WORLD OF RADIO #1256, produced December 8, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*Interview with me to air on HCJB DX Partyline starting December 11;
 Spanish version already last week on Aventura Diexista, audio
*Nets to You December edition:
*World Radio TV Handbook 2005 published December 8, bible of SW
 broadcasting community, as complete as it can possibly be; order
 from usual retailer, or via
*Incredible mediumwave DX lately, pipeline from Iran to northeast
 America; and Africa too. VOA Sao Tome, 1530, at 0300 can override
 WSAI Cincinnati in SE Pennsylvania
*5005 at 0505 UT until 0600 fade, R. Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial,
 testing, had been inactive; not heard in evenings; or on 5004
*V. of Nigeria on 9690 ex-7255, evenings, English 1910-1924; 2205
 vernacular, 2302*; English to French at 2100. 0800-1000 also 9690
 ex-7255, tho clashes DW Antigua
*R. Nigeria, Ibadan, back on 6049.88, 2033, ID at 2110, off at 2145,
 horribly distorted
*V. of Biafra, clandestine on 7380, Sat only from *2100 in English
 from Washington DC, via South Africa, heard in Scotland, also NAm
*Chad on 6165 heard 0530-0550 in French; in Italy at 1820-1830
 overriding Croatia
*Chad on MW 840v with 20 kW heard in Europe, *0425, 2231*; a split
 frequency in Europe
*R. Shabele, Somalia, 6960 at 1820
*R. Peace, Sudan, 4750, listed 1 kW, but excellent signal in Michigan
 at 0312, nearly as strong as WWCR 3210; increased power?
*DXLD 4-181 has article from Egypt, that Voice of Egypt is in Danger;
 staff in different departments object to plans to cease various
 services, especially to Africa; also in 4-181, complete new
 transmission schedule in all languages, many destined to be cut
*R. Cairo reception problems include English to North America at 2300-
 2430 on 7115 in hamband, also clashing with RFE in Serbo-Croatian
*V. of Turkey on new 5960, English to NAm at 2300, clear of
 interference, and very good in the east
*As of Dec 2, plan is still to stop Kol Israel SW at yearend; two
 antennas fell down due to storm and not to be repaired unless SW gets
 a reprieve. Pretending SW schedule continues until March, so SW can 
 be cancelled with as little fanfare or protest as possible
*Have they worn us out with all the previous threats to close and
 letter-writing campaigns? Goodwill abroad steadily diminishing
*In New England, pipeline from Mideast included Iran on 1503, at 0030,
 audio matched to IRIB streaming audio channel 1, Bushehr, 100 kW;
 also R. Sawa, Kuwait, 1548; heard too in Ontario, Pennsylvania
*unID on 7530 until 1900* likely R. Pakistan, not Hargeysa, Somalia,
 but the latter if active is scheduled 0330 or 0400-0600, 1500-2000
*All India Radio news in English at 2335 on 9425, domestic service,
 but could be taken for North American service, very good signal
*IBC Tamil, via Uzbekistan at 0000-0100 on 7450, ex-7460
*V. of Korea, new schedule from Dec 1, in DXLD 4-180, including some
 new frequencies, such as 7100, setting of European ham intruder-
 watchers, at 1800-2100; also new, 6285, 13-21 to Europe, 10-13 to SE
*New clandestine for Vietnam, R. Que Me, via Tashkent, 15385, at 1200; indicates Action for Democracy in Vietnam and
 Vietnam Committee on Human Rights, based in France, Buddhist group
*Catholic Radio Network, Papua New Guinea, 4960, at 1118-1145 in
*VL8A, Alice Springs no longer 24 hours on 4835, back to switching to
 2310 at 0830
*VOA still running Botswana on 7415, 0300-0500 clashing with WBCQ, tho
 missing from some schedules
*WBCQ no longer using Kennebunk address, but 274 Britton Road,
 Monticello ME 04760
*Interview with Marion Webster, of the Attic at
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1256, P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA, or woradio at  Much more at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Eric Floden
*KAIJ Dallas about to break away from all-Gene-Scott-all-the-time; says they want to add Christian programming in
