WORLD OF RADIO #1229, produced May 5, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*New edition of Continent of Media now available online, 04-03, via and
*Also at our site, new versions of John Norfolk`s Nets To You, and
 DX/SWL/Media programs
*WBCQ sold weekend daytime on 17495 to Brother Scare, so we may not
 still be heard Saturdays at 2030 UT; but still at same time on WWCR
 12160; some other WOR times on WBCQ 9330: UT Sun 0300, Mon 0100
*US government soliciting shortwave broadcast expertise for PsyOps  
*AFGE Local 1812 at VOA obtains document on long-term plans to
 privatize and convert VOA into a television and internet service
*Air America has some start-up problems, change in management, and
 lost some initial affiliates; but
 shows more and more affiliates currently and coming soon, including
 KPOJ 620 in Portland which is owned by Clear Channel; and WMQM 1600
 in Memphis under same ownership as WWCR; AA ought to outbid Dr.
 Scott or Bro. Scare for a SW transmitter to fill coverage gaps
*CKY 580 Winnipeg already closed as of May 1
*R. Cultural, Guatemala, gave up on SW, but being heard again on 3300
 and maybe 5955
*Radio Miskut, Nicaragua, reported back on 5770-USB at 2245
*Six new SW transmitters for R. Habana Cuba at Bauta plus one for R.
 Rebelde, thanks to $200 million of Chinese credit; also upgrading two
 other SW sites Bejucal and Titan; no mention of SW jamming
 transmitters. Could it be Cuba is ashamed of them?
*R. Marti heard testing on 1620 April 25, via WDHP in US Virgin
*ZBVI, 780 in British Virgin Islands heard near Chicago by Neil
 Kazaross with phased beverage antennas on ground at lakeshore,
 minimizing signal of WBBM on same frequency
*Radio Amazonas, Venezuela, 4939v, has QSL manager to be used instead
 of own address; with 2 IRCs or $2, in English or Spanish, text,
 cassette or CD, to: Sr. Jorge Garcia Rangel, Radio Amazonas, QSL
 Manager, Calle Roma, Qta. Costa Rica A-16, Urbanizacion Alto
 Barinas, Barinas 5201, Venezuela
*Many more reports of extended relays of Radio Nacional, Venezuela via
 Cuba, which neither admits. Schedule given in 1228 is more or less
 but not completely reliable
*Via shortwave, mediumwave, FM, satellite and internet, this is World
 of Radio 1229, woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
 USA; for much more, DX Listening Digest
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Michael Beu in Texas
*R. Senado, Brazil, heard on 5990.3 but also spur on 6366.8 at 1000
*R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, 6137.7v, not heard lately, but now sending
 out QSLs after two years, with T-shirts, from verie signer Sheila
*Voice of Nigeria off the air for a week when a transformer exploded,
 until April 27; back on but schedule as unreliable as ever; workers
 allege 3 meganaira of allowances are unpaid
*No English, but RTT in Tunisia has great Arabic music at 0400-0500
 on 7275, 9720
*Direction-finding from central Europe indicates Libya`s services to
 Iraq are actually from Libya, old utility sites, i.e. 1203-1300 on
 11890 and 1800-1900, 2100-2200 on 7425, 11890
*Monitored times for English news bulletins from Libya: 1140, 1730,
 1820, 1920, 2030, 2120; frequencies via France, from one to four at a
 time are: 21695, 21675, 17880, 17695, 17635, 15660, 15610, 15315,
 15205, 11635
*R. Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam definitely active on 5050, but nothing
 from Zanzibar on 11734.1
*Mark Connelly from coastal location near Boston claims first North
 American reception of Radio Sawa, Djibouti, on 1431 kHz; at 0034,
 6800 miles, 600 kW beamed this way, so more may hear it
*Radio Sawa Djibouti 1431 has different programming from other R.
 Sawa services, such as Kuwait on 1548, but they join at 15 past the
 hour for newscasts
*R. Kuwait in Arabic at 1900 on 9880, but no more English on 11990 at
 1800; still in Arabic on 11990 until 1800
*Coalition maritime forces have SW broadcasts since April 15, per
 navigational warning to Persian Gulf; pop music, info in six
 languages including English, on assiting forces to ID terrorist
 activity at sea: 0300-0800 on 6125, 1400-1900 on 15500; National
 Geospatial Intelligence Agency involved. These and nine other
 frequencies were published in Merlin schedule for A-04 as Radio
 for Peace. These two listed for Dhabayya, UAE, and Rampisham, England
 respectivley. It`s MARLO, Maritime Liaison Office, in Bahrain doing
 this but not clear if presently from Bahrain, as Merlin deal is not
 yet in force, and using only 250 watts, difficult to DX. Jari
 Savolainen in Finland succeeded at 1556 on 15500-USB, hearing phone
 number offering monetary rewards for terrorism tips, the Coalition
 Rewards for Justice program; Kuwait interferes from 15505 [and
*Israel Radio has not closed English on SW yet, still heard since May
 1, such as 0400 on 11590, 15640; 1700 on 17535; 1900 on 15640
*Voice of Turkey, English at 1230-1325 moved from 15405 to 15535,
 ending collision with HCJB Australia
*Two Iranian clandestines changed frequencies in May: Radio Voice of
 Iran, KRSI, Radio Seda-ye Iran, 1530-1730 from 11520 to 17525; R.
 Pedar, 1730-1830 from 17735 to 15585
*R. Pakistan has a third frequency for English news at 0800 and 1100,
 besides 17 and 21 MHz: 7130, 100 kW Islamabad on domestic service
*Sri Lanka`s All Asia Service frequency slipped upwards to 15748 at
 1430, oldies music
*R. Thailand dropped direct frequency to North America 15395 around
 April 18, since new relays via USA on 5890 work well
*Signals on 4960 are not yet the new Catholic network from Vanimo,
 Papua New Guinea. Organization says not yet installed, but hopes to
 be shortly with 1 kW; two more on 90m will be 10 kW
*Sad to hear of the death of Rudi Hill, who kept R. New Zealand going
 during the years it was off SW, April 30 at 83; also check for audio file of special about POW monitoring in
 World War II
*Reprieve until July 1 for R. Slovakia International dropping SW, and
 perhaps beyond due to all the controversy
*World Radio TV Handbook put up 62 pages of new A-04 schedules in pdf
*North American SW Association files with FCC to keep broadband over
 powerlines off SW, and use vacant TV channels instead; see DXLD
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 4: flux fluxuating 90/100
*And so concludes yet another World of Radio, #1229
*With a standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you will hear
 me again, next week  ###