WORLD OF RADIO #1235, produced June 23, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*More on World Harvest Radio purchasing WSHB, South Carolina: WHR
 press release appeared after Christian Science one, but vague about
 what becomes of the original WHRI in Indiana: ``Angel 1 and 2 will
 be added to WSHB`s signal``. Appears Noblesville facility will be
 decommissioned, and Cypress Creek renamed WHRI, but waiting for FCC
 approval. WHR website still refers to ``WHRI`` but IDs on air say
 ``World Harvest Radio International via WSHB``. Were originally 500
 kW, now supposedly run at 250. Sounds like less, as does WHRA in
 Maine, ex-CS 500 kW, sounds like maybe 100 kW; old WHRI lucky to put
 out 25 kW. WSHB just what WHR needs to keep from fading into oblivion
 until WSHB breaks down and might be too expensive to fix. Schedule
 is now a mix of old WHRI and WSHB frequencies, but WHR now says WHRI
 is off the air, all programming on WSHB
*KTBN Salt Lake City still on 15590, June 23 at 2015 check; looks like
 it`s about to close. Not much point in simulcasting TV audio; KTBN
 not a real radio station, just a transmitter site, with vapor-cooled
 Harris SW-100. Most cost effective solution might be to scrap the
 transmitter and sell the land. When Trinity purchased KUSW, lots of
 hype about worldwide coverage, but KUSW was really engineered to
 cover North America
*Steve Cole`s final weekly Different Kind of Oldies show on WBCQ 7415
 is UT Sunday June 27 at 0000; from July The Peacock Project occupies
 timeslot, independent producers rotating, including DKOS on July 25;
 also, first Saturday night, Golden Age of Oldtime Radio; second,
 The Voice of Savage Henry (garage rock); third, Down Under DX and
 Music Fest with Tim Gaynor
*Ever since Rush Limbaugh condoned mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners,
 there has been a petition campaign to get him off AFRTS; now Sen.
 Tom Harkin, Iowa, has amended DOD appropriation to ensure balance in
 AFRTS` ``uninterrupted voice`` talk stream, tho retaining Limbaugh
*AFRTS heard on new 9980-USB // 7590, perhaps Iceland ex-13855; 9940
 was actually coordinated for AFRTS Iceland this season
*IBB update on leasing trends over past year: longer time blocks,
 more TV, FM, satellite; less SW and leased facilities --- the exact
 figures. But IBB is still a major SW broadcaster [IBB = Voice of
 America and other US government services]
*Why some major AM stations devote so much time to paid religion: KAAY
 1090 has miserable ratings in Little Rock, but prints money with very
 little overhead, $90-100K per month revenues, $4-6K expenses; just
 one program Friday night with oldies for an hour
*Pirate on 660 and 91.3 in Victorville CA, ``KRSX``, busted by FCC
 after 3 years; Route 66 Radio was best run and most visible; now
 legal station on 1590 honors it by adopting callsign
*Yosemite and Crater Lake National Parks not good for DXing due to
 local electrical noise just about everywhere
*Yet Dave Valko heard CRN, Papua New Guinea, 4960, from Crater Lake,
 1214-1425 fadeout
*R. New Zealand International relay via Australia heard at 2130 [UT
 Sun-Thu] on 15515
*Richard Cuff thinks RNZI won`t really make much use of DRM once it
 gets new transmitter; mostly analog for the rest of the decade
*New MW relay of BBCWS to northern India, 1630-1800 UT on 576, but
 BBC does not say whence. It`s Surkhet, Nepal, 100 kW
*UAE Radio Dubai still lacking English at formerly scheduled times,
 0330 on 13675, 15400, 12005; 1330 and 1600 on 15395; 21605 was off
*Standard disclaimer
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 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; our website
 has much more:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*Radio Free Syria started SW broadcasts June 20, Sundays 1800-1900 on
 13650 via Germany; see  Says Syrian
 exile businessmen support it; 13650 had a bit of DW audio before RFS
