WORLD OF RADIO #1241, produced August 11, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*WRMI frequency change to 6870 delayed so WOR UT Mon 0230 has remained
 on 7385; surely done by mid-August
*AFGE Local 1812 says VOA management stifles comprehensive news: new
 order to limit news items to 40 seconds, and eliminating Middle East
 and National news desks; reducing English to 13 hours per day on
 weekdays, 10 on weekends
*FBO Daily reports that USN Air Systems Command requires transmitters
 for new Commando Solo aircraft EC130J
*Hurricane Watch Net finally activated on 14325-USB
*CBC Toronto testing new 98.7, probably to duplicate CJBC 860 with
 French network; MW also duplicated in Saskatchewan cities on FM
*Impact of Olympics on webcasting: CBC Radio says their rights do not
 extend to streaming; CBC on-demand already edits out all music, even
*BBC World Service will not have blanket embargo of Olympics like last
 time, but major news programmes will not be webcast since they might
 include live event commentary; special Sports Roundup for webcast
 without live commentary but with results. BBC7 and BBCR3 not to be
 cut off
*NOS in Holland will carry 2000 hours of live Olympics coverage on
 website, making full use of net along with TV rights
*V. of Greece has suspended all foreign language broadcasts for
 duration but has special English page
 [beware: music launches automatically]
*Last longwave in Italy, 189 kHz in Sicily, closed since August 7
*France revives MW with another high-power, on 675, Radio Superloustic
 in Marseille, since August 8; sounds like 1/4 of full 1000 kW
*One watt temporary RSL station commemorating Radio Caroline on 1278
 kHz since August 7, from Ross Revenge [in Tilbury, England]  And even heard in Belgium
*RFE/RL`s plan for new building in Prague awaits funding approval not
 before FY 2006 in October 2005; no boat-rocking during elexion year
*Another 9290 Latvian broadcast: Offshore Music Radio commemorates
 Marine Offences Act, Sat Aug 14 1400-2000 UT; in addition to webcast
*V. of the Broad Masses of Eritrea well heard in Germany on 7100 at
 1730-1830, but not on 7175; no longer clandestine
*Sam Voron, VK2BVS, currently active as 6O0A, from Galkaayo, Somalia,
 18155, 21295 0500-0600, 1100-1400, 1800-1900 but not interested in
*Paul, ST2PN, active from Khartoum, Sudan, 18122-18130 1230-1500
*Israel Radio`s expected time change for English delayed until further
 notice; schedule reconfirmed August 10: 0400 11590 15640; 1010 15640
 17535; same two also at 1700, 1900, plus 1700 9435; 1900 15615
*Standard disclaimer
*Via kHz, MHz, GHz, and not applicable, this is World of Radio 1241,
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Al-Hurra, US TV service in Arabic, has new satellite stream for Iraq
 in particular, like Radio Sawa
*New Iraqi TV station also on ArabSat 2D, 26 E, Radio [sic] Al Forat located in Baghdad
*Republic of Iraq Radio on Arabsat 2, 25.8E, with old nightingale
 interval signal, and resumed pre-Saddam national anthem
*Voice of Iraq English hour at 1100 ending with news, daily, on 1179
*Baghdad Qur`an station on 999 kHz IDed as Bilad Radio, meaning
 Radio of the Country, 0400-1200 UT
*First Iranian TV station on NileSat is news station in Arabic,
 Al Aalam, 7 West
*IRIB Spanish from Iran sounds like same announcer previously on
 Colombian clandestine Radio Patria Libre
*Turkmenistan`s English: 1630-1645 on Radio 2, 4930; at 1500-1510 on
 Radio 1, 5015
*All India Radio special broadcasts for Independence Day August 15:
 President`s address Aug 14 at 1400 on Delhi 3365 6030 6085 9575 9835
 and relayed by all AIR stations; commentary on flag ceremony Sunday
 at 0135-0240, in English on 4860 6030 9910 13620 15040; regional SW
 relays change to daytime frequencies earlier than usual at 0025 on
 6030; various times 0115/0130 on 6110 07115 7140 7150 7180 7210 7290
*Jon Kennedy, Australian voice on China Radio International, died of
 heart attack at 34; recordings of his intros still heard
*V. of Korea, 15245, English at 2144 with spurs on 15172.8, 15317.5
*WYFR relays to China via Taiwan moved from 6155 to 7250 at 1100-1600
 and 2100-2400, having just moved inband from 6300
*CBS Radio Taiwan schedule in DXLD 4-120 says Star Star numbers
 station is inactive due to mainland spy cases; channels 1 thru 5
 to be checked are: 11430 15388 9725 8300 13750
*Pirate station in Thailand on 7405.4 USB; see [says name is 
 153RTO, power 10 watts, also 6 watts on 7670 AM, English 1230-1400]
*QSL from R. Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, 3325, says station is
 in good shape with Bougainville now at peace
*LRA36, Antarctica, 15476, operates 1800-2100 [M-F?] except when
 prevented by weather, winds up to 90 knots; see DXLD 4-119 for names
 of personnel. 63 Degrees South is main program; QSL for one IRC to
 LRA36, Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza, Antartida
 Argentina 9411, Republica Argentina
*R. Chicha, 4763.31, Tocla, Potosi, Bolivia, signing on before 1100
 with Andean music, Spanish and Aymara
*Radio Timbira, Sao Luiz, Maranhao, Brazil, hopes to reactivate SW
 4975 and 15215 by yearend; now only MW 1290 at 0900-0300
*R. Cacique supposed to be on 2470 but heard there in Sorocaba, SP,
 Brasil on 2370
*Two new Peruvians near 1610 kHz heard in Quito: 1610.4, Radio
 Haquira, in Distrito de Haquira, Provincia de Cotabambas,
 Departamento de Apurimac, heard at 1030; and on 1609.15 next day at
 1020, Radio Carabamba, Distrito de Carabamba, Provincia de Julcan,
 Departamento de La Libertad
*FARC Clandestine on 6239.82 at 2310, Voz de la Resistencia, says it`s
 in Occidental Colombia, 2230-2330 tho not daily, plus spur varying
 6120 to 6130
*August 15 is day of decision in Venezuela on referendum to recall
 Pres. Chavez. For news from there try webcasts from: commercial TV:
 Radio Caracas Television:
 Government: Venezolana de Television
 and Vive TV,
 Radios, Commercial:
 Union Radio:
 Circuito Radio Venezuela:
 Circuito Nacional CNB:
 Government: Radio Nacional de Venezuela:
*Chavez government will shut down any radio or TV station announcing
 outcome prematurely, which may take up to five days
*Dominican Republic reactivated on 5009.74, Radio Pueblo at 2244
*VISTA from Radio for Peace International, Costa Rica says will soon
 replace QuickTime streaming with MP4 and MP3, pending further
 contributions; next issue will have news about a joint SW project
 with Pacifica, return to SWBC in Costa Rica, James Latham on a peace
 mission to Libya
*Satcom accidentally relays on 240-270 MHz studio-transmitter links or
 harmonics from Latin America, including on 254.1 Super Radio,
 Colombia, and on 268.35 unID Guatemalan religious station
*XERF, Mexico, measured on 1569.9894
*Propagation outlook from Boulder August 10: flux range 130-90
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1241 
 [Note: at some point in this program I mention a date as April 3; of 
 course, I meant August 3] ###