WORLD OF RADIO #1238, produced July 14, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Listening to very first broadcast at 2200 UT Wed? Besides 7415, try
 9330 which WBCQ nay substitute this week for 17495 [it did]
*RFPI`s new schedule shows WOR Thu 2000 UT with repeats 4-hourly;
 Sat 2000 (ex 2130) and 2300 repeated 8-hourly thru Mon 1500
*SPLM website announces tests from R. Voice of New Sudan from June
 28 on 9310 at 0400-0600 and 1400-1600 or one hour earlier depending
 on UT+2 or UT+3; voiceofnewsudan @  Location is a base
 called New Site near village of Narus, near Kenyan border; also the
 home of R. Peace, 4750. Tests delayed until July 19 or so while
 awaiting parts, probably around 0700-1500; new 50 kW Elcor from Costa
 Rica with omni all-band dipole
*V. of Nigeria resumed another English hour at 0500 on 15120; 17800
 again being heard 2000-2200 in English
*Arabic on 7360 is 7190 and 7275 mixing from Tunisia at 0400-0700,
 not heard on matching 7105
*Henrik Klemetz contacts Radio One, 15500-USB, of Coalition maritime
 forces; heard intermittently around 1700. MARLO HQ says 250 watts,
 from ships at sea, rotating, from Horn of Africa, North Arabian Sea
 or Persian Gulf; soon to augment with one-hour broadcasts from land,
 UAE adding to morning and evenings. Info for mariners, and imploring
 terrorist tips; heard in Denmark until 1744*, music and brief
 messages, very weak but clear, QRM from Kuwait Kor`an on 15505
*Tarek Zeidan summarizes content of R. Free Syria, in Arabic Sunday at
 1800-1900 on 13650; see DXLD 4-103. Reform Party of Syria offers
 $100,000 for help in locating WMD in Syria; music breaks by famous
 singers; mailbag hopes for increased hours; archive of a previous
 broadcast at says the Syrian president
 has been assassinated, which has not yet happened. Plans to broadcast
 cynical and humorous programs, plays by dissidents; brokered by WRMI
*Radio Isis is a Palestinian station online,
 at 0700-2200 with news in English Mon-Sat at 1600, 1800; also FM 95.9
 in Bethlehem
*Republic of Iraq Radio caught in English at 1102-1103 on 603, 1026,
 1071, 98.3; how about firing up SW?
*English from Iran remaining on SW, 57 min each: 1030 on 15600 17660,
 1530 on 9635 11650, 1930 on 9800 11750
*InterNews for Afghanistan [not InfoNews as I said here and in
 billboard]: Programs are from Kabul at 0130-0300 and 1330-1500, on
 Hotbird satellite, to be increased. Booming signal in NH at 1330 on
 17700, movie music and sound bites; the 0130-0300 on 11795 heard in
 PA, switching from Pashtu to Dari at 0215
*RFE/RL Media Matters current issue has several articles about
 Afghanistan; InterNews funded by USAID OTI, also by Germany; but most
 Afghan radios are tuned to two Afghan independent radio stations;
 another article points out how vital R. Free Afghanistan is
*InterNews, 17700 is Rampisham, UK; 11795 is Dhabayya, UAE
*R. Aap ki Dunya, VOA Urdu, added to FM 101 network in Pakistan
*R. Pakistan`s token English at 1600 on new 15070 [not 11570 as I
 said, which is also used], // 15725
*Beautiful QSL and other cards from V. of Mongolia, 12085, once
 followed up by e-mail; English at 1007 had Mongolian rap! with same
 YL heard for years
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1238,
 P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA, or woradio at  Much more
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley, NY
*Standard disclaimer
*Following from Grayland WA DXpedition with Beverages, July 9-11:
*RPDT Manggarai, Indonesia, 2959 variable, with RRI IDs at 1223, but
 never caught a local ID. Armchair copy at local dawn; still at 1400
*RRI Gorontalo, 3266.416, has Kang Guru English show of language
 lessons from Australia, Sat instead of Sun at 1130-1145
*Easiest Indonesian is Suara Indonesia, 9525, external service in
 Indonesian at 1300-1400, very nice signal in Oklahoma. If only would
