WORLD OF RADIO #1252, produced November 10, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Correxions to last week, if you haven`t already seen them in the WOR
 1251 summary: Our times on WRMI 6870 were reversed: should be UT Sun
 0430 and UT Mon 0330; R. Bulgaria, English to Europe is 22-23 UT on
 5.8 and 7.5 MHz; China via Chile, Portuguese on 17625 is at 1100 UT,
 not 0800
*WMLK now heard on new 9265, at 1725, fair signal but almost no
 modulation; only frequency currently on website, 17-22 and 04-09 UT;
 only one transmitter, the new one as they are selling parts from the
 old RCA 50 kWs
*KNLS confirmed on 9615 for English both at 0800 and 1300, whatever
 their schedules may say
*How much English from VOA? Draw a distinction between News Now and
 other programming. Local 1812 objects to Director Jackson claiming
 there are no decreases, but News Now down from 19 hours per day to
 11, not including music shows and Talk to America
*TUK, 194 kHz, Nantucket, decomissioned as of Nov 25
*RCI schedule says Ukrainian will end Nov 30, 1630-1700 on 9555 and
 11935 weekly; got reprieve from cancellation last spring, but that
 is running out; kept going to cover Ukrainian elections and runoff
 Nov 21; Canadian Ukrainian groups protest
*Radio Habana Cuba on new out of band 13360 to Europe, 2025-2100+,
 ex-15120. Could be a mistake as RHC normally plays by the rules as
 far as staying inband, but heard again the next day
*R. Marti, airborne relays on 530 kHz, Saturday evenings only, heard
 again Oct 30 and Nov 6, starting promptly at 2200 UT
*Two Peruvian stations have had SW licenses withdrawn in July: 4605,
 R. Ayaviri; 6520, Empresas Municipal Paucartambo, but will they still
 be heard?
*Iceland B-04 USB plus carrier: live relays to Eu 1215-13 13865, 1755-
 1825 12115; the rest are recordings to NAm, 1410-1440, 1835-1905
 13865, 2300-2335 on 12115, all in Icelandic
*RTE Radio 1, Ireland, has reactivated 500 kW on 567 kHz, off the air
 since summer [for maintenance]
*New COO of BBC World Service is Alison Woodhams, experienced in 
 business and financial matters
*R. France Internationale good at 1200 on 21620 in New Jersey, news in
 English intended for Africa; R. Solh to Afghanistan was also
 scheduled on 21620 until 1300, but now changing to 17710 at 1200
*R. Polonia English at 1300 on 11850, one word in 20 intelligible, but
 one in 10 on 9525; correcting last week: English at 1800 on 7265 and
 7220, not 7270
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania, announced English: NAm 2330 7325, 0030 9875;
 Eu 19 on 666, 0930 on 9710
*Austrian R. One, confusing English schedule; in general, weekdays 10
 or 15 minutes into half hour broadcasts; weekends, 5 minutes in,
 such as 7325 at 0000 and 0030, 13675 via Canada at 1600-1700, 9870 at
*Hellenes Around the World, weekly English hour from V. of Greece,
 found Sats at 1500 on 15485 via Delano; opens at 1600 on weekdays;
 It`s All Greek to Me, the music show, Sundays at 1105 direct on 9375,
 15630, 15650
*Last LW transmitter in Italy, 189 in Sicily, to be closed, but still
 heard, running 1 kW backup transmitter only
*Pridnestrovyian version of Moldova hard to hear in summer, but now
 booming into Germany, 50 over S9, Radio PMR, Tiraspol, M-F 1700-1730,
 500 kW, 265 degrees; English first ten minutes, then French or German
*V. of Armenia English now at 1925-1945 on 4810, 9965, 7 days a week,
 no more Sunday morning 0800-0930 tho listed on 15270
*R. Radonezh, Moscow Russian Orthodox station, resumed SW, 1700-2000
 via Novosibirsk on 7465
*R. Cairo English to NAm, ex-9 and 11 MHz, moved into the 40m hamband,
 0200-0330 on 7260, 2300-0030 on 7115; also Spanish 0045-0200 on 7260,
*The Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, World of Radio 1252,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA: or woradio at Check our
