WORLD OF RADIO #1242, produced August 18, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New Continent of Media, 04-06 available at and  --- also August-September Mundo Radial
*When one WBCQ transmitter is out of service, may move programming to
 another frequency, e.g. Wed at 2200 for WOR on 7415, may be
 accompanied by 5105 instead of 17495. So check other frequencies, the
 remaining one being 9330 [in fact this week, the 17495-CUSB airing of
 WOR was moved to 2300 UT Wed, too late for us to announce or confirm]
*WRMI finally moved to 6870 from UT Aug 16 [not 17 as I said] but WOR
 played by mistake at 0300 UT Monday instead of 0230
*WRMI filling more time with World Radio Network, totalling 72.5 hours
 per week: M-F 1200-1600, Sat 1200-2200, Sun 1330-2000 on 15725; UT
 Tue-Sat 0400-0900, Sun/Mon 0330-0900 on 6870; consult for North American service schedule
*Some not on SW at all, even in home country, such as R. Guangdong,
 China, which QSLed reception via WRMI, Sat 1600-1615 on 15724.88
*WRMI escaped hurricane damange, but WYFR off the air 24 hours, not
 due to damage but power was off UT Aug 14, including BBC and Taiwan
*Jonathan Marks, holidaying in Cyprus, says French beat the US in
 Arabic broadcasting, comparing RMC-ME to Radio Sawa
*Radio Free Asia has new automated reception report system online,
 attributed or anonymous at 
*VOA quietly canceled Uzbek-language broadcasts at end of July, to
 concentrate on TV; R. Liberty still in Uzbek
*Too late for last week`s program, but we had several days advance
 notice of first test of a new clandestine service for the Maldive
 Islands, Radio Minivan, Wed Aug 18 at 1630-1730 on 11525, due to
 civil strife there, provided by Friends of Maldives in the UK, via a
 confidential site in eastern Europe. European monitors were able to
 hear it: break at 1652, undermodulated, hummy, hard to read,
 `Romanian style` modulation, overlap of two different audio sources.
 admin @  acknowleged reports quickly from
 Rebecca Cork; she read poem in English ``The Walk for Freedom``,
 recorded by Henrik Klemetz. But reception results from Maldives
 target not yet in. Plans regular broadcasts from next Wed Aug 25.
 [later: BBCM got a fix on this site as Bulgaria; reception spotty in
 Maldives and may try another site next week]. See and
*V. of Jammu and Kashmir Freedom, 5102, 1300-1430 UT includes English
 at 1400-1408; believed via Pakistan, with Muzzafarabad address
*Voice of Iraq, private station in Baghdad, on MW 1179, English
 monitored at 1108-1152 starting and ending with news summaries
*Israel Radio transferred web streaming from Real Audio to Windows
 Media to improve performance, adding more services, some including
 English segments; via
*R. Peace, South Sudan, 4750, QSLed for Jari Savolainen thru
 extraordinary measures; friend hand-delivered reception report at
 remote site without E-mail or P-mail; closest P O Box across the
 border in Loki, Kenya, two hours drive away, may be used; schedule
 0230-0430 and 1600-1800 includes English segments
*Zimbabwe Herald reports that owner of a house destroyed in bomb
 attack is suing Voice of the People to which she had rented it, for
 $1.2 mega [rather than the government which bombed it!]
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1242,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: or woradio at Check our
 website for much more:
*LRA-36, Antarctica, 15476, reported twice from North America this
 week, until blocked by Chile at 2059 [M-F only]
*Brazil is so big that some tropical or SW frequencies are occupied by
 more than one station: two of them on 6105, both with Voz do Brasil
 program at 2249 via R. Cancao Nova and Radio Cultura Filadelfia
*And 5055 with different programming, R. Difusora Caceres, and R.
 Jornal A Critica, both at 1022-1031
*More mandatory programming in Brasil: during current campaign for
 municipal elections Oct. 3, political ads at 1000-1030 and 1500-1530
 thru Sept 30
*The one night WYFR was off the air thanks to Hurricane Charley, Radio
 Pio Doce, Bolivia in the clear on 5952.43 from 0957 to 1028; R. Mosoj
 Chaski, Bolivia, from 0826 with eerie sound FX on 3310
*R. Huarmaca, Peru, reactivated on 5384.16
*La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, expects approval shortly for
 second frequency 5910, besides 6010; to test within a couple of
 weeks, after a year`s delay. May be aimed at North America, including
*RFPI websites about to be relaunched: and
*R. Amazonas, Venezuela, 4939.66, on much later than usual with
 election returns Aug 16, as late as 0800
*R. Nacional de Venezuela could not be heard as its Cuban relay plus
 RHC and China relays knocked off air by Hurricane Charley since Aug 
 13 and still off Aug 18. Don`t know what damage the antennas may have 
 suffered, but electricity has been out in western Cuba
*We couldn`t help but notice that the jammers against R. Marti
 continued unabated; in eastern Cuba, and/or enjoy much higher
 priority, perhaps with own generators, than mere broadcasting
*Check where news is updated even tho not on the
 air; you might get streams to work, but do not depend on English
 appearing at the scheduled times. Arnie Coro was heavily invovled in
 his ham radio acivity during the hurricane
*CBC cancels all live web streaming for duration of Olympics; but RCI
 is still streaming, including many CBC programs:
*Shortwave relay from Vancouver, CKZU, 6160, off the air for a week
*KICY, 850, Nome, Alaska, granted increase to 50 kW night power, but
 directional during specified hours, why at that remote location? To
 reach Russia better during religion at 0800-0930
*Catholic Radio Network, Papua New Guinea, reported inland as far as
 Colorado, Alberta, on 4960; but Vanuatu missing from 7260 and its
 alternate is 4960
*World Music Radio [Denmark], reactivated 5815 August 14, widely
 reported since, as far as Australia around 1800; antenna moved 300
 metres to avoid local interference
*Deutsche Welle in German, 3995, switched to DRM mode at 1800-0600;
 expected to blot out neighboring frequencies
*Historic antenna mast at Lopik, Holland, scheduled for demolition Sat
 Aug 21 [not 14 as I said!], and to be shown on webcast, perhaps at
*It`s on again -- the longwave 189 in Sicily
*Monitoring indicates the two new 100 kW transmitters at R. Tirana
 are on the air; China installed them at one site, Shijak; while the
 other site, Cerrik, has been rented exclusively to CRI for a
 sesquidecade where they will install 6 x 150 kW transmitters soon
*WSQT, Guerrilla Radio, leftist, anti-Republican, heard in Washington
 DC, on 1679.95, meaning ``squatting`` on the frequency
*Air America`s Saturday morning show ``Ring of Fire`` changes Aug 21
 to Sat 2206 UT, repeated Sun 2206. Air America via KPOP, 1360, San
 Diego delayed until August 23, after former music DJs have a chance
 to say goodbye
*Minnesota Public Radio purchasing its main classical rival, WCAL for
 $10.5 mega, finalized in December
*NBC Universal`s rules about limiting other networks` Olympics
 coverage: in DXLD 4-121
*Coverage of Hurricane Charley in Florida also in DXLD 4-121, 4-124
*Federal government slow to set up emergency broadcast stations in
 hurricane area, using banner-towing planes instead
*International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend Aug 21-22, with lots of
 special ham stations; details in DXLD 4-124 and at
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Aug 17; flux range 125 to 90
*And so concludes World of Radio 1242. I`m Glenn Hauser; hope you`ve
 enjoyed the program and will join me again next week ###