WORLD OF RADIO #1243, produced August 25, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Time changes for WOR: from last week, on WBCQ, Wed 2300 on 17495
 instead of 2200; still 2200 on 7415. On WWCR, Sun 1930 on 12160, ex-
 Sat 2030
*SIU Edwardsville Web Radio rescheduled WOR, Fridays 7 pm Central, or
 UT Sats 0000, followed at 0030 by Continent of Media alternating with
 Mundo Radial. Via
*Minivan Radio, for Maldive Islands, tested last week via Bulgaria on
 11525, but spotty reception in target, and jammed by government, so
 from this Wednesday Aug 25 via Germany instead at 1600-1700 on 13855.
 Was audible over here; but QRM above and below from Russia and China.
 Mostly in Dhivehi, but some English, including poem repeated. Reports
 to admin @  No QSLs yet, but E-mail replies.
 Also consult Dhivehi Observer  [which now
 has audio file of first show at ]
 first week of daily broadcasts will be repeats
*Extensive coverage of this in every recent issue of DX Listening
 Digest via
*Mauritius could be next country needing such broadcasts. Government
 may sanction private radio stations where citizens may voice their
 opinions on government performance
*All India Radio, Delhi, heard on 4870 instead of 4860 from 0025
*Bangladesh Betar plans special broadcast on Friday Aug 27, external
 service, Bangla and English, on anniversary of death of their
 national poet. 1630-1730, 1915-2000 in Bangla; 1230-1300 and 1815-
 1900 in English on 7185, 9550
*Hmong Lao Radio changed frequency again, via Taiwan, Wed & Fri 0100-
 0200 on 9515 ex-11725 ex-15260; mailing address in Minnesota
*V. of Iraqi Kurdistan on new 6340 at +1600-1700+, ex-4085; also ex-
 6285, 6320; 6340 also heard at 0304-0515 fade, Kurdish and some
 Arabic. See
*V. of Iranian Kurdistan back on 3970 at 1515, 3980 at 0158, jammed
*R. Free Syria, via Germany, Sundays 1800-1900 on 13650, adding
 second weekly broadcast Sept 3, Peace Forum, same time on Fridays
*Doni Rosenzweig explains the foreign language broadcasting in Israel,
 moving them from one network to another with less coverage; held up
 by plans to merge networks, fire staff, but logos already merged
*R. Oman again heard in English at 1400 on 15140; also scheduled in
 English at 0300-0400 on 15355
*Aden Radio, Yemen, Second program now on Hotbird satellite to Europe,
 English 1600-1630, French 1705-1730, 13 degrees east, 12380 MHz,
 Mpeg2, vertical, 27500, 3/4. Sana`a also has English at 1800-1900 on
 9780 but not satellite
*Coalition Marine Forces, MARLO in Persian Gulf, has been replying to
 reports. By P-mail from MARLO, P O Box 116, NSA-MARLO, Manama,
 Bahrein, from Kenneth Gazzaway R. Maulumati ID at 1720 on 15500, some
 English, off before 1800; 250 watts. By E-mail, from a Lt. Gonzalez,
 marlo @ [a.k.a. Information Radio, Radio One]
*Mystery on 15670 in Persian at 1330-1355, maybe Ankara, Turkey
 [BBCM IDed it: Voice of the Iranian Nation, last heard in 1970!]
*Technical Itch Hits Radio Cyprus --- flea infestation from hundreds
 of stray cats around the station. Recorded programs while spraying in
 progress at Cyprus Broadcasting Corp.
