WORLD OF RADIO #1253, produced November 17, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*B-04 schedule of HFCC finally posted after more than two weeks, but
 some entries censored out; zip files at
*FCC has allocated bands for powerline communications on HF, VHF;
 despite ARRL lobbying, all hambands, and SWBC bands are available.
 Only the aeronautical bands are off-limits. Amendment to Part 15:
 Since aero bands are scattered thruout the SW spectrum, we can only
 hope it will be too much trouble to notch them
*I attended the DRM Symposium in Dallas, November 12; see DXLD 4-173
 for complete report; Daily DRM transmission hours expected to rise
 steadily, as well as number of receivers on the market; a consumer
 receiver expected in time for Xmas 2005; DRM transmission saves in
 power consumption and pays for itself in ten years. Now plans to
 extend DRM up to 120 MHz including FM bands. Can also be used for
 community radio on groundwave, 26 MHz, only tens of watts with range
 similar to FM. Don Messer told us that segregating DRM into separate
 sub-bands on SW to avoid interfering with analog ``would kill DRM``.
 HCJB test on 15250 and Christian Vision, Santiago, 21500, put in good
 signals via dipoles on the roof. BBCWS hopes DRM will compensate for
 analog audience decline of 50 million in next four years. FCC will
 give DRM temporary licenses if requested by US SW stations. New
 website soon:  I had nice friendly chats with Ludo
 Maes, Mike Adams, Jim Heck, Hue Beavers, Siriol Jane Evans, Jeff
 Cohen, Karl Miosga
*Solar Max, film is recommended:
*Luxembourg DRM on 5990 and 6095 have gone 24 hours
*Macedonia 810 kHz to test DRM next week, probably at reduced power
*BBC Radio 4 carries BBCWS overnight, but now it`s a special stream
 not matching any of the others; schedule in DXLD 4-171 and
*BBC plans to axe 50 percent of jobs across the board, 14,000 of them,
 but this was promptly denied
*December issue of BBC On Air is the last. A business review leads BBC
 to decide it`s no longer cost-effective; refunds will be made
*A team of eight journalist replace Alistair Cooke`s Letter from
 America, on BBC Radio 4, 2050 GMT Fridays, ``A View From...``
 including one American, Tim Egan
*On Nov 15, Norway was back on SW 7360 with tests prior to dismantling
 Sveio equipment and moving it to Kvitsoy; then will be in DRM only
*Swiss Radio International`s Sottens antenna is being used by HB9MM
 ham club in Lausanne, a 62-meter high curtain weighing 135 tonnes, as
 HE3RSI, until Dec 3, 40 thru 10 meters. Will be destroyed after Dec 5
*No English on SW from Tunisia, but on MW 963, 1915-1930
*Joe Talbot plans to stay at Radio Galkayo, Puntland, Somalia, with
 ham call 6O0JT, 10-80 m; 6980 at 0200-0400, 1000-1800. Most other Horn
 of Africa SW stations have disappeared or gone to FM
*George & Dottie Poppin honored by Israel Radio, with planting of
 trees, following his 1000th weekly monitoring report
*V. of Islamic Republic of Iran has special program, Voice of the
 Intifada of Al Aqsa Mosque, at 1133 on 13760, 15545
*Iran`s latest English schedule, 57 minutes each: 1030 15460 15480;
 1530 9610 9940; 1930 6110 7320 9855 11695; V. of Justice to NAm 0130
 6120 9580
*Reply received from R. Voice of Women, clandestine for Iran,
 radio @ -- for vicitims of Islamic fundamentalism; Sat
 1900-1930 via Germany on 9495
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1253, P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; woradio at  Much more at including DX Listening Digests
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Richard Cuff
*A new website from Minivan Radio, for Maldive Islands, with audio and news
*Turkmen Radio, news in English at 1630-1650 daily except Sunday on
*Frontline Soldiers Radio Station, North Korea on 3025.5, closes daily
 at 1135; opens at 2000?
*US Government to smuggle tiny radios into North Korea;
*Hmong Lao Radio confirmed on new B-04 frequency 6040, to NAm from UK,
 UT Wed & Fri only at 0100-0200
*Life Radio Ministries in Georgia says their Wantok Radio Light in
 Papua New Guinea will go on air around January 8, on 7120 (not 7210)
*NBC Papua New Guinea severely underfunded; Karai Radio gets only 5
 kilokina per year; government starving its own people of information
*RNZI changed 15340 to 15720 at 0400-0759, avoiding clash with Iran
*XERTA, 4810, Mexico, makes QSLing easy; no need to listen, just
 go to and do it yourself, print a
 certificado de sintonia. Verifications are being devalued
*RHC added 6060, 0000 in Spanish, 0500-0700 in English, new 100 kW PSM
 transmitter, but for now on old rhombic antenna. All the BBC and
 Snieg transmitters have now been replaced; 50 kW on 5025 for Rebelde.
 6060 blocks Spain in English on 6055 at 0000
*As soon as last week`s report of Havana using 13360 at 2000-2300
 aired on WOR, they fixed it November 11, to 13660
*Alo Presidente, from Venezuela via Cuba, Sunday November 14, had a
 no-show and closed early. It was decided to suspend the program
 indefinitely for revamping
*New Peruvian testing on 5544.65, November 17 +0130-0355* [later:
 identified by Bjoern Malm as Radio San Andres, Municipalidad de San 
 Andres, Provincia de Cutervo, Dpto. de Cajamarca] 
 see and hear at
*On the air 75% of time is R. Ondas del Huallaga, Huanuco, Peru,
 3329.59, also recording on above site
*R. San Miguel, Bolivia, varies: 4902.17 at 0100; 4902.30 at 0141;
 4902.08 at 1000; next day at 0927 on 4902.17 [and before on 4917v]
*R. Virgen de Remedios, Tupiza, Bolivia, says SW antennas are ready on
 a mountaintop, soon to be on the air, frequency not given
*R. Gaucha, Brasil spur reported on 12935, could be mix of 11915 and
 a nearby MW transmitter
*R. Cimarrona, clandestine for Uruguay via Germany still heard Nov.
 15, Sun & Mon only at 2200-2300 on 9480; WWCR off 9475, so get it now
*WMLK appears still to be using their old transmitter with hardly any
 modulation, on 9265
*NPR All Things Considered Nov. 12 had 8-minute feature on numbers
 stations; hear via
*Clear Channel killed legendary rock station KLOL in Houston, replaced
 with Spanish Mega-101-FM, `Latino and Proud`; wake held for KLOL
*FCC rejects objections by WCAL supporters on sale to MPR, but they
 are not giving up yet; see
*Mike Ketter developing news and views show on WBCQ, Under the
 Microscope, UT Saturdays at 0000 on 7415, from November 27
*Jeff White interviewed me in Dallas in English and Spanish, may be on
 HCJB in next couple of weeks
*From December, WOR Thu 2130 on WWCR will be on 9985 ex-15825
*Propagation outlook from Boulder November 16; flux range 115-135-95
*That`s World of Radio 1253; I`m Glenn Hauser; I do hope you`ll hear
 me again next week ###