WORLD OF RADIO #1233, produced June 9, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*RFPI QuickTime stream last Sat had WOR just before 2330, but from
 last April 20, so on automatic or problems downloading new shows?
*WSHB, Christian Science SW station in South Carolina has been for
 sale; now we know to whom: World Harvest Radio via WSHB heard at
 0500 on 7535; 1859 on 15665; WHR website does not mention it, just
 WHRI but mixed with some WSHB frequencies: 00 7315, 13 15105, 17
 15665, 22 9495; 00 7535, 12 11670, 15 13760, 21 13770. Awaiting FCC
 approval, so CS still own it while WSHB uses it with disclaimer; are
 some broadcasts still from Indiana? Were ailing, may be closed down.
 Price was $2 million per CS press release, and most of former staff
 will be retained, not including C. Ed Evans
*Hal Turner, from the far-white extreme, formerly on WBCQ, has closed
 down website, radio network, due to lack of support
*New frequency with AFRTS, 4815 at 1140-1218+; from where, Pacific?
*RCI weekly Portuguese on Fri at 2000 adds repeats on Sat & Sun at
 2330 on 11825, 15455 when Brazilians are home
*CBZ 970, Fredricton NB, to close down June 22, completing transition
 to FM 99.5
*Marconi Radio Club in Nfld, VO1MRC to experiment 19-20 June with CW
 beacon on 5269.5 comparing high and low radiation angles; also
 contacts from 00 UT, simplex 5260.5 CW; duplex USB 5327.5, receiving
 5346.5, LSB 3807.5
*Special ham activity in Greece for Olympics; SX2004 or SY2004
 prefixes; see --- and special ops from each
 of 9 regions, in format SX1A thru SX9A. See [music launches automatically]
*EuroPirate, FriendShipRadio called a hoax by detractors; says it will
 use 13865 1700-2100 on Fri-Sat-Sun June 11-12-13; already used by
 Iceland 1755-1825 [if no one hears it, we agree]
*World Music Radio, Denmark, adjusted dipole antennas on 5815, 15810,
 hoping for better reception, less interaction
*European Music Radio, 9290 via 100 kW Latvia, next broadcast Sunday
 June 13 0800-0900, 1800-1915
*YLE Radio Finland may close down SW and MW, remaining on satellite
 and internet only to cut expenses; to be decided later this year.
 Protests from DX listeners will be counter-productive, since it is
 only for expat Finns. (Then we should lobby to close it down, so they
 will keep it on to spite us ;-))
*Radio Polonia reception is so poor that it is noteworthy to be heard
 in NH from 1159 on 11820 in English, but brutal audio quality
*Moldova`s schedule cut to 10 minutes in each language at 1600 on 5960
 clashing with Turkey; this is DMR/PMR from Pridnestrovye
*The true transmitter site of IRRS in Italy? Now in ordinary AM
 instead of USB/reduced carrier, so no longer Siemens transmitter from
 a farm in Italy. Why not from Romania, as suggested? Saftica would
 match the output levels of 20 and 100 kW
*In the midst of World of Radio 1233, woradio at or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA,
*Radio Ezra`s weekly broadcasts on 17490 blocked by China, 0900-0930
 Sundays via Russia; how long till they move? [already, to 17590]
*China`s new 17490 as early as 05 and as late as 18 continuously in
 English; same for 17650, *0357-1700* from same site, says Olle Alm;
 see DXLD 4-090 [and 4-091] for more of these. After 0800 relays 91.5
 FM Beijing
*What is it with CRI, going out of their way to collide with existing
 frequency users? Not a good neighbour
*Bangkok Meteorological service on 6765-USB at 1207 in English, Thai
*New Catholic Radio Network, Vanimo, Papua New Guinea, 4960, did
 start June 4; only 1 kW but heard as far as western North America.
 Only interested in covering local area, and not set up to verify. At
 1005 relayed Vatican Radio; also in schedule EWTN from USA. Antenna
 is omni delta with high-angle radiation for 300 km radius, 24 hours
*NBC Papua New Guinea taking back control of the 19 provincial Kundu
 radio stations to save the network from total collapse; big problems
 at HQ: NBC clamps down on drink and sexual harassment, financial
 irregularities, no audit since 1996
*Correxion to last week: on R. Australia, Bush Telegraph not at 1130
 UT, but other programs including Innovation on Mondays
*Parliamentary inquiry urges increased funding for Radio Australia to
 resume full-scale SWBC to Indonesia; audience 20 million in 70s and
 80s, now down to 5.4
*When RNZI gets new DRM transmitter, analog broadcasts will continue
 for some time, perhaps redirected at Asia, North America, Europe
*Sudan Radio Service added M-F 0500-0600 on 15325 via UK; others are
 0300-0500 on 11665, 1500-1800 on 17660 repeating the 0300. Also has
 new website with audio files:  Funded by
 US, based in Nairobi, broadcast via UK
*Check BBC Monitoring reports about media in Arab world and Saudi
 Arabia in particular, in DX Listening Digest 4-089
*R. Illimani, Bolivia, reactivated 10 kW after more than 2 years, on
 6025, thanks to Canadian aid; wants recordings to evaluate quality
*XERMX, Radio Mexico International, finally closed down June 1, from
 9705; last logs reported at 0431 and 2231 UT June 1, but not since.
 Station thanks listeners and staff. Sign-on recording I made in
 April for posterity; and bilingual ID clip from Dave Kernick`s
*This is to save 2 megapesos; plans to invest more in border stations
 such as XERF, 1570; I heard them promoting `La Victrola` UT Thu 0100-
 0300; power may be improving, but nowhere near the original 250 kW
*Activity atop Havana`s tall buildings believed to be installation of
 new antennas to jam anticipated airplane broadcasts of R&TV Marti
*New York Radio weather broadcasts on HF out of service as funding is
 being reviewed; Gander still uses same frequencies part of hour:
 3485, 6604, 10051, 13270; Honolulu VOLMET from Honolulu, San
 Francisco and Anchorage still going on 2863, 6679, 8828, 13282 USB
*KOTA-DT channel 2 in Rapid City DXed again with better capture by
 Kentuckians, sporadic E skip; other lowbanders believed active with
 DTV: channel 2 in Tallahassee, Kalamazoo, Cleveland, Forence SD; 3
 in Roanoke, Chicago; 4 in Harrisburg
*Analog KGFE, Ch 2 in North Dakota may be off all summer due to
 equipment damage
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 8; flux range 90-110-95
*That`s World of Radio number 1233; I`m Glenn Hauser ###