 website for much more including DX Listening Digests:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Michael Gorniak
*Israel`s SW service again on the verge of closing, December 31,
 including Reshet Beth in Hebrew; may be more likely to happen this
 time; object to the MK who saved foreign language broadcasts before,
 Ehud Olmert, Minister of Communications: fax 972-2-666-2909 or
 eolmert at
*V. of Justice, English from Iran confirmed resumed at 0130 on 6120,
 9580; also until 1325 on 15275
*Women`s Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran, new clandestine service
 confirmed starting Nov 6, 1900-1930 via Germany on 9495, Saturdays
 only; website mostly in English, includes mp3
 audio file. Friday and Sunday at same time and frequency, R. Free
 Syria in Arabic instead; WFAFI mission statement; just before it at
 1800-1900 UT on 9495 is VOA in Persian, a good lead-in. ID is Radio
 Sedaye Zan (Voice of Women)
*R. Pakistan new schedule includes Assami, which has been partly in
 English, 0045-0115 on 9340, 11565
*Sri Lanka BC, All Asia Service, has great audio with music, 15748 at
 0040, breaking for religion at 0100 or 0115, back to Early Bird Show
 at 0130
*Bangladesh Betar claims all its external progams on 7185 and 9550,
 but WRTH editor says 9550 is off and 7185 blocked by interference
*Myanmar Defence Forces, 5770, excellent in Italy until 1628*
*V. of Tibet, clandestine, new schedule via Uzbeksitan: 1212-1300
 17545, 1301-1348 15535, 1430-1605 7520, but Chinese jammers quickly
 found them; frequencies likely to hop around
*Holy Tibet program in English from Lhasa, 1630-1700 heard in Finland
 on 4905, 4920, 5240, 7385, also listed on 6110, 6200, 9490
*Tibet not in English heard in NY 1130-1215+ on 4905, 4920, 5240, 6200
*CRI with unlisted English lessons and special English news, 2100-2200
 on 5960, 7285
*V. of Korea in Spanish on 10187 at 1745, into French at 1800: not a
 spur but a well-known NK utility frequency for diplomatic traffic on
 very badly keyed CW
*IG of USDOS says Udorn station has been broadcasting R. Free Asia
 since 1995, despite lack of permission from Royal Thai government
*Radio Ng Byan was on 9582.2, Oct 24 at 0200 on 9619.9, a.k.a. PBS,
 Marulas, Valenzuela, Philippines
*Hams on Pitcairn Island charged with sexual offences against young
 girls have been convicted, but out on appeal; tiny island`s economy
 would be devastated if six men were locked up
*World Harvest Radio cut back its KWHR Hawaii broadcasts: 02-04 17510,
 04-06 15220 new, 06-19 9930; 06-10 (Sat/Sun -12) 11565
*DRM heard on special frequencies, for symposium in Dallas, best on
 15250, 13-17 from HCJB, 3 kW but thru high gain steerable antenna;
 Voz Cristiana, Chile, 15-19 on 21500 or alternate 17610; Continental
 plant in Dallas with groundwave DRM irregular in daytimes on 25900
*Several reports of defective copies of Passport to Worldband Radio
 2005; check to be sure no pages are missing
*``Nature`` reports that Sun is more active now than in the last 8000
 years; acivity level since 1940 is unique, and should decrease
 again in a few decades
*SW reception extremely disrupted the past week because of several
 major geomagnetic storms accompanied by visible aurora; but FM and
 TV auroral DX, including in NSW, almost all TV channels 0 thru 11,
 from as far away as NZ and American Samoa; FM band full of signals
 0400-0820 UT Nov 8
*On SW, the higher bands were blacked out, and if open were bringing
 in unusual signals; so severe that equatorial signals were also
 debilitated instead of boosted
*Boulder`s summary of the past week`s events
*Propagation outlook from Boulder [in more detail than usual]:
 expected to be quiet after Nov 12, flux peak at 125 Nov 23-24, 26-28;
 another coronal mass ejection to hit Nov 11
*Keep looking up for possible auroras
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1252  ###