WORLD OF RADIO #1230, produced May 12, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*My monthly Spanish DX report Mundo Radial is now available via and also on WWCR 15825, thrice weekly,
 Fri 2115, Tue 2130, Wed 2100; also serialized on Radio Nederland`s
 Radio Enlace, Fridays, repeated Sundays
*BBCWS wrapping up Letter from America with tribute to Alistair Cooke
 May 14-15; may be same show aired upon his death, split into two
 parts at LFA times, such as Euro stream, Sats May 15 & 22 at 0330,
 1030, Letter to Alistair; still some more LFAs on BBC Radio 4
*Write On will give way to a new BBCWS letters program from Mayend,
 with presenters from non-Western world, such as Ghana 
*World Music Radio, Denmark, finally on the air testing from May 9,
 500 watts on 15810, first heard by Jari Savolainen, Finland at 1405;
 next to test 10 kW on 5815, and formal inauguration in a few weeks.
 Transmitter near Karup, western Denmark; e-mail
 wmr @ or P O Box 112, DK-8900 Randers, Denmark
*News in Latin from Radiophonia Finnica Generalis, Sundays 1555 on
 15400 to North America; several repeats to Europe on SW and MW; UT
 Mon 0855 to Australia and Asia 17660; other days of week at same
 times, special simplified Finnish at slow speed
*Latvia`s 100 kW on 9290, Sunday May 16 at 1100-1500 with Radio Marabu
*Journalists` union in Slovakia calls for Radio Slovakia International
 SW service to continue after July 1; needs 75 megakronor or 1.9
 megaeuros to continue; Foreign Affairs Ministry budget might cover
 it, to promote Slovakia abroad
*Czech state almost certain to prolong rent contract for RFE/RL to
 stay in present Prague building despite terrorist danger; has not
 been able to find another one yet
*Czech commies call for law requiring announcers to speak pure,
 grammatically correct Czech, but Lower House MPs vote it down
*Paris Live Radio is new English station in France, not yet with a
 transmitter, but hopes to get FM license. Not banned, surprisingly,
 but must play 40% French music.
*Voice of Greece, English at 1830 fair to good in eastern North
 America daily on 12105, direct, not a relay; also mailbag in Greek,
 M-F 1200-1230 on 15650
*Croatian Radio plans to add DRM, French, German, and more good
 Croatian music
*One RFE broadcast in Serbo-Croat is relayed from Botswana, until 1800
 on 15245; closer sites may be fully occupied at that hour
*World Christian Broadcasting, KNLS, expects to get 42 ha of free land
 in Madagascar to build SW station
*Kenya`s radio wars -- rivalry between Kiss FM and Radio Citizen has
 escalated to jamming; full story in DXLD 4-079...
*At our website  In the midst of WOR 1230,
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Thanks this week to Dave White who provides web space for most of our
 audiovisual files
*World Bank reports plans for Yibekal, ``That`s Enough`` in Amharic,
 a station or service from or to Ethiopia about HIV/AIDS
*Radio Saint Helena is finally sending out QSLs for its final
 broadcast in October 1999; DSWCI member Robert Kipp has been helping.
 Now caught up with cards in mail, but can still QSL reports from 1999
 and 1998, perhaps 1997, but not 1996 or earlier
*R. Nacional del Paraguay, 9736.9, may not be heard in evening, but
 check for sign-on around 0800
*Two Bolivians reactivated: R. Ballivian, 4788, and R. Integracion,
 El Alto on 5986v
*Peru on 6956.89, La Voz del Campesino, usually off by 0300, but May
 9 running past 0600
*R. Frecuencia, San Ignacio, Peru, at 0140 on 5699.76, reactivated
 after two years, and plans to stay on; mostly nonstop Peruvian music
*V. of Guyana, missing from 3291v for a few days as of May 7
*R. Apintie, Suriname, no signs of life for a few weeks on 4989.99
*R. Nacional, Venezuela, SW schedule shown on website, but with
 confusing local times in target area (some wrong, ignoring DST); so
 believed now really to be: 1900 on 13740, 2000 on 9550, 15230, 17705;
 2100 on 6000, 11875; 2300 on 9820, 11760, but the last two may be 5
 minutes apart. These are relays via Cuba, but not admittedly so 
*Renewed plans to broadcast Radio Marti to Cuba via C-130 Commando
 Solo type aircraft, TV too; $18 million allocated for this;
 recommended in a 500-page report to the White House May 6; naturally,
 Cuban government objects, yadda3
*Professor of History at U. of Michigan denounces replacement of VOA
 Arabic Service with Radio Sawa:
*Yet another surrogate service [for Pakistan], Radio Aap ki Dunya,
 officially started May 10, ex-VOA Urdu; full SW schedule, and now
 also on 972 MW via Orzu, Tajikistan, at 1400-0200
*WJIE, Kentucky, again heard on both 13595 and 7490, good on 13595
*WJIE has sold KVOH in California to the Restoration church in
 southern California; so what became of the third former FEBA
 transmitter WJIE obtained, originally destined for KVOH?
*R. Kiribati says it will soon resume SW on 9825, targetting the Line
 Islands; had been off for years. Previously heard as early as 0530
 in North America, and frequency clear at 0700-0800 now; had also
 used 9810 or 9815
*More on Coalition maritime SW broadcasts on 15500-USB; heard at 1730,
 ID sounds like Radio Ma`ulumat, just like the previous Information
 Radio service the US carried out for Afghanistan, Iraq; audio clip at  Or Radio Maulumati, as the ID
 differs slightly depending on language. mail @
*Kol Israel source says Reka network to be reorganized by mid-May or
 first of June at latest; He network for SW with French at 0345 and
*Gloria Lalumia`s website leading to leftish talkshows, not just Air
*Ralph Brandi disillusioned with Digital Radio Mondiale; signal has
 to be so strong that you could just as easily listen in AM; and DRM
 signals are huge bandwidth hogs, bad citizens versus AM signals
*Outgoing president of National Association of SW Broadcasters, Jeff
 White becomes chairman of the USA DRM Group; new president of NASB
 is Doug Garlinger, formerly with LeSEA
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 11: flux range 100-85
*And that concludes WOR 1230; until next week, and beyond, me? I`m
 Glenn Hauser   ###