WORLD OF RADIO #1244, produced Sept. 1, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Missionary station in Aru, Congo DR, is not on 4585, but 4845, Radio
 Tangazeni Kristo, very low power, same frequency as very high power
 Mauritania, joint French/German operation; some English. Sked daily
 0330-0515, M-F 1400-1930, Sat & Sun 1155-1930. To increase power to
 300-500 watts at beginning of September. Mauritania scheduled 1800-
 0100, and 0625- but 24h during Ramadan; might be audible in Europe at
 1730, North America at 0330
*Christian missionary websites such as include
 ``prayer bulletins``, hinting at future SW stations, in Iraq,
 Cameroon, maybe FM in Greenland
*Christian SW station planned in Uganda, near Entebbe, 1 kW tropical
*Israel finally moved its domestic English newscasts to Reqa network,
 with time changes on SW relays: 0330, 0930, 1730 (all 15 minutes),
 and external English still 1900. 1730 confirmed here on 17535, 15640
*Sept. 22 is the date when Israel sensibly quits shifting daylight
 earlier than we do, and all broadcasts move one UT hour later
*Reform Party of Syria confirmation letter, for R. Free Syria, Sun
 & Fri at 1800-1900 via Germany on 13650: from P. O. Box 59730,
 Potomac MD 20859
*Arabic Radio, another clandestine for Syria: 1500-1530 12085, 7470;
 0330-0400 on 7510 per [unconfirmed]
*BBC Monitoring issued another sesquimonthly report on Media in Iraq,
 broadcasting and press. In entirety via
*Mystery in Persian at 1325 on 15670 identified as Voice of the
 Iranian Nation, Seda-ye Mellat-e Iran. Station of same name existed
 1964-1970. This one is pro-democracy, 30 minutes daily since before
 July 9. Maybe connected with V. of Southern Azerbaijan, from Israel.
 But Observer says 15670 at 1325-1355 is via Sofia, Bulgaria, 100 kW,
 90 degrees [recording by Wolfgang Bueschel of ID and music]
*Ivo Ivanov at R. Bulgaria denies that Minivan Radio test on 11525
 was via Kostinbrod, Bulgaria, as fixed by BBC Monitoring
*Since Aug 25, Minivan is via Juelich, Germany 1600-1700 on 13855.
 Opening mentions R. Miami International [recording by gh, with conch
 shell, drumming] [but Sept 3 testing 1630-1730 on 11535, 9985]
*Playing same program over and over the first week; allied website
 changed to with audio file to be 
 copied onto CD and distributed to Maldivians
*Maarten van Delft visited Voice of Mongolia; they want suggestions of
 better frequencies than 12015, 12085, 9720 for English to Europe;
 Japanese aid upgraded domestic transmitters on 7260, 4830, 4895;
 Mailbag show interviewed him? at 1000 on 12085, about camel polo
*V. of Vietnam harmonic on 19060 heard in NSW at 0006, 2 x 9530 which
 was inaudible
*RRI Wamena, Indonesia, 0930-1000+ reactivated on 4869.9; 1200 relay
 Jakarta news
*R. Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea, reactivated 3275, 1049-1104+
*R. Vanuatu not heard lately on 7260, but may still be on with reduced
 power of 200 watts; likewise MW 1179
*R. Clube do Para, 4885, 10 kW, replied in English promising stickers
 and T-shirt
*R. Nacional do Brasil, Portuguese to Africa on 9665 includes ``Brasil
 sem Fronteiras`` at 1900-2100, repeated at 0500-0700
*World of Radio 1244, woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702, USA; much more at
*Thanks this week for financial support to Dave White, who provides
 another website for our audio archives
*Correcting last week`s mistakes: Paul Ormandy has made 3000 contacts
 in the past year, not 300; DX Partyline on 15390 via Australia is
 Sat at 1500, not 1430
*Some mistakes on last week`s DX Partyline also should be corrected
