WORLD OF RADIO #1240, produced August 3, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*What this program is all about explained to new listeners: short
 wave is the band between AM and FM, with routine worldwide coverage;
 figures are kHz dial positions or frequencies of SW stations. Times
 are in 24 hour system, u.o.s. in UT or GMT, the international
 standard, a reliable way of conveying this info. Become familiar
 with how UT relates to your local time
*Glad to add more outlets, including webcasters; now heard on ACBRadio
 Mainstream UT Fridays every two hours starting at 0200; ACB =
 American Council for the Blind but sighted listeners are also
 welcome; go to for links to this and other
*ACB programming also via phone in UK: choose option 1 after calling
 local rate number 0845 333-0855
*WOR is also back on WRMI Miami, UT Mondays 0230, on 7385, but due
 to interference problem changing shortly to 6870 aimed NW across
 NAm; also applies to Viva Miami or Voice of NASB UT Sun 0230, and
 DX Partyline 0300; UT Monday 0300 AWR Wavescan
*WOR and the others also filling available time elsewhen on WRMI:
 M-F 0900-0930, Thu 0930-1000, M-F 1000-1100 on 9955; Sun 1200-1300,
 2130-2200 15725; 2230-2300 9955
*Broadcasting Board of Governors pleased with 9/11 report, page 377
 saying BBG should get more money for international broadcasting,
 especially to Moslem world
*Alan Heil wrote in Daily Star, Beirut, ``Let the VOA Speak Arabic
 Once Again``. Money is being spent in wrong way, abolishing existing
 VOA services, even cutting back English to secondary
*Tho IMER abolished XERMX on SW, it is beefing up big border station
 XERF in Ciudad Acuna; authorized 250 kW, but has been 18 or 30 kW for
 several years. Now announcing 100 kW, and dominating 1570 as far away
 as Oregon, Australia; would make too much sense to put former XERMX
 English programming on XERF
*Spurs from 13750 in Costa Rica: 13734.5, 13765.5, 13781, 13797
*R. Apintie, Suriname, back after several months, on 4989.97, since
 July 30, all night, better signal than before
*Venezuelan sporadically active SW stations back lately: 4830, Radio
 Tachira July 31 at 2216-2231 with sports; 4939.4, Radio Amazonas
 until 0130* with Chavez speech
*Station on 4959.97 at 0338 in Spanish as ``107.3 FM, La Voz de la
 Ruta`` must be R. Federacion, Sucua, Ecaudor, relaying FM station
*La Voz de Saquisili, Radio El Libertador, Ecuador, 4899.8,
 reactivated July 31 heard in Colombia as late as 1300
*Radio Cielo, Chiclayo, Peru, pirate, active at 1200 on 6723.98
*unID on 5119.91 at 0220 is Radio Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba,
 Peru until 2345-0105* on 5119.4, claims 5060
*On 4751.82 at 2300 is Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta, Peru, ex-4747
*Radio A Voz do Coracao Imaculado, Anapolis, Goias, Brasil, is back on
 4885, heard at 2200, 2020; few IDs with uninterrupted Catholic
*R. Alvorada de Londrina, another Catholic Brazilian, reactivated 4865
*R. Guaruja, Sao Paulo, heard testing on 3230
*R. Difusora do Amazonas, 4805, Manaus schedule: 0930-1330, 1500-0100
*Two Uruguay SW stations claim they are on the air, tho inaudible in
 Montevideo: 6055, R. Universo, Castillos with 17 watts; on 6155,
 Banda Oriental, Sarandi del Yi, only at 0130-0300
*No sign of V. of New Sudan, southern Sudan on 9310 yet, with new 50
 kW transmitter; engineer says they have tested, but off again
 awaiting replacement parts, and may return in a few weeks on 9485
 since most radios there won`t tune below 9400
*The non-commercial, non-communist, not-corporate, non-Christian
 media show, World of Radio 1240; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 or
 woradio at  Much more, especially DX Listening Digests,
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*R. Rhino International, from Germany to Uganda, went on hiatus in
 April or May, came back July 12, 17870 M-F 1500-1530 in English;
 but heard at 1552, so probably a full hour instead as before