*Spain in English caught on unscheduled 12035 at 0030 Aug 22, plus
 usual 15385; maybe test of frequency used later in morning; or
 thinking of moving down from 15385 as autumn and winter approach
*Innov`Radio has temporary license for Sept 5 in Paris, Sept 9-19 in
 Apremont, between 25845 and 25880, from one to ten watts, antenna no
 higher than 30m off ground; in November temp stations around 66 MHz
 on OIRT FM band, normally not used in France; 11 meter specialists
 hope MUF cooperates [but not likely]
*Broadcasts from churches and mosques on 27 MHz Citizen`s Band in UK
 have been illegal, but now OFCOM announces plans to legalise them,
 with trial local broadcasting in Leeds, Bradford, Northern Ireland,
 called CADS = Community Audio Distribution Systems
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio Number
 1243, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; woradio at
 Much more at
*UK Audio Network, for the blind, easily navigable without adaptive
 technology. Includes BBC Radio schedules in audio for forthcoming
 week; radio stations at touch of button without pop-ups,
 registrations, free at
*World Music Radio, Denmark, back on 5815. 15810 not so successful,
 ending tests June 17; may resume in mid-September from new site; also
*ROI, Austria, via Canada at 1500-1600 on 13775 has been filled with
 annoying music loop for a week; direct at 2300-0200 on 9870 not so
*CRTC renewed license for CHEV, 1610, Toronto until 31 Aug 2009, but
 as a low power station it is unprotected and must find another
 frequency to make way for a full-power station, authorized, which may
 begin well before then. Ethnic station on 1610 could be on any time
 now, likely 1200-0200 UT only
*CKZU, 6160, Vancouver, missing for a week, heard again Aug 20 at 1300
*Some hope for those opposing so-called IBOC, or High-Definition,
 digital mediumwave in North America: Canadian Association of
 Broadcasters and CBC pressing Industry Canada to notify FCC that IBOC
 would cause harmful interference, and is not in accordance with
 international and bilateral agreements. Read discussion under Canada
 in DXLD 4-126
*One of last remaining AM stations with locally-produced all-news
 format, may be on the way out: WILM, 1450, Wilmington, Delaware, sold
 to Clear Channel for 4 megadollars
*Low power FM right here in Enid made national news: KUAL 104.7, The
 Rocket, admonished by FCC, but not fined, for running commercials,
 over the line from underwriting announcements. Licensed to Enid
 Public Radio Association, which is anything but, just rock music
*Long-awaited and long-promised airborne relays of R. and TV Marti to
 Cuba finally began August 21, MW 530 and Channel 13. Exiles happy,
 and claimed to overcome jamming, but don`t you believe it. Cubans
 quickly put a R. Rebelde transmitter on 530, heard in Florida; not
 to mention Radiovision Cristiana, 530 in Turks & Caicos. But the
 airborne relays will be once a week only, on Saturday evenings
*Almost two weeks after Hurricane Charley, not a peep out of Radio
 Habana Cuba on SW; antennas probably damaged. And 13 high-voltage
 electrical towers west of Habana collapsed
*New Dominican Republic station on 1640 heard again Aug 15 at 0100,
 R. Juventus Don Bosco, but just canned IDs and test announcements,
 ``Una voz para la civilizacion del amor``
*GBC, Guyana, heard on 3291.13 at 0915; another day 0323 on 3291.168
*R. Nacional Amazonia, Brazil, 6180, jumped to 6190, and now to 6170,
 at 0006 Aug 21; Aug 23 at 2338 back on 6190
*VOA relay on Sao Tome finally quit interfering wtih Angola on 4950,
 by jumping to 4940, 2000-2100*
*V. of Nigeria switches between 15120 and 17800 from day to day for
 English at 2000-2300; nominally 15120 at 0445-2300
*Photos of R. Peace, southern Sudan on 4750 at
*V. of Sudan, clandestine by National Democratic Alliance, via
 Eritrea, 1530-1600 on 7999.3
*R. New Zealand International new schedule effective September 6:
 from 1300 on 6095, 1751 9845, 1851 11725, 2051 15720, 2245 17675,
 0459 11820, 0706 9885, 1100 9885 on different beam to NW
*Sorry to hear that Paul Ormandy is giving up his South Pacific DX
 Report on RNZI and several other stations. Other members of the
 League will fill the gaps. Paul has been bitten by ham radio bug,
 with over 3000 [not 300 as I misspoke] QSOs in past eleven months
*HCJB Australia resumes schedule August 29. DX Partyline, from Sept 4:
 Sat 1200 on 15425, 1500 [not 1430 as I misspoke, previous time] on
 15390; to NZ, Sat 0730 on 11750, with a time shift from October 3
*Propagation outlook from Boulder August 24 [not 14 as I misspoke!
 Good thing I am about finished...] Flux range 105-90-120
*Remember our new times: on WBCQ, Wed at 23 on 17495; on WWCR, Sun
 at 1930 on 12160
*That`s World of Radio 1243; Glenn Hauser, inviting you, to hear me
 again next week  ###