WORLD OF RADIO #1249, produced October 13, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Time change for one of our WBCQ broadcasts: UT Mon 0300 ex-0100 on
*WRN-1 time change for WOR from Oct 31 to North America: Sun 0930 UT
 ex-1000 or 3:30 am CST, ex-5:00 am CDT
*Mundo Radial on WWCR from Nov on new 9985, as 9475 is totally dropped
*Washington Post Oct. 13, Role of Radio Sawa in Mideast Questioned,
 says failed to meet its mandate; see
*WWRB new frequency 3185 from October 12; rhombic has blasting signal
 in main lobe, but very direxional; // 5085
*UN Radio B-04 from Oct 31 including English M-F 1730-1745 on 7170 via
 South Africa, 9565 UK, 17810 Ascension
*Superb MW catch in South Africa of KGA 1510 Spokane WA, over 16 Mm
 or 10 kmiles away; path would be via Boston, where there is another
 1510. Full DXpedition reports at
*New 11-week series on public radio: Leonard Bernstein, An American
 Life, including Sat 1500 UT on KCSC; UT Fri 0100 on WUOT
*After years of monthly broadcasts, NY Philharmonic has resumed weekly
 for 39 weeks, many new times; see our Monitoring Reminders Calendar
 at also at
*Crisis at WBUR over plans to sell off Rhode Island stations: longtime
 manager Jane Christo resigns. Real problem the debt she ran up
*Vermont Public Radio rejected Pacfica`s Democracy Now, but
 commercial station picks it up 4 days a week, WDEV 550 and 96.1
*Monitored schedule of V. of Nigeria, one transmitter only: 05-07
 15120 English, 07-08 15120 French, 08-?? 7255 Hausa, 10-1305 15120
 English, 14-15 15120 English, 15-1530 11770 Arabic, 16-1630 9690
 Swahili, 17-21 7255 English, 21-22 15120 French
*Allerweltshaus Koeln, sponsoring Radio Rhino International to Uganda,
 B-04 continues M-F 1500-1530 on 17870, but Haus also scheduled with
 something Sun & Mon 2200-2300 on 9480, also Rhino?
*Africans coming in earlier in afternoon in NH: R. Congo at 1934-2000
 on 5985; R. Tanzania 5050 from 2018 to 2100*
*Salaam Watandar, InterNews for Afghanistan, 1330-1500 on 15195 is now
 via Samara, Russia, not Rampisham, UK; B-04 registered on new 17720
 from Rampisham, and 0130-0300 on 7230 from UAE but in Persian, a
 mistake, or then for Iran? [No, Afghan service is renewed]
*R. Miami International via DTK B-04 at 1600-1700 on new 11810; that
 would really be Minivan Radio, for Maldive Islands, ex-12015
*Sound of Hope, clandestine service for China is jammed, 1600-1700 on
 11765, but where is the site? Could be
 KNLS Alaska, [more likely RFA Tinian, or maybe Taiwan]
*R. Vanuatu on 7260.11 or 7260.12, reports differ
*RFI news in French via R-Canada, 860 Toronto at 0300, but cut off
 before RFI could greet new listeners in Canada; and trade unions at
 CBC object to outside news
*SRC also criticized for converting second network Chaine Culturelle
 from classical to Espace Musique, not so classical
*R. Educacion, Mexico DF, heard again on 6185, better 0400-0700+
*XERTA, Mexico City, 4810, missing from Sept. 18; reply says off due
 to excessive rain on the transmitter, but hope to return weekend of
 Oct 15, Fri 2000 to Mon 1200 UT
*RFPI Costa Rica has been negotiating with Pacifica Radio, and its
 Board has now approved $250,000 to help RFPI re-establish SW in 6 to
 12 months; MP4 streaming delayed and delayed, but keep checking and new interacive site
*Andres Nazario Sargen, founder of Voz de Alpha 66, has died, at
 first clandestine, and then via WHRI, WRMI
*US BBG soliciting bids for 50 kW MW transmitter on 1570 in Turks &
 Caicos. 1570 used to be Atlantic Beacon; this will be R. Marti, but
 what about XERF 1570 now 100 kW and maybe going up to 250?
