WORLD OF RADIO #1248, produced October 6, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Our SW listeners should hang loose; last week an additional airing on
 WRMI, UT Sunday 0230 on 6870, but don`t depend on it to continue; Wed
 on WBCQ 17495-CUSB was at 2330 instead of 2300; missing UT Mon 0100
 on 9330-CLSB [later: we found out this was moved to 0300 UT Mon]
*Closing Comments on the last page of October MONITORING TIMES are by
 yours truly, about Deutsche Welle interfering last southern summer
 with Lindblad Antarctic exploration ships on 6224; but the B-04 DW
 schedule shows this resuming on 6225 at 2200-2355, also 1300-1355
 via Almaty, Novosibirsk
*R. Budapest will no longer use Szekesfehervar site in Hungary as of
 Oct. 31 which has been on 6025 only. But will start relays on 6025
 and others via Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia for the first time. Seems
 that two Szekesfehervar transmitters will be moved to only remaining
 SW site in Hungary, Jaszbereny and resume in A-05 after temporary
 Slovakian relay
*R. Station Belarus back on usual schedule, with English 1930 and
 2030 on 7105, daily except Wed and Sat
*Pirate Radio 603 AM, Aland Island in the Baltic says it is on a ship
 with 1.2 kW currently, refurbishing continuing, and licensed for 300
 kW, and English
*R. Georgia external service will not have to close down, but it is
 heard only irregularly. Scheduled evening broadcasts have not been
 heard for years; English heard some days, not others, at 0630 on
 11805 variable; also supposed to be at 0830 and 0930 on 11910
*R. Rhino International, clandestine for Uganda via Germany, at 1500
 on 17870, played program at double speed, then at normal speed
 running it late; three verifications all had wrong frequency
*Ramadan earlier and earlier: this year from October 15 or 16,
 depending on when a local official sights the New Moon, how quaint;
 many Islamic country stations operate 24 hours or otherwise change
 schedules during this month
*B-04 schedules are coming in, published in DX Listening Digest, but
 not in effect until Oct. 31. V. of Turkey in English will be: 1330 on
 15155, 15195; 1930 on 6055; 2130 on 9525; NAm 2300 on new 7275 in
 hamband! ex-9655 last winter; 0400 on 6020, 7240
*Iraq returned to standard time of UT +3 as of Sept. 30
*Iran returned to standard time of UT +3:30 as of Sept. 20, so
 clandestines retimed one UT hour later, such as R. Sedaye Sellat-e
 Iran at 1330 on 15670, now at 1430 on 15660
*R. Bulgaria publishes DX program on website, including: R. Pakistan
 in English at 1530-1600 Saturday only on 4790, from domestic service,
 then daily 1600-1615 also on 11570, 15100 
*Defence Broadcasting Unit, Myanmar, putting superb signals into
 Finland on 5770 at 1410; also into Sweden at 1300, very exotic music
*R. Nepal strong in Denmark, indicating again 100 kW on 5005.36 at
*V. of Mongolia confused by end of DST Sept. 25, so English moved
 from 1000 to 1100 by mistake, then corrected back to 1000 on 12085;
 also at 1500 on 12014.8
*Mongolia`s 4830, 4895 and 7260 carry second domestic program, Blue
 Sky, 2200-1600 including news in Russian M/W/F 0750; first program 
 on LW and MW only;
*Pacific Ocean Radio Station, Vladivostok did SW test Oct 4-5 only,
 0635-0700 on 9480, well heard in Arizona and California
*This is WOR 1248, woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702 USA
*More China relays via Cuba are finally returning following Hurricane
 Charley; 1400-1600 on 13740 resumed Sept. 30; for B-04 changes to
 17730, not 17720 where it was last winter
*A modest proposal about how to retaliate for Chinese jamming of VOA
 and Radio Free Asia: block some, but not all CRI frequencies heard
 in North America with Greenville, Delano transmitters otherwise idle,
 playing loud American music; or DRM tests. But announce this is in
 reprisal, and refer listeners to an unjammed CRI broadcast, to
 demonstrate the US is not engaged in censorship
*Cubazuelans are already doing it for us: Venezuela via Cuba is now
 colliding with China via Canada, both on 13680 at 2300; CRI was
 there first
*WYFR recovering from Hurricane Jeanne; some Taiwan relays resumed
 October 4-5; special live broadcasts for 10-10, National Day at 0200
 UT Oct 10 on 5950, 9680, 11740, 15440, maybe not all in English
*Dave Gauvin dropped in on Voice of Vietnam, Hanoi, and was warmly
*Solicitation for contractor to provide maintenance and operations, 
 from next July 1 at IBB transmitters on Saipan and Tinian; see
*Radio Australia special election coverage from 0805 UT Saturday Oct.
 9 until 1300; wrapup at 2200-2230 UT Sat
*Labour not likely to win Australian election, but if they do, promise
 to spend extra $6 million to rebuild and enhance R. Australia, wrest
 back Cox Peninsula transmitters from Christian Vision, when lease
 expires in 2010; was improper and a raw deal for taxpayers
*Sex scandal grips remote Pitcairn Island: seven men accused of sexual
 assaults dating back decades, many of them Seventh Day Adventists
 and hams: we researched their callsigns: VP6DB, VP6DR, VP6TY, VP6JC.
 Covered on BBC World Service, RNZI, R. Australia
*Sen. Biden calls for expansion in US radio and TV in Muslim world;
 impressed with R. Sawa and thinks there should be more of it
*House gives government green light to spend $4 million to expand
 radio broaddcasts et al. to North Korea
*VOA dumping outdated program guides; sent 550 to Benelux DX Club
*VOA Greenville frequency 15445 was way off at 1900-2200 Oct 3, on
 15197 variable instead, distorted
*Two WYFR frequencies returned October 3, when power resumed; repairs
 should be almost complete by end of the week
*WWRB tested new 90 meter frequency UT Oct 6 0100 on 3270, but likely
 to wind up between 3200 and 3230
*KNLS Alaska October schedule shows English at 1300 already on 9690,
 which is buried in the Lower 48 by Greece via Delano; other English
 at 0800 on 11765
*New York Radio VOLMET, aviation weather, back on the air from October
 1 at hourtops, USB; 3485, 6604, 10051, 13270
*Free Radio Santa Cruz, high-profile FM pirate, raided by FCC; lots
 of stories in press. Google it
*Clear Channel decides to preserve lo-fi AM with 5 kHz bandwidth for
 talk, 6 for music; better for IBOC and less adjacent interference
*Cuba changes plan to go off DST when we do, but keep it all winter,
 due to energy crisis, UT -4
*Venezuela via Cuba at 2000 heard on four frequencies, but 17750 not
 17705 as announced, and 17750 will be blocked by WYFR; non-
 synchronized on 15230, and the other two, 9550 and 13680,
 synchronized with each other but not the first two, so three versions
 at once
*Peruvian on 4825 reported last week as LVS Distrital is actually LVS
 Digital, as on letterhead
*Brazil`s change to summer time this year is November 2, not Oct 19
 like last year; Argentina changes Oct 17, both to UT -2
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct 5; flux range 100-115-90
*And that`s World of Radio 1248 --- I`m Glenn Hauser ###