WORLD OF RADIO #1232, produced June 2, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Time change for WOR on WBCQ 9330-CLSB: Sat 2000 ex-Sun 0300; just
 before 2030 on 17495-CUSB
*WOR no longer carried after that at 2100 Sat on Different Kind of
 Oldies Show, Live365; DKOS lasting only a few more weeks on WBCQ SW
*WBCQ upgrading computer connexion with live streaming, remote control
 in a few weeks
*WBCQ after hours stream via when 7415 is not on the
 air continues webcasting, including WOR now M-F at 1600; COM Sat &
 Sun 1600
*SIU Edwardsville Web Radio summer schedule has WOR, COM and Mundo
 Radial in automated rotation Mon-Thu at no specific times
*More disruptions than usual on R. Habana Cuba, due to fire at Radio
 Progreso building, May 27, where CMBC, COCO and RHC also have
 studios; air conditioning being installed in basement when short
 circuit caused fire to break out, but building evacuated via fire
 ladders. R. Progreso website story on this:
 Progreso moved to R. Rebelde in another building; RHC cut back to
 Spanish and English only until May 31; Arnie Coro finally mentions
 it on his June 1 DXers Unlimited; available at Alex`s pirate radio
 archive of DX programs; much more in DXLD 4-087 [in Spanish]
*R. Verdad, Guatemala, 4052.47, back on air UT May 29 at reduced
 power, as late as 0420 including full ID in Japanese, not English
*Voz de la Resistencia, FARC clandestine in Colombia, back  on 6239.83
 UT June 1 at 0030 to celebrate 40th anniversary; audio clip at
*Ecos de la Miel, Samana, Colombia, heard on 4770, 3 x 1590
*La Voz de la Liberacion program heard on 2239.97, believed to be
 Columundo Radio 24, 2 x 1120 in Cucuta, Colombia
*From Ecuador, 3450, La Voz de Riobamba, 3 x 1150
*New SW station in Bolivia on 5500, Radio Virgen de Remedios, until
 2228 closing, Catholic; believed to be at Villa Montes
*R. Illimani, Bolivia, back on 6025, heard in Russia
*R. Pio Doce, 5953, Bolivia, heard as early as 2300 in Russia
*Brazilian on 6945.11 at 1015 identified as Radio Rio Mar, Manaus
*R. Nacional, Paraguay, 9736.9, not only in Spanish, but at 0120 in
 Guarani; 0300 ID in Spanish and English, off at 0358
*Benin unheard on 7210 in West Africa; Parakou still on 5025
*V. of Nigeria, 7255 might as well be turned off due to poor audio
 quality; opens at 0458 in French
*Religionists busily building FM stations in Africa; ham contact
 reveals there is one on SW, 4585 in DR Congo, 30 km west of Arua,
 Uganda, with 50 watts to be raised to 500
*R. Rhino International Africa suspended in early May, now reported
 canceled; was via Germany to Uganda Tue-Fri 1500-1530 on 17870
*Jamming no longer heard on R. Sawa, 1431, Djibouti; had been audible
 in Europe as late as 0500, more than a sesquihour after sunrise so
 doubt it was in Mideast
*R. Tanzania Zanzibar, active on 6015 from 0300, not 11734.1
*Arabic station on 11180 USB at 1800-2200 is Libya`s service to Iraq,
 also on 9745, 11660, but 11180 is unannounced; 11180 was also active
 in late 1980s with clandestines believed from Sudan
*This is the 1,232nd World of Radio, woradio at or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; much more at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*BBC Monitoring updates Iraqi media once a month in a lengthy report,
 now availablized at --- the latest
 being 19 May
*1979 hostage-taker promoted to head Islamic Republic of Iran
*Radio Pakistan on new 15100 at 0800-1104 ex-21465, WS to Europe in
 Urdu, and English news at 0800 expanded to 8 minutes; // 17835.
 Unscheduled news conferences may include some English
*More and more English from China thanks to new transmitters; add:
 19-23 9430, 1730-1830 12080, 15-17 13640, 16-1730 13730, 17-19 on
 13830, most conflicting with other stations
*Korean domestic service heard around 1000 on 19195; it`s the third
 harmonic of 6398v, so doubtful it lands exactly on 19195.0
*Catholic Radio Network in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea, plans initial
 tests of new SW 4960 by Saturday June 5; reports attn Wayne Wilson
 wwilson @ Look out for interference from Ecuador on 4960,
 and 90m is being assessed instead
*Programming changes at R. Australia include RNZI`s Pacific Dateline,
 UT Sun-Thu at 2130; Bush Telegraph at 0410, Margaret Throsby at 1610
 weekdays in swap; Bush Telegraph also at 1130 Mon-Thu
*HCJB licence terms including carrying news from ABC National Radio
 and Radio Australia, but not doing so, at least not on regular basis
*HCJB Australia modified schedule May 30; English now with new one to
 EAs 2230-0100 on 15525 and 1200-1430 on 15435; SEAs 1000-1200 15425;
 SPac 0700-1000 on 11750; SAs morning only 0100-0230 15560; DX
 Partyline now Sat 0730 11750, 1100 15425, 1230 15435
*R. Ezra about to resume from UK via Krasnodar/Armavir, Russia,
 counter-missionary station, from June 6, Sun 0900-0930 on 17490 to Eu
*I`m Sorry, I Haven`t a Clue, an antidote to panel games, new series
 has started on BBC Radio 4, Mon 1730, Sun 1100, on demand too; and
 old editions on BBC7, Mon 1100, 1800, Tue 0430, all times UT
*BBC has new director general, Mark Thompson, replacing Mark Byford
*R. Netherlands editor in chief Freek Eland, leaving in Sept, and
 more budget cuts announced; RN doing utmost to avoid further cuts in
 core journalistic activities
*Antena Hungaria closed down 500 kW MW 1188 June 1, no more relays of
*Hungarian Catholic Radio is new service from May 26 on 1341, widely
 heard in Europe, interfering with Northern Ireland
*What is true location of IRRS, Milan, Italy? Station won`t say, but
 hints that 5775 is a relay via Romania, or so says a client, Reformed
 Bible Church in Southern California; or just confusing Romania with
 Rome? Audio consistent with old Romanian transmitters
*The best is no longer yet to come: Radio Africa International service
 by United Methodist Church via Germany reported canceled
*Petition to get Rush Limbaugh off Armed Forces Radio, since he pooh-
 poohed the Iraqi prison scandal:
*New website to help identify the different types of radio noise:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 1: solar flux 90-110-95
*A new edition of my other program Continent of Media 04-04 is now
 available at
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1232 ###