WORLD OF RADIO #1231, produced May 19, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*If you prefer mp3 format, WOR is available thanks to Alex in Ontario
 at [not /media], also
 linked at
*Jean Burnell in Newfoundland heard WOR at 2300 Friday on 1584 kHz,
 from Studio X in Italy; repeats Sundays at 1900
*New summer schedule for WOR on SIU Edwardsville Web Radio: Fri 1430,
 followed at 1500 by Continent of Media alternating with Mundo Radial,
*WQMA, 1520, Marks, Mississippi, which carried out successful DX test
 a few months ago, on May 6 ended its unique on AM Top 40 format, the
 last such station in the US; reminiscing about the beginning of Top
 40 by Todd Storz on KOWH, 660, Omaha, 50+ years ago
*1620, formerly in Atmore AL, about to come back as WBUB, Ocean Breeze
 FL, not yet confirmed
*WCEE, 93.1 LPFM in Melbourne FL, complains of harassment by Clear
 Channel employees putting a pirate on 92.9; FCC inaction
*Former talk host at KNUS 710 Denver, Marty Nalitz charged with
 felony theft, mortgage scam; is Associate Director of Christian
*Gang radio in Chicago: warned when police are on way, Black Disciples
 gang, on 104.7, raided by feds and FCC
*Internet-only adjunct to WAMC,
 [whew!] has some excellent programming, such as Brazilian Hour; and
 Interfaith Voices, not from the far religious right, scheduled in
 UT: one hour Mon 2130, Wed 0930, Thu 0100, 2130, Sat 1130, Sun 0430,
 1330; archive at -- ought to be on SW
*Meet the Press adding radio from May 23, Sundays at 1600, 1900, 2200
 UT via Westwood One/NBC, including WTKK-FM Boston; WTNT Washington,
 KTRH Houston, KSL Salt Lake, KMBZ Kansas City
*FCC proposes allowing unlicensed wireless services to use `vacant`
 frequencies between TV stations, channels 2-52 in each market,
 including internet, WiFi in rural areas, ruining weak signal and DX
 reception; TV viewers don`t have standing to object as non-licensed
 users of spectrum; RecNet objection:
*Remnants Hope Radio Broadcast plans anti-Brother Stair expose, UT Sun
 May 23 at 0000 on 9330-CLSB, WBCQ
*Stefano Valianti, Italy, laments the end of VOA reception in Europe,
 on 1197 via Germany, just half an hour of Special English left, no
 more great American music
*New times for DX program in Porruguese from R Portugal, Tue and Wed
 at 2330 on 9715 13660 13700 15295 15480 [but not confirmed Wed 2330]
 and also 1640 (Wed?) on 15445 15525 13770 21655 21800
*World Music Radio, new private SW from Denmark, first tests on 15810
 widely heard, even North America; and now also testing much higher
 powered 10 kW on 5815, since May 15 with carrier, May 18 with music
*Standard disclaimer
*The Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, World of Radio 1231,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*European Music Radio next broadcast Sunday May 23 at 0800-0900 and
 1800-1900 on 100 kW 9290 via Latvia
*FriendShipRadio planned to test from North Sea from Thursday May 20
 starting at 0700, all day between 17.4 and 17.5 MHz; avoid tone thing
 around 17.45 [really land-based pirate, or hoax?]
*Iceland`s correct SW schedule: Europe 1215-1300 15775, 1755-1825 on
 13865; NAm 1410-1440 & 1835-1905 15775, 2300-2335 on 13865
*Bulgarian National Radio and Radio Bulgaria new website with text, sound and pix in 11 languages
*V. of Greece mailbag in Greek weekdays changed time to 1230 on 15650;
 letters written in English are acceptable and read on the show
*Rai in Italy closed down many MW transmitters, opening up
 frequencies, notably the big one on 846, off since 2210 May 14
*Now Europeans may pick up Kenya, India, South Africa on 846
*Kiribati on other side of world is also on 846, heard well in Samoa
*At 1200 UT Friday on 15665, Radio For Peace, a new program via IRRS/
 NEXUS in Milan, which
 is for Western Sahara, in Arabic, Spanish, Italian, so clandestine?
 Schedule Fri 1100-1200 15665, Sat 1900-2000 on 5775; but NEXUS says
 1930-2030 instead; also has audio files; Arabic show includes brief
 opening in English (recording) ``Free Waves in the Desert``
*Schedule changes in surrogate services for Zimbabwe: Studio 7 from
 VOA now daily 1700-1800 in 3 parts: Shona, Ndebele, from 1740 English
 on 11975 Sao Tome, 17895 Morocco, MW 909 Botswana
*SW Radio Africa, back on 4880 for winter, 1600-1900, via South Africa
*Radio UNMEE service for Eritrea & Ethiopia via UAE, heard in NH until
 1130 on a Tue on 21550, barely audible
*New Radio Sawa frequency 1431 via Djibouti on 1431 now has a jammer
 audible in Europe and Egypt; lower side, approximately same direction
*Tajik Radio 4635 heard on harmonics: 1850 on 13905, 2001 on 9270
*Voice of Korea, 7140, heard at 2200 on third harmonic, 21420
*New frequencies for English from CRI, mostly clashing with other
 stations: 1600-1700 9440, 1500-1900 9795, 1600-2100 11940, 1500-1900
 13640, 1800-2000 13760
*Iraqi embassy in Cuba jammed American satellite traffic during
 Operation Iraqi Freedom; US space assets also vulnerable to China`s
 anti-satellite systems
*DirecTV changed encryption, inadvertently impossiblizing Cubans from
 continuing to eavesdrop on US TV, which was actually desirable
*Canal Educativo-2, new UHF network in Cuba could be DXed from
 southern US; best options channels 15, 44 in Habana; 20 and 25 in
 Pinar del Rio
*V. of Guyana, reported missing last week, is back on 3291.11, 24h
*Radio Peru, San Ignacio on 5637.23 at 0145-0515 sign-off; Radio La
 Poderosa, 6536.06, from 0115 to 0204 or 0211 closing
*RAE, Argentina, off the air May 13 when vandals stole coaxial cables
 connecting studio to transmitter; soon back
*NZ government to purchase $2.7 million digital SW transmitter for
 RNZI, eventually to replace the analog, which still booms in here
 such as on 9615 at 0500; RNZI considers itself a feeder to Pacific
 stations, so why not do this via satellite and retain analog SWBC for
 direct listening by the public?
*HCJB Australia gets local approval for 31 new towers at Kununurra,
 after a long dispute; residents not happy about environmental
 effects and Kununurra becoming an Islamic target
*BBC Radio 4 docu on Northern Lights, Songs of the Sky, Monday May 31
 at 1930 UT, and later on demand
*Propagation outlook from Boulder May 18; flux range 120-95-115
*That`s World of Radio 1231; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###