WORLD OF RADIO #1254, produced November 23, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*From Dec 2, our WWCR broadcast Thu at 2130 UT is on 9985 for three
 months instead of 15825
*One of the `shower services` for Northern Australia, VL8A, Alice
 Springs, has stayed on 4835 all night the past week, instead of
 switching to 120m from 0830, and widely reported, including North and
 South America, Europe; could resume usual schedule at any time
*With longest nights, Indonesians audible around sunset in eastern
 North America, such as RRI Makasar, 4750 at 2200
*Bangladesh`s only active SW frequency, 7185, heard at 1229 and 1750
 in English
*V. of Tibet`s latest schedule of 48-minute broadcasts via Uzbekistan:
 1212 on 17545 or 17525 or 17560; 1302 on 15535 or 15525 or 15540;
 1430 & 1520 on 7520 or 7505 or 7480; 100 kW and 131 degrees
*BSKSA, Riyadh 500 kW, main Arabic service from Saudi Arabia, 0.4 kHz
 above these: 06-0855 17730, 09-1155 17805, 12-1455 21505, 15-1755
 15435; 295 degrees except 320 on 15435
*Israel still plans to cancel all SWBC at yearend; English heard at
 0430 on 6280.04 and 7545; 2000 on 9390
*V. of Turkey agrees to Joe Hanlon`s suggestion of 5960 to replace
 7275 from Nov 23, English to North America at 2300
*World Christian Broadcasting website says Madagascar has given them
 42 hectares for new SW station at Mahajunga, on NW coast; fund-
 raising yet to begin
*R. Ethiopia, English on 7165 at 1630, French at 1700 heard in Finland
*V. of Nigeria in English: 05-07 15120, 10-15 15120 or some days
 weaker 11770; 17-21 7255
*Burkina Faso active not only on Wed & Sat, usually on except for
 transmitter problems; off-frequency 5030.51, a tip-off. Heard until
 2400* and as early as 2135 in NAm; listen the earlier the better
 because of Cuba 5025
*More tropical Africans earlier in afternoons; Chad 6165 from 2002
 in NY; Croatian co-channel after 2110, and blocked by Bonaire 2200
*R. Ukraine International covers election dispute objectively:
 English at 22 on 5840; NAm 01 & 04 7440; As/Au 12 15620; also webcast
 via  And DXLD 4-175 has BBCM report on
 Ukraine media
*RCI`s Ukrainian service about to close [Nov 30]: 1630-1700 via
 Skelton, UK on 11935 9555
*Cerrik, Albania, site refurbished by China for CRI use exclusively,
 to be inaugurated Nov 28, 4 x 150 kW plus two standbys; already
*REE Spain downplays ``Lenguas Cooficiales,`` but news in Catalan,
 Galician and Basque found M-F 1340-1355 on 21570 17595 15170 5970 to
 NAm; elsewhere 21610 21540 11910, maybe 15585
*REE heard with unscheduled broadcast of La Zarzuela, Sun 2225-2300 on
 17850 via Costa Rica; supposed to be ``La Banyera de Ulises`` --
 what in the world is that about?