 opened. Heard in Latin America and Europe, perfect in Bulgaria
*Radio Georgia external service reconfirmed, 0630 in English on
 11805.3, with better audio than before, but sidesplatter
*Another test of the Alexandersen Alternator in Sweden, SAQ, 17.2 kHz,
 July 4 at 0830, 1030 and 1230; see
*YLE Radio Finland denies report two weeks ago that SW may close at
 end of this year; to continue until end of 2006 at least
*July 1 is postponed deadline for end of SW from Radio Slovakia
 International. Still nothing definite whether 50 megacrowns will be
*DW refuses to publicize it, but DW World DX Program still airs on
 last Sunday of month, confirmed May 30, toward end of these English
 hours: 08, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 22; for frequencies see
*BBC Radio 4 decided against replacing Alistair Cooke`s Letter from
 America. Sundays at 0750 UT from July will bring State of the Union,
 setting scene for US election; later, Letter, postcards from
 worldparts, as already on WS. Christopher Hitchins had been mentioned
 as possible successor, but never offered the job. Radio 4 believed no
 one but Cooke could sustain an argument over 15 minutes
*MC-1 no longer on MW 1467 from Monaco, just low power FM 98.2, the
 only station actually transmitting from Monaco, all others from
 French soil;
*Radio Europe, 7306-USB, presumably in Italy, more or less pirate, to
 test powerful new 600 watt transmitter June 26-27 0600-1100; reports
 wanted to radioeurope @
*Unrelated clandestine stations confuse with similar or even identical
 names, as last week. 21550 is V. of Democratic Path for Ethiopian
 Unity, Sun 0700-0800, supposedly cancelled, but they also air Wed
 1830-1930 on 15565; the other one, V. of Ethiopian Salvation, heard
 Thu 1600 on 15670 also via Germany
*Sentech, South Africa will no longer issue QSLs. Supply has run out
 and will issue verification letters instead
*Libya`s service in Arabic to Iraq schedule: all start and end 3
 minutes past the hour, so is their clock off? Rounded off here:
 12-13, 18-19 and 21-22 on 9605, 9745, and new 11180, all USB; plus
 16-22 on AM 11660. V. of Africa, English news 1920-1923 on 15205,
 15315, then French
*RFI relay via French Guiana during the 1300 hour on 15515 has had
 heavy buzz every day for a week, not so on \\ 17860. Is nobody
 monitoring in Montsinery? Same transmitter might be doing the same
 at other times on other frequencies
*Mexican radio fans not pleased about closure of Radio Mexico
 International without adequate justification; see Spanish items in
 DXLD 4-095. Prof. Rocha in Chihuahua wrote a letter to Pres. Fox and
 includes links to political parties in order to lobby to revive it; 
 Roberto Gomez says final close was at 2300 UT June 1. Site had 5
 transmitters: 1 x 100, 1 x 50, 3 x 10 kW but one of the latter had
 been destroyed by someone with a hatchet so it could be sold for
 scrap metal. Let`s hope that was the blobmitter
*XEPE, 1700, near Tijuana operating sporadically, often off in
 afternoons, evenings. Licensed for 10/1 kW, but has 20 kW transmitter
 and owner has exceeded power at KURS 1040, Jaime Bonilla Valdez.
 ABC and 550 station have petitioned FCC to revoke his US licenses,
 for causing interference to their US outlets. Needs permission to
 feed his US programming across the border
*RCI added more French and English programming to SE US, especially
 1900-2200 English on 17765, including CBC programs not on SW before:
 M-F 1900-2100 The Roundup; Sat 1900-2200 DNTO; Sun 2000-2200 Cross
 Country Checkup
*CBC Radio One and Two launch summer schedule June 28 with 19 new
 shows; see
*International Radio Club of America convention in Boise, Idaho,
 July 23-25. Inquiries go to IRCA2004 @
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 22; flux range 110-85-115
*World of Radio 1235 concludes; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###