WORLD OF RADIO #1250, produced October 20, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*WOR on WRMI: besides UT Mon 0230, also UT Sun 0330 both on 6870; and
 till further notice also on 9955: Sun 0930, Tue 0900
*From Oct. 31, our times on almost all stations shift one UT hour
 later to remain at same local time after DST; a revised schedule
 soon at
*V. of the NASB, in DRM via Sackville, Sat 1700 on 11900, will start
 featuring DX programs in rotation, including WOR, from November 6
*WOR added to schedule of new LPFM station KRFP, Radio Free Moscow,
 Idaho, Sun 6 am plus Continent of Media monthly at 7 am, PDT/PST.
 See story in recent DXLD via or
*Bad news about Broadband via Powerlines: FCC issued long-awaited
 rules Oct. 14; no specific protection for SW broadcasting, but for
 ham radio, coast guard, radio astronomy. See Washington Post Oct 15:
 and New York Times Oct. 15:
*PC World points out that one requirement is for a national database
 of BPL installations for those concerned about interference
*Hams could blow out BPL by transmitting into powerlines, then use
 entire powergrid as transmitting antenna
*ARRL takes credit for reigning in BPL, and will work with companies
 to prevent interference; but this technology will be soon be outdated
 anyway, compared to WiFi and fiber optics
*BPL not likely to be widely successful with rapidly changing market
*An active Venezuelan: R. Tachira on 4830, but may be gone again now;
 heard Oct. 14-17 prompted by football match
*Bolivian in the clear on 6134.8, Radio Santa Cruz, blasted away by
 DRM, China via Canada from 0100 on 6140, bleeding down to 6080
*China relay via Chile for A-04 never happened, but now RTI is on B-04
 schedule via Calera de Tango, otherwise Voz Cristiana; 11-14 17625,
 21-22 11720, NE from Santiago
*DTK relay schedule shows Allerweltshaus Koeln with another broadcast,
 Sun & Mon 21-22 on 9480: it`s Radio Cimarrona, by the Uruguayan
 political opposition which cannot broadcast from inside the country,
 in run-up to end of October election; if it continues, to be at 2200-
 2300. Got idea from R. Rhino International
*Crisis at Deutsche Welle, with budget curtailed in 2005 after having
 exhausted its reserves against previous cuts. May have to terminate
 some language services. 45 percent of its employees lost since 1994
*Two German regionals have now closed: 6030 and 7265; and another one
 to close by yearend, Bayerischer Rundfunk on 6085
*Hamburg Lokal Radio will have 100 kW on 6045 via DTK Sat 1000-1100
 from November 6
*Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal will scrap English, French and German
 at end of B-04 season March 27, and reduce Dutch; read news on web
 site instead, renamed VRT Internationaal. Frans Vossen will have more
 on this Oct 24 on his Radio World show. Complain to Belgian embassy
 or consulate
*R. Netherlands dropped Sincerely Yours mailbag, but still answers
 some letters as 3-minute filler, such as 1955 on 9895, 17810
*The 1,250th World of Radio, woradio at or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702, USA conveys much more
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley in New York
*Doug Smith`s well-reasoned anti-Bush arguments: give them a chance
*Head of news at R. France International, Alain Menarques, resigns
 after accusing Israel of racism in book about Sharon`s wall
*Wales Radio International, weekly half-hour in English, B-04: Eu Fri
 2130 3955 Skelton, 7110 Austria; NAm UT Sat 0300 6005 500 kW
