WORLD OF RADIO #1255, produced December 1, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*New edition of Continent of Media 04-09 via
 or via and eventually on SW as WOR Extra
*Nets to You, new December edition via as
 well as my Monitoring Reminders Calendar including special holiday
 programming pages of public radio stations
*KOA 850 Denver, also appearing on 11 meters, 25950, NBFM, since Nov
 19, audible in Quebec around 1500-2100, a 75-watt remote pickup unit,
 KB99696; also heard in Virginia, Georgia, Florida; OK is too close
*Special MW DX test from WNTP, 990, Philadelphia, early Saturday Dec
 11 from midnight to 1:30 am EST, 0500-0630 UT; 50 kW daytime
 direxional first half hour; 5 kW nondirexional 2nd half hour; off
 the third half hour. When on, marching music, voice, code IDs, tones.
 Report to rtetro @ or Rene Tetro, CE, WNTP, 117 Ridge Pike,
 Lafayette Hill, PA, 19444-1901 for newly designed QSL card; WFIL 560
 to test in January
*FCC FM auction a topic on COM; Mike Dorner comments that non-
 commercial groups will sue FCC over unfair competition
*New MW station in Alaska on 1110, KAGV, Big Lake, since Nov. 16;
 to run 24h with 10 kW from Dec 14, Alaska`s Gospel Voice, just
 north of Anchorage; already DXed in Finland
*Galcom International website of daily prayer bulletins includes
 Feb 8, 2005: Unevangelized Field Mission trying to set up SW station
 to reach First Nation peoples in northern Ontario and Manitoba
*Robert Rabinovitch renewed as CBC leader for three years despite C
 minus marks for his first five years
*Complaints by Sandy Finlayson of poor reception of RCI in
 Philadelphia, 0100-0300 on 9755, 9810 [not 9780 as I said], and 6190.
 Sackville is just too close, and signals skip over if they propagate
 at all in long winter nights. RCI should use lower frequencies, or
 relay site to the south of the US, or retime to earlier such as when
 it used to be, 2300-0100. No problem in OK, but poor in Nevada too
*RCI`s Ukrainian service gets another reprieve, at least until the
 end of January
*VOA had one hour in Ukrainian at 0500-0600 on 3985, 6170, 9875; now
 has added three quarter-hours in evening: 1615 & 1645 on 7190, 9735,
 5970; 1800 on 6020, 7260, 11720
*VOA English program schedule finally posted; a lot more music, less
 news; overdoing Jazz America at multiple times: Sat 05, 08, 10, 13,
 21, 23; Sun 05, 08, 13, 21, 23; weekdays 10 and some days at 21
*Rome Research Corp., subsidiary of PAR Technology Corp. awarded 1-
 year, $1.8 mega contract to operate the Robert E. Kamosa transmitting
 stations for IBB on Saipan and Tinian; hope to get 5 years more;
 they also operate AFRTS SW relays in Guam, PR
*More contractor news; Office of Cuba Broadcasting soliciting for
 9-month contract to improve Radio and TV Marti
*Radio Insurgente, Zapatista clandestine in Mexico, claims on website
 to have weekly SW broadcast, Fri 21-22 on 6.0 MHz, but we could hear
 no trace of it Nov 26, despite grandiose claim they even reach other
 continents. Also on FM, web,
*Bandscan in Dominican Republic included on 1590, La Voz del Partido
 Comunista Dominicano, clandestine? at 2227 --- probably program on
 listed 1590 station, Radio Mundo, HIAC; also R. Juventus Don Bosco
 heard on 1640; and R. Taina, Planeta on 1620
*Only Dominican active on SW: R. Amanecer, 6025
*R. Habana Sunday Esperanto at 1500 heard on 9550, not 11760
*R. Nacional de Venezuela, via Cuba, keeps announcing first broadacst
 at 1900-2000 on 13740, but not heard for weeks
*Besides R. San Andres, new Peruvian on 5544.65, there was one nearby
 in 1993, R. La Voz de Andamachay, 5547.2; any relation?
