WORLD OF RADIO #1237, produced July 7, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*In case you are listening to a station which cuts off our first few
 words, I reiterate, this is World of Radio 1237
*Versions of our schedule have been updated at
*July edition of Continent of Media [04-05] is available via our
 site and
*And webcast on the WBCQ After Hours stream, 1600 UT Saturdays and
 Sundays at -- World of Radio at same time weekdays
*VOA News Director Andre DeNesnera, quoted last week, was relieved of
 duty the next day, causing a major crisis among VOA staff. Extensive
 coverage in DX Listening Digests 4-100, 101, 102, 103... Management
 trying to refocus the way VOA covers news, to great opposition by
*`The Hill` publication reports nearly half of VOA staff signed a
 petition calling for investigation of the Broadcasting Board of
*Andre DeNesnera calls on the VOA news staff not to give into pressure
 against journalistic independence
*International Press Institute, Vienna, worried that VOA`s news
 structure is being dismantled; credibility is hard to achieve, easy
 to lose
*The Music Man, Leo Sarkisian, is quitting VOA at yearend; State
 Department release about him in DXLD 4-101; spends his own time and
 money trying to keep up with fanmail
*WWCR music specialty program timings in July schedule
*Since WHRI abandoned 5745, WWRB has glommed onto it, and claims many
 new listeners with cheap radios which can tune there, unlike WWRB`s
 other frequencies
*Intense sporadic E opening the afternoon of July 5, exceeding 200
 MHz, over eastern North America; Bermuda 89.1, 94.9, 106.1, heard by
 several DXers; another listed in WRTH somewhere around 98 MHz
*ZNS-FM 104.5 Nassau, Bahamas, heard next morning in Ontario [and
 record-setting ch 7-13 sporadic E openings that evening]
*R. Nacional, Paraguay going 24 hours, including 9736.9
*R. Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, jumps from 6180 to 6190
*Henry Wood Promenade Concert series via BBCWS from July 17, to NAm
 Sundays 0501, 1901; Europe 2101; weekdays, Thursdays 2100 to Am; but
 all are live and archived on BBC Radio 3; BBCWS Pick of the World
 gets into Proms mood July 10, Sat 0306, 1306, 2306 to Ams
*World Music Radio, new SW in Denmark, off 15810 since June 17 due
 to antenna problems; and 5815 went off July 5, hoping to return in
 early August
*Another station or program via 100 kW Latvia 9290: Kiss Radio, Sun
 July 4 0800-0900; perhaps will be back with classic soul, R&B, disco,
 etc. See [website now says hopes to start
 Sunday July 11 at same time]
*New head of English service at R. Sweden is Mark Cummins, from
 Australia; he does mailbag on first Sunday; wants listener input on
 what program changes to make
*Sudwestrundfunk, 7265, Germany, QSLed to Australia, saying SW service
 will be shut down at end of 2004
*Radio 10 Gold, 1008 kHz from Holland, causing lots of excitement in
 Europe, especially UK, where there is a slight power null, more so
 toward the north. Also on 1395 kHz with 20 kW, null to north
*Via satellite, internet, AM, FM and shortwave, this is World of
 Radio 1237, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at
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 where on the homepage you will find a reminder that you may
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*Or send a personal check, as Gerald T. Pollard has done, to whom
 thanks go this week for financial support
*V. of Armenia changed schedule July 1: English now 1825-1845 Mon-Sat
 on 9960, 4810, good in Sweden, even more difficult in NAm
*All for Peace, Israeli/Palestinian station starting an English
 service. Wants to use 5 kW on air, but so far only on Internet, including shows by Mike Brand, in UK
*Arabic on 4790 may not be in lists, since is one half of 9580 from
 Saudi Arabia, reactivated, positive ID at 2200
*BBC Monitoring analysis of broadcasting in Iraq after the handover,
 in DXLD 4-100; says US broadcasts hit the wrong tone, not trusted by
 Iraqis; hope media crackdown will not be forthcoming. US is spending
 very little on revamping broadcasting infrastructure
*Iran`s airwaves assault, trying to keep foreign ideas out, while
 propagating its own abroad via SW and satellite TV; even prevents
 interviews by VOA with Iranians abroad
*New service to Afghanistan on 17700 at 1330-1500 is InterNews Radio,
 Salaam Watandar, also at 0130-0300 on 11795; is involved in many
 countries, nothing found about this SW at
*R. Japan finally expanded its webcasting capabilities, with audio
 archive of weekday newsmagazine ``44 Minutes`` for one week; wish
 R. Japan would make more effort to produce interesting programming
*Craig Edwards moved to Townsville, Qsld., enjoying MW DXing, and
 nearby 1161 from Papua New Guinea, but whence? Maybe Kavieng, Radio
 New Ireland which had funds go on MW. R. Sandaun, West Sepik, Vanimo,
 3205, getting Japanese aid package
*V. of Liberty, clandestine to Eritrea, added Wed 1700-1800 on 12120,
 probably via Samara/Armavir/Krasnodar site in Russia; also Sun 0400-
 0500 on 15675, half in Tigrinya, half in Arabic
*V. of Democratic Eritrea added Sat 1500-1600 on 15715 via Germany
*R. Ethiopia, external service at 1600-1800 heard on 9410.85, very
 good in Sri Lanka; since back varying around 9560
*V. of Nigeria resumed normal schedule in early July after weeks of
 chaos; 15120 very strong in the mornings; 17800 at 2000; second
 transmitter in afternoon on 11770; English schedule at least 0800-
 1100 and 1450-1900 on 15120
*Union at Gabon`s Africa Number One threatens strike over grievances,
 switching off SW transmitters also relaying RFI and R. Japan
*South African Broadcasting Corp. in turmoil, key staff leaving in
 droves, close to revolt over news control; fraud and corruption
 alleged, producer guilty of fraud of 1 megarand
*NPR program Justice Talking sponsoring a live debate between Ralph
 Nader and Howard Dean sometime on July 9; venue sold out, and NPR
 website no help on when to hear it. Is 90 minutes instead of usual
 60 so usual scheduling may not apply. We are supposed to ask our
 local affiliate
*Missed the Capitol Steps Fourth of July special, lots of fun at the
 expense of politicians of all persuasions? Available at website plus one or two previous shows
*More political movies coming, such as ``Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch`s
 War on Journalism``; also see
*Major broadband over powerline pilot test in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has
 been shut down, following complaints from ARRL sticking to technical
 evidence; See QST July editorial: Manassas, Virginia city council
 granted BPL franchise last October, but withdrew it six months later
*Propagation outlook from Boulder July 6: flux range 80-115-80
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concludes World of Radio 1237  ###