*AFN Guantanamo Bay on 1340, 103.1, 102.1; Cuban FM heard on 95.5 in
 Gitmo City; base gets US cable channels via satellite TV
*R. Marti via Commando Solo on MW 530 is only Saturday nights, heard
 again Aug 28; it so happens that`s when baseball is broadcast. Maybe
 highest-rated program, and by jamming something so apolitical, it
 makes Fidel look even more foolish. But still only a token service,
 so acting president Bush can pretend he`s doing something
*We wonder if Radio Vision Cristiana, 530 in Turks & Caicos is still
 on the air following Hurricane Frances [no; opens channel for
 Falkland Islands]
*Arnie Coro says main problem at R. Habana is no power at transmitter
 site with lines blown away by Charley; trying to rebuild, not yet
 back by August 31; no other damage. But was he only talking about
 Bauta site? What about Titan and Bejucal? RHC website in English says
 there was antenna damage from 200 kph winds; in Spanish it says
 transmitters were damaged. So which? Audio streaming not working, but
 added real audio 1800-2000 in Creole, Guarani, Quechua, Arabic
*WOKV, 690, Jacksonville, 50 kW day power may be used at night if
 there is a hurricane strike, allowing it to be widely heard
*WKAT, 1360, Miami, cuts back on classical music, to make money with
 infomercials; hopes to retain music 17-18 hours per day
*KOMA, 1520, Oklahoma City, suddenly changed calls August 27 to KOKC,
 despite huge signal focusing even more on just serving the city
*KGNU, 88.5, Boulder CO, purchased KJME, 1390 to get its signal into
 Denver, starting with Pacifica covering Republican convention
*Denver also gets Air America, via KKZN 760; Albuquerque on KABQ 1350;
 also new affiliate in Ann Arbor, and part of sked is on WHAT 1340,
 Philadelphia; some thanks to Clear Channel, trying to shake its far-
 right image
*Re Clear Channel purchasing WILM 1450 Wilmington DE: ``Sleazy but
 rich radio leviathan swallows tiny quality station``, opines the
 Baltimore Sun [DXLD 4-131]
*Sept 6 Forbes article about satellite radio vs terrestrial,
 ``Broadcast Bullies``; [registration now required] see
*Kim Elliott appeared on VOA Talk to America August 16, now in audio
 archives, cue in 25 minutes
*Ashna Radio on 12140 in Dari and Pashto at 1430-1830 is actually just
 VOA via Sri Lanka, using ``Radio Ashna`` name, meaning Voice
*VOA News and science feature heard Sat at 0800 on 13840, relayed by
 IRRS Italy
*CBC Radio ``upgraded`` from Real Audio to Windows Media streaming
 during Olympic break
*CHOI Quebec licence cancellation reprieved, from August 31 until
 next spring
*Beware of retrieving incorrect or outdated schedules from websites,
 e.g. Venezuela, and now Iceland, on ``12115``, but correct sked is:
 1215, 1410 and 1835 on 15775; 1755 and 2300 on 13865 USB
*Deutsche Welle converted 3995 from analog to DRM 1800-0600 UT. Al
 Quaglieri objects, a disaster for hams in North America
*Attempts to set up new private MW on Aland Island, Finland, 603 kHz,
 but lots of legal and technical problems. Roy Sandgren says it will
 be illegal from Sept 1; but heard that date with stronger signals in
 area; ``Pirate Radio 603``, altho licensed
*Latvia 100 kW on 9290: Joystick Radio, Sat Sept 4, 0900-1000 UT;
 Europa Radio International, Sun Sept 5, 1100-1300
*R. Georgia tells German listeners it was due to be closed down, final
 decision Sept 1, asking for listener support; how about English?
 But quite difficult to hear in North America, not easy in Europe
*Propagation outlook from Boulder August 31; flux range 100-125-85
*And that concludes World of Radio 1244; Glenn Hauser inviting you to
 hear me again next week ###