 also put English on same at 1400 for a true external service to North
 America; 9525 intended for SE Asia, but we are in same direxion
*Catholic Radio Network, Vanimo, Papua New Guinea, 4960, heard with
 lots of ads now, including a $23K car, a lot for a poor country; Sun
 at 1005 Catholic service in Pidgin; IDs scarce until 1333
*RVi Radio World this week about Clear Channel tentacles reaching into
 Belgium; but CC also deeply involved in Australian and NZ network
 ownership. David Ricquish never imagined 35 years ago hearing WOAI
 that one day it would own half his local NZ stations
*VHF DX really hopping: Portugal on 43660 = 2 x 21830 at 0915 in UK;
 Spain 21570 plus 21610 on 43180 at 1155
*New service starts July 15 from Nice, Radio Orient in French, Arabic,
 300 kW on 1350, 1 kW from Nimes on 1602
*Eric Wiltsher back with Media Zoo, on at UT: Mon 0130, Tue 0930, Thu
 1630, Sat 2030 -- lots of music and chat, nothing too serious, from
 Telstar to Ding-a-Ling
*Tony Allan, beloved former offshore broadcaster, died of cancer at
 54; was with R. Scotland, R. Northsea International, R. Caroline,
 V. of Peace off Israel; since then land-based in Ireland; see DXLD
 4-104, 4-105, 4-106 for tributes and links to more
*Norway shortwave sites are definitely closed down, not staffed, and
 could not be used for new clandestine services from unknown sites
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania, nice in Finland at 0830-0900 in English on
 9710, ``the biggest English language service in the Baltics` ---
 but in USA, RTTY on 11690 blocks it at 0000, as it does Jordan in our
*Rai Italy deleted 9670 at 2025, 9675 at 0055 for English, still 11800
*Two new 100 kW transmitters at R. Tirana, Albania, go into service
 August 5; should improve English to us at 0145-0200 and 0230-0300
 [except UT Monday] on 6115, 7160, and no longer vary
*New x-bander in Dominican Republic [WTFG? on 1640!! I omitted]
 identified as Radio Juventus Don Bosco, by Salesian Order of Catholic
 church, 1000 watts day, 500 night; thanks to $80,000 grant from
 Japanese embassy, tho it`s not Shinto
*Another new x-bander authorized, not on air yet, on 1680, 5/3 kW, for
 20 years, by Sendas de Vida religious group in San Pedro de Macoris,
 Dominican Republic
*DR FM DXed in New York on 88.1, La Primera
*Turks & Caicos low-power FM stations listed in DXLD 4-107
*CRTC denied licence renewal to CHOI 98.1 in Quebec City, charged with
 promoting piracy, bad language, stereotyping African students,
 harrassment of competing station. To close August 31, applications
 already coming in to replace it. But owner will fight to save his $25
 mega business, ``an act of censorship against freedom of speech``
*On air testing in Toronto, CJSA 101.3, multi-cultural including Sri
 Lankan; application caused controversy because of alleged links to
 Tamil Tigers, violent separatist gorup
*Situation worsens at VOA following demotion of Andre De Nesnera, with
 petition, squabbling between staff and BBG; check latest issues of
 DXLD. Revolt underway with nearly half of staff signing petition
 against BBG, protesting piece by piece dismantling of VOA
*WRMI Miami hit by serious interference on 7385, but unseems Cuban
 jamming; could be Navy/Marine Corps MARS, one of their frequencies
 which has priority, so WRMI may have to move
*Features on WBCQ 17495 at 1800: Mon, Allan Weiner Worldwide; Tue,
 Marion`s Attic; Wed, Radio Timtron Worldwide, Thu, Lost Discs Radio
 Show, Fri Operator`s Choice
*Evening of July 6, extremely intense sporadic E opening past TV
 channel 13, once-in-a-lifetime experience; MS, AL and LA stations
 IDed in NY, topped by WLOX 13 Biloxi
*Trans-Atlantic multiple-hop Es July 7 from four Puerto Rican TV
 stations identified in UK
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 13; flux range 140-95-125
*That concludes World of Radio 1238; Glenn Hauser inviting you to
 hear me again next week ###