WORLD OF RADIO #1247, produced September 28, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*WYFR off the air again since Hurricane Jeanne, Sept 25; explains how
 they decide to shut down when storms approach, and protect equipment;
 all 14 transmitters had been back on after Frances. Extensive damage
 from Jeanne, power lines down too, maybe for three weeks
*WRMI not damaged, altho closed down one night as precaution
*Another US SW station missing: KJES, New Mexico; heard Sept. 17 but
 not since 24th; schedule: 1300-1600 11715, 1800-2000 15385, 0100-
 0230 7555
*Something on 5835 is not NM`s other SW station under construction,
 KIMF, but WHRI via old Indiana transmitter back on the air, ex-5745
 which was occupied by WWRB in meantime; WHRI sked 0000-0500, but
 WHR website sked is not up to date
*Navy shutting down sub radio transmitters, ELF in northern Wisconsin
 and Michigan, as of September 30, but three years to dismantle;
 frequencies were 76 and 44 Hertz, not kHz
*Chris Hanson, now living in London, has sad news that a former
 contributor died a year ago, Malcolm Kaufman, following strokes and
 unpleasant years in nursing facilities
*WBUR selling its Rhode Island stations, WRNI and a relay, causing
 protests in RI; acquired just six years ago, and supported by RI
 foundations and individuals [later: sale delayed]
*Dissension at KPBS San Diego over A Way With Words. One of the two
 verbivores, Charles Harrington Elster, would not sign a new contract
 so he is replaced by Martha Barnett; Elster explains the situation on
 a blog:
*Nevada hard to hear in the east due to unfavorable directionality of
 its few powerful MW stations, but KXNT 840 Las Vegas is being heard
 in IL, MO, OK, with pattern apparently out of whack; null out WHAS
*More affiliates for Air America: WLVP 870 Portland ME switching to
 sports, but delayed until after the election; new in The Valley AZ,
 KXXT 1010 and in San Francisco on 960, ex-KABL which has been moved
 to 92.1, renamed KQKE, The Quake
*Pirate in Knoxville TN, KFAR, 90.9, First Amendment Radio, raided by
 FCC; details at
*Ian Jones, RCI Maple Leaf Mailbag, interviewed me for their Sept. 19
 program; audio archived via
*Cuba has two different R. Rebelde services on 1180 to block Radio
 Marti; east of Havana it`s the FM service
*R. Habana Cuba, Sept. 14 Esperanto section said its ``transmitters
 remain destroyed, towers fallen``
*RFPI Costa Rica changing to new streaming format, MP4 [delayed until
 Oct. 1]
*Peuvian on 4825, La Voz de la Selva, now IDs as ``LVS Distrital`` and
 has a show with ``LVS`` in its name, ``Levantate Sesamo``, at 1006
*Brazilian reactivated on 4755, Radio Educacao Rural, Campo Grande,
 Mato Grosso do Sul at 0904; similar named R. Educacao Rural, Tefe,
 Amazonas on 4925 at 0050
*Very out of bander, 12950 FM spur from Radio Gaucha, Porto Alegre,
 Brasil, 11915, ranging 12940-12980
*Standard disclaimer
*Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, World of Radio 1247,
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA: much more
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard, NC
*R. Six International, Scotland, doubles hours from Oct. 1 via WBCQ,
 daily 2300-0100 on 5105
*Third series of Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy on BBC Radio 4,
 ``Life, the Universe and Everything``, six episode; eight more from
 4th and 5th will air in May. Now Tues 1730, Thurs 2200 UT; and on
 demand for seven days each
*Service of Thanksgiving for Alistair Cooke in Westminster Abbey,
 noon Friday Oct. 15; tickets available by P-mail
*New MW station in Paris from Sept. 23 on 981, Ciel AM; from November,
 also 1161 in Toulouse and Strasbourg; Jewish pro-Israel pacificst
*Two more German regional SW about to close down, October 19,
 Sudwestrundfunk, 6030 and 7265; MDR-Info 7265 heard at 2305 in NH
*Home Service-1 from Belgrade heard again on 7200, 1300-1430, now via
 external transmitter in Bijeljina, Bosnia
*R. Ukraine International heard at 0115-0215 on 4940, reactivated
 from years ago. Expect more external services on 60m as sunspots
*English and German from R. Minsk, Belarus, retimed in September, and
 hard to find; times announced on audio archive for English were
 Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat 2200 on 1170 7105 7210; repeated Mon, Tue,
 Wed, Fri, Sat 0330 on 5970 7210; however old schedule may resume
 October 4, confusing. And ``R. Station Belarus`` is new ID
*Vladimir Pozner of TV and VOR is building new TV school in center of
 Moscow, but residents protest construction disruptions
*MW 603 on Aland Island, Finland; at licence
 holder Roy Sandgren says the one being heard now run by Mike Spenser
 is piracy
*Taiwan helped refurbish SW transmitter in Chad, and may get to use it
 for some relays of RTI
*Somalia trying to get foreign hams to come in by loosening usual
 regulations on power and frequencies; but as meaningless as issuing
 firearms permits in Faluja; it`s anarchy, and regs will be the least
 of your worries if you go there
*Dispute and militia reprisals over Holy Kor`an Radio in Mogadishu
*Re Israel`s new schedule on 1246: at 0330 English actually on 11590,
 not 11585
*Iran reverted to winter time of UT +3:30 on September 20
*R. Payem-e Dost, Baha`i service to Iran, refuses to verify for
 security reasons to protect their listeners
*Salaam Watandaar, Internews to Afghanistan, will probalby close SW
 Oct. 15; produced in Kabul, but transmitted via UAE and UK; check
 1330-1500 on 15195
*R. Minivan, for Maldives, daily 1600-1700 on 13855 via Germany, moved
 Sept. 21 to 12015, to avoid adjacent channel interference
*Sri Lanka stopping all domestic SW transmissions, but not external;
 trying to get SLBC to retain some SW relays for Sri Lankans in
 Maldives and other neighbors
*CRI relays via Cuba slow to return following H. Charley; now heard at
 0100 on 9580, 1300 on 9570 [and from Sept 30, 1400 on 13740]
*Only two regional SW left in Vietnam: Dien Bien (ex-Lai Chau) on
 6379v, 2200v-0030, 0400-0600, 1200v-1330; Son La, 4740v, 2200-0100,
 0400-0600, 1200-1400
*Radio Free Asia missing from some Tinian and Saipan frequencies due
 to severe, extensive damage from typhoon; some taken over by other
 sites but not all
*ARDS, 5050, in Northern Territory, Australia, has massive antenna
 problem; hopes to be back on by end of Oct
*Recommended article by Bill Moyers, ``Inequality Matters`` at
*Tomas Hood updated his propagation website,
*And so concludes World of Radio 1247; I`m Glenn Hauser ###