;
 weekly hours in English audible in North America, Sat 1600 and Sun
 1800 on 17705; also direct from Greece on 15630, 9420, 7475
*Radio Free Syria, new clandestine backed by CIA, still lacking a
 frequency, but has started on Internet,
 and --- ``Sout Syria Alhurra``
*R. Pedar, Los Angeles, new Iranian clandestine heard at 1730-1808+
 on 17735
*R. Pakistan new English schedule: 1600-1615 11570, 11850, 15100,
 15725; Assamese in English, 0045-0115 9340, 11565; 0800 and 1100 on
 17835, 21465
*All India Radio postponed debut of 24-hour SW news channnel from the
 beginning of April to sometime in June, for political reasons
*AIR`s new English schedule includes: 2045-2230 9910 11620 11715; 7410
 9445 9950; 2245-0045 9705, 9950, 11620, 11645, 13605
*AIR testing FM Gold service on SW, including some English news, 0025-
 0430, 0700-1330, 1530-1740 on 7420, maybe 7270
*Malaysian on 4895 reactivated, heard 2215-2300 in Philippines, and
 also 1345-1557* in Washington state, more than two hours after local
*Another China Sea yacht race, April 8-14 from Hong Kong to Subic Bay,
 Philippines; maybe with special weather broadcasts on SW 3940; check
 [where we`ve been able to find nothing about such broadcasts so far]
*Japan`s private commercial SW station Radio Tampa/NSB since April 1
 changed name to R. Nikkei, audible here mornings on 9595, 6055
*Former director of XERMX says IMER turned down her proposals to
 refurbish facilities for much less than excuse given for closing it
 down instead
*Peruvian reactivated after more than a year, 6047.14, Radio Santa
 Rosa, 0859-0939+
*Chile continues to block 6070, CFRX Toronto, 2200-1200, but CFRX has
 spurs plus and minus 13.3 kHz heard around 1900 in NJ
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 6: flux range 115-100-120
*Glenn Hauser, concluding WOrld of Radio 1227   ###