*Radio Nacional, Argentina, 15345, accompanied by numerous spurs:
 15420, 15270, 15500, 15570, 15650, 15720, 15800
*Since Xmas is on Saturday, Radio Netherlands will have special show
 greeting listeners; write feedback @
*Flemish Minister for Foreign Policy, Media, etc., Geert Bourgeois,
 replies to listeners that he too has a problem with RVi plan to
 close non-Dutch broadcasts
*Half the staff at RFI, 541, replied to survey; of them, 507 have no
 confidence in management; makes strike more likely
*The non-commercial, non-corporate, non-christian, non-commercial
 media program, World of Radio 1255; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702,
 USA: or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Paul Brouillette,
*Standard disclaimer
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Finland, monthly broadcast for 24 hours
 starting Friday Dec 3 at 2200, with 100 watts each on 1602; 5980 or
 5990 or 6170, and 11690 or 11720
*Sunday Dec 5, special from Latvia, Europa Radio International, 9290,
 at 1200-1400; reports via
*Sunday Dec 5, new via DTK is Radio Traumland, 5925, 1400-1600 to Eu;
 thence Sundays 1400-1515; except Dec. 24 instead of 26
*RFE/RL will remain in the center of Prague for two more years
*Croatia`s 1134 kHz transmitter temporarily replaced by the 1125 unit;
 so mixing product with 6165 moved 9 kHz down, 5031 instead of 5040
*V. of Croatia in English; 0300-0330 7285 1134; 0700-0705 9470; 1700-
 1730 1134; 1905-1915 6165 13830; 2315-2330 7285 1134; 7285 and 9470
 are via Germany
*Only daily English from Greece is Orientations, 1930-2000 on 7430;
 but Macedonian station on 7450, at 2118 was taking a call in English
*National Radio of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic, 7460 via
 Algeria, has been off the air, but still on MW 1550, heard in
 Portugal; 7460 blocked by RFA Korean 21-23; Spanish had been at 1700-
 1800, but on Nov 25 at 2300-2400
*Burkina Faso no longer off-frequency, back on 5030.0, until 0001
 sign-off just as Costa Rica was opening
*V. of Nigeria`s modulation and transmission problems, hums and tones
 on 15120, 7255; on Sun Nov 28, English was on 9690, 1945-2045
*US Dept of State Inspector General report on IBB Djibouti station;
 land mines on site set off fire and explosion; detonated by RF??
*V. of Egypt is in danger, says Cairo press. Media minister having a
 brain operation in Paris; he will make the decision about closing
 language services. Hindi section asks for help; authorities think
 that Urdu is adequate in India
*R. Cairo heard on 6970 in English until 0330, // 7260, but it is a
 mixing product with the frequency halfway in between, 7115
*Minivan Radio, clandestine to Maldive Islands, 1600-1700 on 11810,
 jammed with pulsing tone, hand-keying transmitter, strong in Male,
 but not elsewhere
*V. of Tibet added another broadcast, 1100-1145 on 17515, but clashed
 with Vatican, so shift to 17525
*Bhutan off the air, or on sporadically, but heard Nov 25 on 6035 at
 0105-0115 with choir of monks
*English from Myanmar, 5985.9 at 1430-1600, blocked by RCI relays via
 Japan and Korea, as heard here, let alone in Asia
*unID on 4830 at 1207-1219 with FE music: could be Mongolia, China
 Huayi, or Thailand
*V. of Korea, 15245, 07-09 with numerous spurs; one day at multiples
 of 16.6 kHz; more recently varying 60-61 kHz
*Four new relay transmitters for CRI in Albania inaugurated Nov 28,
 including English to NAm 0000 & 0100 on 6020, 9570; fluid schedule
 includes other English: 05 17505, 06 17505 11750, 07 17490 11855,
 11 & 12 13665, 20 & 21 5960 7285; Albanian audio runs 1/4 second
 ahead of Kashi or Urumqi, China sites
*CRI completely blocking Prague on 7345 after 0000, but OK on 6200
*China via Chile relay, 2130 on 11720, very strong in Paraguay, but
 great audio problems, mixing several CRI languages
*PBS, Philippines, English at 0200 on new 12015, ex-11885; // 15120,
*Radio Heritage Foundation has documentary this fortnight on RNZI
 Mailbox about Xmas 1974 cyclone damaging Darwin, and station 8DR
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Nov 30; flux range 115-130-100
*This is Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1255  ###