WORLD OF RADIO #1236, produced June 30, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*AFGE Local 1812 website, representing VOA workers reports: House
 appropriations committee approved [FY2005] budget for BBG of
 $610.3 mega; VOA $160.8 mega, up 5; news budget $20 mega as
 requested, but:
*``Management wants employees to stink and starve`` -- give up privacy
 rights to take sick leave; no food, bathing or sleeping provisions in
*VOA to close editorial funxions at London bureau September 1; Tokyo
 closed earlier this year
*Brother Scare off WBCQ after June 30, opening up many hours on 5105,
 7415, 9330, 17495, mostly in daytime
*Anti-Stair sites with inside info on behind the scenes in Walterboro:
*WYFR got religion, moving Taiwan relays out of aero and maritime
 bands: 0000-0200 to India 15060 to 15195; 1100-1600, 2100-2400 to
 China from 6300 to 6155
*Lower and Upper California MW situation: XESS 780 Ensenada moved to
 620 as `La Tropical 620` between KOGO and KFI; inactive 920 to move
 to 1030, right next to US station on 1040 with same owner. High-
 level negotiations between FCC and SCT over resolving interference
 issues; 560 also moved, to 1700. See DXLD 4-099 for official
 documents about these and many other interference issues
*From Key West, 14 Cuban FM frequencies were audible. While getting
 FM DX from Florida, check 96.7 for R. Rebelde in Cuba since there
 are no 96.7 stations in Florida
*Where is Commando Solo? Exiles impatient for airborne relays of Radio
 and TV Marti to start. Department of State hesitating over legality;
 and very expensive to implement, including escort by fighter planes.
 Bush may be waiting until closer to the elexion
*Radio Marti has new MW relay on 1620, Sat & Sun 1400-0400; it`s WDHP
 in US Virgin Islands, licensed for only 1 kW at night, and not that
 close to Cuba
*Dominican Republic station heard on 1640 until 0300*, sounded like
 ``Radio Bufay`` [could it be the listed 1620 station, moved to avoid
*New Argentine X-band list in DXLD 4-099 via
*List of Brazilian MW harmonics in same issue, including a sesqui-
 harmonic on 1754 of a station on 1170
*Peruvians identified: 5949.78 is R. Bethel, Arequipa, at 1130,
 relaying CPN Radio for hours and hours, religion, no IDs; 5930.27 is
 R. Melodia, also in Arequipa, at 0030
*Lack of new Peruvian SW stations may be due to crackdown on pirates,
 mainly FM, 93 stations cancelled
*V. of Biafra International, clandestine from South Africa, Sat only
 on 7380 2100-2159, in English and vernaculars, heard in Pennsylvania;
 southern winter gives it a good head start toward the Equator
*R. Okapi, Congo DR, heard in Australia on 6030 as late as 0030 UT,
 10:30 am local with no QRM from Marti
*RTV du Congo, Brazzaville, QSLed after 22 years of trying by Terry
 Palmersheim, spending over $53; schedule: 0600-0830 & 1700-2030 50 kW
 on 6115; 0700-1700 9610; 0430-0700 & 1700-2300 100 kW at 50 on 5985
*David Ricquish in New Zealand commentary ``Let`s dump DX and kill the
 QSL from our vocabulary`` in DXLD 4-099; even radio stations now say
 we are strange
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, this is World of Radio
 #1236, woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*African Union summit special broadcast June 27-July 5, including
 English on 7165, 9560, 1700-2100, from R. Ethiopia
*V. of Ethiopian Unity, clandestine, now 1830-1930 Sun & Wed on 15565
 via Germany
*R. Free Syria, new clandestine mentioned last week, is brokered by
 WRMI; Sun 1800-1859 on 13650 via Germany; undecided who will QSL:
 R. Free Syria itself, DTK or Jeff White
*Arabic Radio, clandestine to Syria, reconfirmed, 1507-1530 on 7460,
*Coalition maritime forces outlet on 15500-USB, 1600-1730+, known as
 Information Radio, or Radio One, or Radio Ma`lumati, including some
 English on drug smuggling; 0300-0800 6125, 1400-1900 15500; unclear
 if from Bahrain or a ship
*China expanding Bengali service from July 15 to one hour at 1300,
*Degar Voice, clandestine for Vietnam, on behalf of Montagnards: for
 background see DXLD 4-098; 1300-1330 Tue, Thu, Sat via Chita, Russia
 site on frequencies variable to avoid jamming: 7125, 7250, 7350, 7420
*Indonesian heard on 3385, presumably RRI Kupang, Timor, which was
 thought to be inactive; clash with PNG before 1300, then in the clear
 until 1457*
*Catholic Radio Network, PNG, still being DXed as far as Washington
 state on 4960, 0910-1050, to the chagrin of the Vanimo station
*From July, new AXO429 on 6676, AXO421 on 11387, with aviation weather
 on hour and half hour, Australian VOLMET, 6 kW
*In German, R. Slovakia International announced another reprieve for
 SW, until August 1 instead of July 1; study group to develop proposal
 on how to operate foreign service
*Of use only to those hearing our very first broadcast Wednesday at
 2200: Scotland`s Radio Six International makes first test from US, UT
 Thu 1 July 0000-0200 on WBCQ 7415, live from Glasgow, with unsigned
 musicians, special QSL. See
*R. Six also on IRRS; Tony Currie visited Milan but they would not let
 him go to site and is not sure whether transmitters are really in
*KRSX, pirate in Victorville, California, on 660 and 91.3, despite FCC
 fine, is still operating. Next step may be seizure and jail time
*Unusual stations being sold: WKLU 101.9 Indianapolis, owned by former
 pirate Bruce Quinn, Jolly Roger Radio, for $6.2 million with $1
 million of that to Quinn. New owner Russ Oasis says he will bring it
 into the XXI century
*WCTM, 1130, Eaton OH, which played big band music, sold to group
 which will adopt classic country. 81-year-old owner retired
*Sirius adding an Elvis-only channel 24 hours from July 2, originating
 in Memphis, trying to avoid repetititivenessness
*DirecTV repositioned satellite without permission; $87,000 FCC fine
*FCC turning blind eye in BPL proceeding, ARRL charges; White House
 relying on NTIA to make BPL interference issue go away
*Worldwide TV-FM DX Association convention July 30-August 1 in Omaha;
*Another instance of trans-Atlantic FM DX via multiple-hop sporadic E
 June 19 at 1310-1330 UT, heard by Paul Logan in Northern Ireland on
 88.5, American accented signal, but source not identified; audio
 file at:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 29; solar flux range 85-115-90
*And so concludes World of Radio #1236. Glenn Hauser; I hope you`ll
 hear me again next week ###