*R. Rebelde, Cuba, has nice music show M-F 1630-1700 on 11655 and
 15570, Hecho en Cuba
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1249;  Contact us at P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702,
 USA or woradio at
*UnID on 3449.76 at 0947 is La Voz de Riobamba, Ecuador, 3 x 1150
*R. Quito active again, on 4918.97 at 0942; 4919.45 as late as 1025
*HCJB says they are awaiting frequency assignment for DRM on a
 tropical band
*unID on 3168.29 around 0000 is R. Naylamp, Peru, second harmonic;
 [it had not been on 3172 as I said; that is R. Municipal, Peru]
*R. Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, Brasil, testing on new 5950 at 0832
 past 1300, returning a month after transmitter burned; also on
 nominal 6010
*R. Educacao Rural, Brasil, reacivated on 4755 reported last week, but
 missing again as of October 8
*R. Nacional Amazonia, Brasil, originally on 6180, then on 6190 and
 6170, now heard on 6185, despite Mexico City, but not all the time
*R. Marumby, Florianopolis, Brasil, on new 11750 at 1325-1400 // 9665
*Some B-04 schedules, not in effect until October 31:::
*R. Sweden, English to NAm, via Canada 0230 and 0330 on 6010; direct
 at 1330 on 15240; sked says 1430 on 15240 to be Sackville, mistake?
*R. Netherlands, partial English: 00 9845, 01 6165, 04 6165 9590;
 12 11675; Sat/Sun 19-21 15315, 17725, 17875; daily 19-21 to Africa
 7120, 9895, 11655, 17810
*RVi Belgium English: NAm via Bonaire 2200 11730, 0500 9590; other
 English: 08 5965, 1130 9945, 1830 5910 7490, 2030 7490, all via
 outside Belgium, some also on 1512 from inside Belgium. Uses at least
 11 different SW transmitter sites for entire schedule
*French president Jacques Chirac criticised by RSF because Thales
 sold China equipment to jam foreign broadcasts
*German regional closing 7265 October 19, but DW to use same from Oct
 31 with DRM at 0700-1200
*R. Prague will again use 21745 to North America at 1400
*R. Slovakia International, English: 1730 5915, 6055 Eu; 1930 5915,
 7345 Eu; 0100 7230 NAm, 9440 SAm; 0700 Au 15460 13715
*R. Budapest English: Eu Sun 1600 6025, 9580; daily: 2000 3975, and
 via Slovakia 6025; 2200 6025-Slovakia, 12010; NAm 0200 & 0330 9775
*Next European Music Radio via Latvia 9290, Sun Oct 17 from 1600
*R. Belarus 1900-2200 on new 7280 ex-7210; includes English Friday
 1930 heard on 7280 and 7105
*R. Ukraine International English: 1200 15620; 2200, 0100, 0400 5840
*R. Tirana, Albania English: NAm 0245-0300, 0330-0400 6115, 7160;
 Europe 1945-2000 6115, 7210; 2230-2300 7130; daily except Sun/UT Mon
*Thursday Oct 14, FCC poised to act on Broadband over Powerline report
 despite heavy objections from ARRL, and SWLs. Chairman Powell asked
 by ARRL to recuse himself from participating, having broken ex-parte
 rules. ARRL has no confidence in FCC report; rush to adoption is not
 based on sound engineering. Webcast at
 [it was approved with vague protection for ham radio, not for SWLs]
*MW and LW reception excellent as befits declining solar cycle:
 besides KGA above, China 1377 heard in Brasil, 18 Mm away, also
 Taiwan 1503, 1557
*UT Oct 7 at 0400 was great for European longwave heard in Georgia,
 183, 153, 252, 162, 234, 198
*Propagation outlook from Boulder October 12; flux range 80-90-80
*And that`s World of Radio 1249; I`m Glenn Hauser inviting you back,
 next week ###