*V. of Africa, Libya, has strong new signal on 1449 kHz at 2305, News
 in English at 0024, 2035. May replace low-powered, and/or moved from
 1251; English times approximately: 1820, 1920, 2030, 2120, 2230,
 2330, 0020, 0120, 0215, 0310
*Rai was supposed to close down LW 189 kHz from Sicily, but it is
 still heard as of July 17, the only longwave broadcaster in Italy
*Bob Zanotti`s new web station, is
 active since August 1; we heard his show reuniting with Bob Thomann
*SRI running a new farewell English show each week, starting on
 Saturdays not only at but also on SW:
 0730 13650 15445 21770; 0830 21770; 1730 13750 15515 17870;
 1930-2030 11815 13645 13795 15220; 2330 9885 11905; mostly Germany
 or Switzerland sites, except 15220, 11905 via French Guiana
*R. Slovakia Internatinonal announced July 25 it will remain on SW
 thru 2004, and try for more funding to continue beyond then
*R. Kontynent, Ukraine, shut down in March for carrying RFE/RL and
 BBC: ex-director has refugee status in USA; hopes to return to
 Ukraine with a new president and government
*Temporary oddity in Netherlands, on 1725 kHz, radio art project, 20
 very low power SSB transmitters; walk around listening 1000-1800 UT
 until Aug [not July] 3 in Arnhem, 5-9 in Appeldorn, 10-15 Nijmegen:
 Radio Scape
*Change of leadership at BBC World Service: Richard Sambrook is new
 head, reassigned from BBC news after criticism, claims not a
 demotion, as of Sept. Helen Boaden takes over as head of BBC News,
 ex-controller of BBC Radio 4 and BBC7
*``World Disservice`` commentary in Sunday Times: BBC audience
 research admits the majority of listeners no longer trust WS to
 provide unbiased news
*R. Six International, Glasgow, Scotland, now on WBCQ daily at 2300-
 2400 on 5105, different musical program and other features each
 evening; repeating later in August on same day of week; unfortunately
 5105 does not penetrate very far west in summer
*R. Joystick, on WRMI 9955, 0900 on first Saturdays such as August 7,
 adding Latvia 100 kW 9290 at exactly same time
*Thessaloniki station in Greece sees no prospect for putting 250 kW
 transmitters given Greece by VOA into use in near future
*Azerbaijan`s English broadcast time is really 1700-1730 on 6111 and
 1295, not 1800 on 6110 and 1296; very weak on SW
*Israel to switch time of English news on domestic service as it moves
 from one network to another to: 0330, 0930, 1730 UT from Aug 1 -- but
 restraiing order delayed this until Aug 8; maybe delayed further?
 External English to remain at 1900; frequency changes for others
*New US SW transmitter in Kuwait finally on air from July 9 with VOA
 and R. Free Afghanistan, including English: 2030-2230 11835, 2230-
 2330 11935, 2330-2430 11995
*Salaam Watandaar, to Afghanistan, new SW broadcasts to continue only
 until Sept 15, 1330-1500 17700 via UK; 0130-0300 11795 via UAE, not
*Thales press release says new 100 kW SW transmitter going to
 Bangladesh, and another to India; the latter may go on to Afghanistan
 as part of Indian aid
*No sign yet of R. Kiribati back on 9825, as monitored on Oahu
*CBC Radio One and Two have Acadian theme programs first half of
 August, see
*Rejected by NPR, Bob Edwards will start own show on XM Satellite
 Radio from Oct 4 as part of new public radio channel there
*Liberal talkhost Mike Malloy now on Air America, weekdays 0207-0459
 UT Tue-Sat
*Paul Harris, St. Louis talk host, moved from KTRS to KMOX, now M-F
 1900-2300 UT
*Another New Mexico public radio station now streams: KSFR from Santa
 Fe. See
*Clear Channel says it will phase in so-called high definition radio
 at the rate of 100 AM/FM stations per year
*Broadband via powerlines terminated in Penn Yan, New York; ARRL says
 international and federal regulations absolutely require BPL to
 eliminate all harmful interference to hams and other licensed radio
*Propagation outlook from Boulder July 27: flux range 80-125
*And so concludes yet another World of Radio; this was number 1240.
 I`m Glenn Hauser and I do hope you`ll listen again next week ###