*RFI intends to close down Portuguese to Africa, since the Angolan
 civil war is over; priorities are French, Arabic, Chinese and English
*RFI in English at 1600 on 15605 direct, heard well in BC; also via
 South Africa 15160
*From Jan 3, RFI in DRM from Issoudun 6175 at 06-16; 3965 around the
 clock except for relays such as Taiwan
*CHSL, Voces Latinas, Toronto, 1610, continues with musical variety,
 not just latina, but even Elton John, rather than gospel, a bit low
 around 1609.92; Montreal 1610 station CJWI had been a bit high around
 1610.113, now almost fixed to 1610.006
*Via satellite, internet, AM and FM, and shortwave, World of Radio
 1254, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: or woradio at
*That`s the e-mail address you may also use as Eric Floden did, to
 make a PayPal contribution; Eric says there is no comparable source,
 and enjoys Tips for Rational Living, concluding some DXLD issues
*Read them all, no charge via
*Regret to say I no longer publish anything on paper; still hear from
 people who would like to subscribe to DX Listening Digest or Review
 of International Broadcasting in print. Everything I provide is on
 the website
*R. Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, LRA36, Antarctica, 15476.02, heard
 at 1900-2000 in Argentina; current staff returns home Nov 30, but
 station to continue on air with recorded programs. New staff early
 next year
*R. Cimarrona, via Germany Sun & Mon 2200-2300 on 9480: Horacio Nigro
 says it is not clandestine, as it could have been broadcast by
 Uruguayan stations; no replies to e-mail reports, altho DTK has
 verified on its behalf
*Red 92, 1630, Buenos Aires, heard at 0830-0900 in Japan; also on 1630
 until 0800* and from *1400, XEUT, R. Universidad, Tijuana
*R. Virgen de Remedios, Tupiza, Bolivia, about to start SW, said last
 July its authorized frequency would be 3330, tho tested 5500, 5945.2
*RadioBras plans to use DRM on SW especially for remote interior and
 northern regions; unclear if on SW or tropical bands
*New Peruvian on 5544.65, recording on
 sounded like R. San Miguel, but clearer recording as R. San Andres,
 Municipalidad de San Andres, Provincia de Cutervo, Departamento de
 Cajamarca; *1800-0400*
*R. Tropicana, 540, Guayaquil, Ecuador, at 0401 Nov 19 heard in
 Ottawa, Canada, during auroral conditions; audio clip:
*Official list of Ecuadorian AM stations:
*HCJB Spanish website has 2-week, 10-program archive of one-hour
 Musica del Ecuador programs:
*BBCWS Antigua, 15190, heard on 2nd harmonic 30380, mornings in NJ
*R. Marti a no-show Sat Nov 20 via airborne 530 at 2200; weather was
*R. Vision Cristiana, Turks & Caicos, `stole` 530 from Marti which had
 built ground-based 530 transmitter, but not quite on the air; now
 Marti is using 530 anyway on occasion, and building its own T&C relay
 on 1570
*R. Insurgente, Zapatista station in Chiapas supposedly on 6.0 MHz,
 Fridays 2100-2200; check it anyway but beware of Venezuela via Cuba
 also on 6000 during that hour; 6.0 may be rounded-off frequency
*VOA`s new English program schedule, spreadsheet
*VOA English is now 22 hours per day, but many of them music; 1500-
 1700 weekdays with Border Crossing, Talk to America; 09-12 ME, 12-15 
 As, 15-17 As/ME/Af, 17-22 Af, 22-03 As, 03-09 Af; Africa World 
 Tonight at 17 & 20; best frequency in UK, 15240 Morocco, fades by 18
*RFE [RL] woos Russian listeners; proposed overhaul to make it sound
 more like a local Russian station, drop references to Prague; its
 credibility depends on being an outsider. US consultant, also working
 for Starbucks, recommended this
*AFRTS USB moved from 7507 to 7812.5, listed as Key West
*WRMI program schedule page includes link for live streaming [so far, hasn`t worked for us]
*New on WBCQ: World Microscope from UT Nov 27, Wed-Sat 0200-0300 on
 7415, 5105; international talk show with Michael Ketter
*Reminder that WBCQ carries WOR Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu at 2200 on
 9330-CLSB; also 0400 UT Sun & Mon, tho not propagating lately; we
 heard CW on 9330 UT Mon Nov 22 at 0400; WBCQ too far north to get a
 3 MHz frequency. 5105 switched to LSB due to Coast Guard complaints
*Now we know why KNLS` website not updated for B-04: webmaster and
 main English program speaker Mike Osborne is leaving Dec 31 after
 20 years to join Mercy Ships International Ministry
*Check out Tom Shales` column in Washington Post: ``Michael Powell
 Exposed -- the FCC Chairman Has No Clothes``, biting indictment of
 his incompetence and wrong-headedness [DXLD 4-174]
*Miramar, FL, adding municipal radio station on 1680 with two
 transmitters, 80-minute recorded loop; Westin FL has nine on 1640
 with travel info for Turnpike
*LAX AirRadio 530 AM increased power to 100 watts to cover LA metro;
 also via --- click on airport conditions, then
 airadio 530 AM
*Mysterious silent carrier on 612 kHz heard along Baltic coast
*Croatian transmitter on 1134 off the air after storms, opening for
 DX [later: the 1125 transmitter moved onto 1134 temporarily]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Nov 23: flux range 115-135-95
*Glenn Hauser, saying many thanks for listening to another World of
 Radio, number 1254, and do tune in again next week  ###