WORLD OF RADIO #1245, produced Septemer 8, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*WBCQ gave WOR four more airings, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu at 2100 on 9330-
 CLSB [maybe]
*Special Allan Weiner Worldwide UT Sat Sept 18 at 0000 on 7415, on
 American Taliban, documentary about rescuing women and children from
 polygamous enclaves in AZ and UT
*Radio boat motorsailor Katie expected to start originating live
 programming broadcast via WBCQ shortly, 5105 evenings, 7415 and
 9330 afternoons, variety of music, fun and frolic from New England
*WYFR went off before Frances hit Okeechobee; antennas cannot take
 winds over 30 mph; still off as of September 8. But BBC relay on
 11835 at 0000-0300 is still on, from elsewhere [Ascension]
*WYFR damage report: still without power; part of roof came off,
 extensive water damage in office area; transmitters seem OK, but
 some lines are down and antenna switch platforms need repair. When
 power returns, only halfway up and may take two weeks more for full
 operation. Building repairs will take months
*WRMI in Miami did not suffer significant damage, but was off a
 couple of nights, back from September 6
*Hurricane Ivan forced evacuation of Bonaire relay station September
 8, backed up by Flevo [resumed September 9]
*Hurricane Frances put Radiovision Cristiana, 530, Turks & Caicos off
 the air several nights, so DXers looked for Falklands, heard Canada;
 RVC back by September 4
*Bahamas` ZNS outlets ran non-directional during hurricane with good
 coverage, so heard as far as Memphis on 1540; also check 810. Much
 more in recent issues of DX Listening Digest via
*Radio Habana Cuba, blown off by Charley August 13, finally came back
 on Sept. 3, but only a few frequencies, with low modulation, 6000,
 15230. Sporadic webcast contrary to schedule included English 2030-
 2100, 0500-0700 including Arnie Coro Sun & Wed 0540 [not Monday]
*Cesar Objio, Dominican Republic DXer, died Sept. 3 of cancer; was
 working on a book on the history of broadcasting in the DR. See
 tributes in DXLD 4-134, 4-135
*Radio Mil`s Encuentro DX program in Mexico City has been suspended,
 for logistical reasons; besides, Colombian blocks 6010
*R. Macarena, Villavicencio, Colombia, reactivated on 6090.35 ex-5975v
*No China relays via Cuba heard again yet, such as 13740 at 1400-1600;
 but R. Nacional de Venezuela returned Sept. 3 at 1900 on 13740, also
 2000 on 15230; don`t believe website schedule, and a new one is
 announced: 1900 13740, 2000 9550 13680 15230 17705, 2100 11875, 2300
 9820 11760 13680 --- but 13680 then would clash with China via Canada
 [13740 at 1900 missing again Sept 9]
*Temporary absence of WYFR allows DX on frequencies they normally
 block, such as Taiwan relay on 5950: R. Pio Doce, Bolivia, 5952.5,
*New x-bander in Argentina on 1650, FM Fuego relay, since August 26,
 from Monte Chingolo
*Squabbling in Cook Islands over whether to set up a new publicly-
 funded radio station, commercial competition, government news
 management; see DXLD 4-134
*R. Vanuatu, 7260, heard with better signal from power reduction, at
*Vanuatu broadcasting board, sacked by prime minister, threatens to
 take him to court
*New Caledonia without local news, due to strike by RFO workers
 supporting technician not happy with terms of his new posting
*Standard disclaimer
*In the midst of World of Radio 1245, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
 USA or woradio at
*Hmong Lao Radio, new frequency 9515 UT Wed & Fri at 0100 is sometimes
 strong in North America, unseems Taiwan like 15260; so from where?
 [Wolfgang Bueschel says it`s Rampisham, UK]. Double duty for NAm and
 SE Asia
*Direct from Laos reception improving: LNR on 6130 at 1200-1300, and
 after BBC half-hour at 1330; external service on 7145 English at
 1330-1400 but hard to understand
*Myanmar, 5040.41 at 1406; 5985.80 with English at 1434
*Tho China jams VOA, CRI gains another relay in the US, thanks to
 WBIG, 1280, Aurora IL near Chicago, M-F at 2300-2400 UT
*R. Free Asia, Mandarin service at 0300-0700 heard on only half its
 usual frequencies; what`s up?
*V. of Tibet, clandestine in Norway, wants feedback because of Chinese
 music jamming: 1215-1300 17525, 1430-1515 & 1520-1605 on 17540; more
 info at, contact voti @
*Mongolia`s refurbished domestic transmitter on 7260 heard in NH
 around 1030
*All India Radio in financial trouble; needs three and a third
 megadollars from the government = Rs. 160 crore
*South Asian DX includes AIR Shillong on 4970, with English sked
 varying: 1237-1315 with pop music; another date 1327-1335. Almost
 armchair quality in California at 1245-1345
*Minivan Radio, for Maldive Islands, continues 1600-1700 on 13855 via
 Germany, but also tested Fri Sept 3 only, 1630-1730 via some other
 site on 11535, 9985; inaudible here, but heard in Europe
*Reactivated 4160, V. of Independence, at 1520-1658*, Kurdish/Arabic
 clandestine by Conservative Party of Kurdistan
*Republic of Yemen Radio, 5950 heard from 0300 with WYFR absent
*See DXLD 4-136, 4-137 for stories on Ghana broadcast workers
 protesting, police involvement
*R. Georgia in danger of being closed, gets 30-day extension while
 staff tries to drum up listener support; please write to Mrs. Lia
 Mumladse of the German section, lia_mumladse @ with copies
 to gege @ Mr. Zaza Shengelia, Chairman of Georgian Radio &
 TV; dodo.shonava @ Mrs. Dodo Shonava, General Director of 
 Georgian Radio; media @ Office of President
 Mikheil Saakashvili; lali @ Office of Mrs. Nino
 Burjanadze, president of Georgian parliament, and inform @
 Office of Mrs. Salome Surabashvili, Foreign Ministry 
*V. of Russia made seasonal frequency changes first weekend in Sept
 for English to North America: 0100-0500 17660 and 15595 as usual.
 0100-0300 7180, 0200-0300 9860; 0300-0400 9860 7300 7180; 0400-0500
 7300 7180
*This weekend`s schedule via Latvia 9290 100 kW: Sat Sept 11, 1200-
 1300 RNR Medienservice, 1300-1700 R. Marabu, 1700-1900 R. New York;
 Sun Sept 12 1200-1300 Q103, 1300-1700 R. Marabu
*World Music Radio, Denmark, 5815, testing again from evening of Sept.
 10 to morning of Sept. 13
*Archive Hour on BBC Radio 4, Sat Sept 11 about BFBS at 1900 UT, and
 on demand later; also look for Unsung Heroes on ham radio at 9/11
*BBC buildings open Sept 18-19 for tours, not including studios; see
*On 1610, CPAM is not really a callsign. Montreal`s is
 CJWI, actually on 1610.11 with Latin American music at 0915
*WNYC, New York, celebrates 80th anniversary Sept 13-Oct 20, with
 vintage clips back to 1927, special Selected Shorts as finale
*More affiliates for Air America, as Clear Channel realizes it could
 be profitable: WCOL 1230 Columbus OH; WMXX 92.1 Madison WI, competing
 with WTDY 1670 for liberal audience
*W9DXCC convention, Sept. 18 at Elk Grove Village, IL, about DX-
 peditions, propagation, etc. See
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept. 7; flux range 115-85
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding another World of Radio; this was number 1245.
 I do hope you`ve enjoyed the program and will tune me in again next
 week  ###