 Rampisham; As/Au Sat 1130 17625
*Sweden B-04 at 1430 on 15240, discussed last week: this really will
 be a relay via Canada, while 1330 on 15240 direct from Sweden
*Swiss Radio International about to terminate SW after Oct. 30, but
 on own website they say in Spanish Oct. 20 is the end, a typo, and
 still heard Oct. 20 [and 21]
*R. Romania International, B-04 English [complete]: 2130-22 NAm 6015
 9540, WEu 6055 7145; 23-24 NAm 6180 9610, Eu 6135 7105; 01-02 NAm
 6140 9690, Au 9510 11740; 04-05 NAm 6125 9515, India 11870 15250; WEu
 0630-07 9565 11710; Eu (NAm too) 13-14 15105 17745; Eu 18-19 on 5965,
*Europa Radio International, one of many customers on Latvia`s 100 kW
 9290, next broadcast Sunday Oct. 24, 13-15 UT
*Correxion to last week, B-04 Ukraine in English to NAm at 01 and 04
 on 7440, not 5840, which is the Eu frequency at 22
*Ramadan prompts extended schedule of Mauritania on 4845, now signing
 off around 0202
*R. Burkina Faso is on SW only for sports competitions, usually Wed
 and Sat, such as Oct 9 at 2025 on 5030 in French; try English at 1915
*R. Ndeke Luka, England to Central African Republic, B-04: 1830-1930
*Channel Africa, South Africa, B-04 English: 03-0355 7390; 03-05 3345;
 05-0555 11875; 05-07 7240; 06-0655 15220; 07-08, 10-12, 14-16 11825;
 15-1555 17770; 17-1755 15285; 19-22 3345
*TWR Swaziland offers 30th anniversary QSL; B-04 includes English
 [partial]: 9500 daily 05-09, 1730-19; 3200 daily 17-2030, Sat 03-
 0330; 4775 M-F 0430-06, Sat & Sun 05-06
*Sudan Radio Service, B-04 from Woofferton England, 300 kW: M-F only:
 03-05 9625, 05-06 11795, 15-17 15530, 17-18 11715; English, Arabic
*Israel B-04 English: 0430-0445 7545 6280, CAm/Au 17600; 1030-1045
 15640 17535; 1830-1845 9390 11585 11605; 2000-2025 9390 6280, SAf
*DTK schedule adds Sat 19-1930 for Miami on 9495, but this is hot R.
 Free Syria like on Fri and Sun: From Nov. 6, Women`s Forum Against
 Fundamentalism in Iran
*Venezuela via Cuba at 2100 was missing from 11875 Oct. 19, so we
 heard unscheduled English from Iran instead at 2130, supposedly in
*Salam Watandaar, for Afghanistan expected to continue on SW thru
 winter, on B-04 schedule quoted
*R. Tashkent International, B-04 English: 01-0130 7160 6165 5975;
 12-1230 & 1330-14 9715 6025 5975; 2030-21 & 2130-22 11905 7185 5025
 [slightly contradictory schedule: DXLD 4-161]
*Yearly Ramadan special from R. Kahsmir, Srinagar, 2315-0005 on 4950,
 1116, then sign off, and start regular broadcast frmo 0120 on same
*German ham club intruder watch reports broadband white noise, radar?
 from north of New Delhi, 13960-14200 around 1600-1800; also evenings
*Hmong Lao Radio, UK to North America at 0100-0200 Wed & Fri only on
 9515 with enjoyable music, to move to 6040 for B-04
*Wantok Radio Light, Protestant station for Papua New Guinea expects
 to start early in January on 7120
*R. New Zealand International B-04: 1651 on 9870, 1751 on 11980, 1851
 on 15265, 2240 on 17675, 0400 on 15340, 0800 on 9885, 1100 on 15530,
 1300 on 9870
*No details yet on drastic cutbacks in English by VOA, but Talk to
 America shifts an hour earlier to 1600 M-F
*WYFR back up to full strength of all 14 transmitters by Oct 13
*KJES, New Mexico, back on air as of Oct. 18
*WRCG 1420, Columbus GA, special anniversary MW DX test early Sat
 Oct 23 [NOT 22] 0400-0500 UT
*NASA Science News page on solar minimum coming early, zero sunspots:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct. 19; flux range 105-115-90
*That`s World of Radio 1250; I`m Glenn Hauser   ###