WORLD OF RADIO #1234, produced June 16, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Thanks to Ralph Famularo for inviting us back on Radio Lavalamp,
 Osaka Japan with mp3 files off WWCR or WBCQ, UT: Sun 1100, 1500, Mon
 0900, possibly also Sat 2000. See and
 stream via
*New June-July editon of Mundo Radial from June 18 on WWCR 15825:
 Fri 2115, Tue 2130, Wed 2100; also on Radio Enlace Fri and Sun,
 and via
*New x-bander from Baja California on 1700 is XEPE, ex-560, ex-550,
 ex-1600, ``Romantica, Amor 1700``
*20 kW borderblast expected soon from Ensenada on 920
*Questions raised in Mexico about closure of XERMX; IMER does not
 explain why, but apparently SW considered obsolete, to be replaced
 by webcast? But no sign of it yet. 10 kW transmitters should be
 turned over to XEYU 9600 and XEXQ 6045 so Mexico can retain the
*HRMI Honduras inactive for weeks on 3340 and 5010; Elmer Escoto says
 talked about producing short program in English for DXers, but off
 apparently due to a faulty tube; simple dipole antenna. Same
 organization licensed for new SW in New Mexico, KIMF, but yet to be
*Voz de la Resistencia, Colombian clandestine, heard again on UT
 June 10 at 0000 on 6239.83 and // 6120, jammed; higher one also
 heard in Sweden June 8 at 0037. Recording on Bjoern Malm website
*And of new Bolivian, Radio Virgen de Remedios, in Tupiza; relays
 Radio Catolica Mundial until sign off around 2230
*R. Nacional, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea until around 2304*, varying
 down from 6251.0 to 6249.8
*V. of Nigeria observations: 15120 back in regular use, *0800-1100*,
 *1450-1900* in English; *0445 on 7255 in French; nothing heard in
 early morning on 15120 in English, nor on 11770, 17800
*R. Peace, Sudan, still being heard on 4750, June 8 at 0302-0315 in
 vernaculars, English, full ID
*New schedule for V. of Ethiopian Salvation via DTK T-Systems,
 Germany: Sun & Thu 1600-1700 on 15670
*UAE Radio Dubai, English at 1330 on 21605 no longer propagates here,
 but on June 6 in Pennsylvania, only Arabic heard // 15395.23 with hum
*Georgia switching timezone June 27 to UT+4 summer, UT+3 winter, ex
 +5/+4; previous change to distance themselves further from Moscow?
*New tests from Latvia from Junend, Radio 945 AM, 24 hours with
 oldies, Latvian and English, 2.7 kW, up to 20 kW in prime time
*Radio officer on Lindblad`s MS Endeavour in Antarctic area uses 6310
 and for intership 6224 SSB, but latter has interference from Deutsche
 Welle around 2230/2330. DW passed the buck to Russian relay. 6200-
 6525 supposed to be exclusively maritime, so broadcasts are illegal.
 DW uses 6225 in B seasons but not in A. HFCC coordinates them
 nevertheless, also Albania, China, Czech Republic, Iran, Monaco,
 Pakistan, Poland, Egypt, Vatican, Israel; and in East Africa, 6209.75
 R. Kahuzi, DR Congo; R. Fana, Ethiopia, 6209.9 // 6940; V. of the
 Tigre Revolution, Ethiopia, 6350 // 5500
*FriendShipRadio, Euro-pirate pretending to be in International Waters
 mentioned last week, apparently heard with very weak signals on
 13865v last weekend; E-mail confirmation received; P-maildrop is
 P O Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, Netherlands
*As Pete Bentley says, you can count on it: World of Radio 1234,
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support to Dave Hammer, on behalf of
 the Miami Valley DX Club
*R. Ezra already changed frequency to avoid China 17490, to 17590,
 Sundays 0900-0930 via Russia; loud & clear in UK
*Switzerland 15220 had folk music at 2050 after German, but not in
 former English block, nor French; not interested in visitors either?
*China also forced Democratic Voice of Burma to move from 17495 at
 1430-1530 to 17625; very weak in Greece
*Bangladesh Betar new address: rrc at -- English at 1230-
 1300 is 60 degrees on 7185, 140 on 9550; 1745-1900 at 320 degrees
 to Europe on 7185, 9550; also 15520 during last half-sesquihour
*CRI joined DRM throng on 12080, 1700-2200 to Europe, alternating
 analog and DRM every 15 minutes, big mess for Brandon, Australia and
 VOA Botswana; but no DRM tests heard on June 15-16. Also changing
 languages: 17490 and 17650 started out straight thru in English;
 but 17650 now alternating French and Chinese
*South Korea has stopped clandestine broadcasts to the North, Voice
 of Liberty, as well as propaganda loudspeakers along DMZ
*Catholic Radio Network, Papua New Guinea, by June 12 no longer heard
 in British Columbia on 4960, while NBC 4890 was same; may have
 adjusted antenna to minimize distant reception
*FCC Media Bureau calling for public comments on transition schedule
 to digital TV. Comment date is July 12; reply comments August 5;
 see DXLD 4-091 for full details on how to file; docket 04-210
*Clear Channel reaches indecency settlement of FCC fines: $2 million
 to resolve past complaints, and those not even reviewed yet!
*Sens. McCain and Leahy introduce bill to assist rollout of LPFM
*FCC becoming efficient in granting translators after huge filings
 early this year; may grant 10,000 in 2004, says FM Atlas
*KTBN, Salt Lake City, announced it will go off the air if does not
 receive response from listeners
*New AFRTS frequency 4815 last week, only lasted a few days, whence?
*V. of the NASB via WRMI 7385 in June not in English, but Spanish and
 Portuguese, as well as DRM via UK; after those end July 18, NASB DRM
 will switch to Sackville 11900, Sats 1700-1730, date not set
*Bob Padula`s comments on DRM occupying far more bandwidth than it is
 supposed to, causing major interference on the other side of the
 world to analog broadcasts, yet DRM is inefficient beyond single hop
 service area, a lemon. Example: Luxembourg on 5990 and 6095. And
 DRM receivers have to be programmed individually: no dials or keypads
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 15; flux range 110-85
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1234 ###