WORLD OF RADIO #1246, produced September 15, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of Continent of Media now available, 04-07 at or
*Zimbabwe to launch 24h all-news SW station, News 247, by end of
 November; for repressive Mugabe government propaganda
*Radio Lesotho now webcasting, mostly not in
*New 10 kW SW transmitters from Bukavu and Goma, Congo DR, delayed
 until more peaceful times
*Radio Tangazeni Kristo, Aru, Congo DR, 4845, still running only 30
*Ethiopian clandestines: V. of Ethiopian Salvation, 1600-1700 on 15670
 cut back to Sundays only; 12120, R. V. of Oromo Liberation Front
 heard at 1705, and on same at 1731, V. of Oromiya; V. of Ethiopian
 Medhin, Sun 1830-1930 via Samara, Russia, 12120, cancelled
*Libya refurbished 500 kW MW transmitters, V. of Africa at 0315 with
 English news on 1251, 1449, heard in Egypt
*R. Free Syria will change not only time, but frequency Oct. 1:
 1900-2000 Fri and Sun only on 9495 ex-13650 at 1800, via Germany
*Kol Israel English now monitored: 0330-0345 on 11585, 15640; 0930-
 0945 on 15640, 17535; 1730-1745 on 11605, 15640, 17535; 1900-1925 on
 15615, 15640, 17535; Hebrew with music: 2000-2355 on 13635; 0000-0330
 on 11585; from Sept. 22, all times one UT hour later
*More stations in Israel with live streaming:
 in Arabic; and
*But three pirates busted in Israel
*Internews Radio, Salaam Watandar, 1330-1500 on 15195 ex-17700, for
 Afghanistan from Rampisham, UK; apparently not cancelled as planned
 in mid-September
*R. Nepal still heard, in Sichuan, on 5005 with English at 1415-1425
*Hmong Lao Radio`s strong signal in North America on 9515, UT Wed &
 Fri at 0100-0200 is via Rampisham, UK, aimed at us
*V. of the NASB, analog via Taiwan, Sats Sept 18 about WBCQ on 11715
 and Sept 25 about KNLS on 11815; same times DRM via Sackville 11900
 about about R. Taiwan International
*RNZI Mailbox has feature by David Ricquish about 1ZM joining the
 Mosquito Network in April 1944, with recordings;
*Uruguay goes on DST Sept. 19, UT -2 instead of -3, to save energy,
 despite the fact that it should be on -4
*New Bolivian on 4845, ex-Radio Fides, silent for four years. Now it
 is R. Municipal, Caranavi, La Paz department, not city; recordings
 at  also heard in Pennsylvania, Florida
 parallel 9625. Fides relinquished frequency in 2002
*R. Difusora Taubate, Brazil, 4925, reactivated with transmitter from
*Colombian army killed Jairo 'Moises' Sepulveda, believed to be in
 charge of FARC broadcasting, Voz de la Resistencia
*St. Kitts, 555 kHz, not being heard, due to Hurrican Ivan?
*Crusader Radio, owned by ruling UPP party in Antigua & Barbuda, audio
 stream at a.k.a. Voice of Liberation;
 website still says it`s the opposition
*ZBVI in British Virgin Islands, live stream at new site and still old site
*All radio transmissions halted on Grenada by Ivan; CBC 900 on
 Barbados increased power to broadcast to Grenada; also Tobago 92.1
*Grenadian online audio streams also knocked off, but one of four came
 back, with only normal programming, City Sound FM
*World of Radio 1246, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or
 woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*Radio Netherlands relay on Bonaire did close down for 25 hours,
 Sept 8-9 due to high winds
*Jamaica`s MW stations reduced to 1.5 kW on 550, 580, 700 and 770;
 only 720 at full power of 10 kW; were 24 hours until H. Ivan. Free
 access to webcast during emergency from Power 106, but overloaded;
 try it now for recovery info:
*Radio Cayman webcast could not be heard, but read website
*Radio Habana was still recovering from Hurricane Charley a month
 before; look for them on 6000, 11760, 15230
*Radio Rebelde also back, on 5025 by Sept. 10
*Arnie Coro back with DXers Unlimied on Sat Sept 11, but on the first
 rather than second half of the appropriate hours
*Jammers against R. Marti on SW vanished from all four frequencies,
 Sept. 11-14, presumably due to high winds in eastern Cuba, soon back
*R. Marti skipped its usual Monday morning silent period, stayed on
 0300-0900 UT Sept 13
*For ham angle on the hurricanes, check the almost daily press
 releases at
*I`m recording on Wed. Sept. 15 as Ivan was approaching the US Gulf
 Coast; already the night before, WWL 870, New Orleans with continuous
 evacuation coverage, ``Emergency Management Station`` from different
 location than usual
*WYFR came back from Hurricane Frances damage, first at 0207 UT Sunday
 Sept 12 on 9505, 15440; then three, then five, and shortly eleven of
 the fourteen transmitters. BBC relay at 0000-0300 on 11835 was moved
 to Ascension
*Hope you enjoyed the World Radio Network relays via WRMI while they
 lasted; most of that time was suddenly sold to Brother Stair, but WRN
 still supposed to be on weekends
*Recreated Amos & Andy shows on WBCQ 7415, weeknights at 0400, added
 to WWRB, Tue-Sat 0130-0200 on 5745
*LA Times reports that televangelist Paul Crouch of Trinity
 Broadcasting is attempting to keep an accuser quiet, about alleged
 homosexual encounter; also runs KTBN on SW from Salt Lake
*Air America adding more stations, including in Asheville NC, WPEK
 880; Atlanta GA, WSWK 1690 to be renamed WWAA; Boston market on
 two stations: WKOX 1200 Framingham, WXKS 1430 Everett
*Stephanie Miller, another progressive, but not with Air America, back
 with syndicated talk show from KFI via Jones Radio, Democracy Radio
 and Wyd Media Management
*Microsoft Radio has new feature, copying existing radio stations from
 their playlists, for soundalike internet stations, minus local DJ
 chatter, traffic, weather and commercials; trademark infringement?
*New COM 04-07 includes Lubavitcher Radio, NY pirate on 1710 kHz; but
 there`s more: FCC withdrew $10,000 fine to Hip Hop Radio for Radio
*RTE Ireland could not get SWBC rights this year for all-Ireland
 hurling and football finals 
*Deutsche Welle has added a new language to its website, if not actual
 broadcasts: Klingon!
*DX-183 is large beverage antenna park in Denmark, provided by
 Wilhelm Herbst Verlag, open to the public; see [auf Deutsch]
*Classical music via the web: and
 for opera and
 and requiring subscription
*During past week, MW and LW conditions improved greatly for trans-
 Pacific and trans-Atlantic reception, e.g. France Inter on 162
*Propagation outlook from Boulder September 14; flux range 115-95-120
*That`s World of Radio 1246; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###