 Spanish especially to Cuba; and want to replace star on Cuban flag
 with Christian cross; 5755 night, 13815 daytime, but latter no good
 for Cuba, 5 kHz from Radio Marti and all that jamming
*WMLK, Pennyslvania on 9265.53, *1600-2100*, heard as far away as
 Tasmania, but undermodulated
*Restoration folks have not restored KVOH transmitter from putting out
 horrible spurs at multiples of plus and minus 147 kHz from 17775:
 we heard on 17922, 17628, 18069, 17481, 17334, 18216; 17922 [not
 17927] would block air to ground communications
*RFPI expects to have at least one SW station by mid to late 2005;
 donations still needed via PayPal at or to: Keep
 the Airwaves Free, RPFI Return Fund, P O Box 3165, Newberg OR  97132
*Arizona State University has unlicensed KASU on 1260 in Tempe, range
 20 miles
*Heard in Flagstaff AZ, Fox Sports Radio on 1650, also unlicensed and
 unlisted; KBXZ has street address and phone number; more at -- operating commercially, glorified
 part 15, way overpowered
*WSSR, 1700, pirate in Buffalo NY heard in daytime, hip-hop
*WCBG [1590], Chambersburg PA finally closed down after problems with
 city over RF burns at nearby watertower
*unID on 520 in Lake Michigan area with Republic Broadcasting Network;
 could be image or mixing product. Anyone else hearing it?
*Air America about to get major new affiliate, WSAI, 1530, Cincinnati,
 by end of December; maybe will turn off IBOC, with talk ex-music?
*Court TV series First Amendment Project with Sundance channel; first
 episode, Fox vs Al Franken, repeated UT Mon Dec 13 at 0400 and 0800
*Radio Out of Thin Air, on History Channel`s Modern Marvels, Fri Dec
 10 at 1800 and 2100 UT, Sat 0000 and 0300; check local listings
*New Metropolitan Opera season from Saturday Dec 11, with new host,
 first woman, and only third announcer since 1931, Margaret Juntwait
 of WNYC
*3219.83 at 2210 with faint music heard in Michigan, likely new CHSL
 Toronto, 1610 x 2, which is slightly off frequency to low side
*BBC cutting 2900 jobs to save 320 megapounds, mostly domestic service
 administration departments, but to put more into programming
*R. Netherlands adding special frequencies in Dutch Sat Dec 11 0800-
 1300 for live coverage of Prince Bernhard`s funeral; see DXLD 4-183
 or Media Network blog
*World Music Radio, 5815, Denmark`s only SW station, may not make much
 further progress, since Stig Hartvig Nielsen has been appointed to
 BOD of Danmarks Radio; WMR continuing with tests Fri 1600-0700 Mon
*R. Romania International has secondary transmitter site with 50 kW at
 Saftitza, both it and main site using 7130 at 1800, one in Aromanian,
 the other in English
*V. of Greece to replace 11750 with 9775 from Dec 11 at 1200-1500 via
 Delano; VOG heard in UK on 18840 = 2 x 9420 at 1233
*Maritime net on 6224-USB, heard at 0041 past 0100 with Summer
 Passage, Don Anderson, talking about weather in Sea of Cortez; see and
*Planned 1570 outlet for R. Marti in Turks & Caicos probably not on
 until late Spring; 2-tower array with 240 degree lobe, leased from
 RVC 530 which holds the license; north end of South Caicos at former
 USCG base
*New R. Angulo, CKMO from Holguin, Cuba heard on 740
*Bjoern Malm tips with audio clips at
 include: HJJF, R. Popular, Cali, Colombia 5399.62, mornings and
 evenings, 4 x 1080
*Also, 5999.29, La Voz del Upano, Lago Agrio, Ecuador has new
 transmitter, relaying FM 99.3
*R. Paucartambo, Peru, 6520.33, back on air at 0030; had been reported
 to have turned in SW license last July
*Rdif. Pocos [pronounced PO-suss] de Caldas, Brasil, again heard at
 2331 on 4945
*Sorry Everybody website has Americans apologizing for election of
 Bush, thousands of jpgs, and foreigners expressing solidarity and
 accepting apologies,
*In northern latitudes, MW stations may be heard at midday with
 residual skywave propagation this time of year
*Propagation outlook from Boulder December 7; flux range 90-105-90
*That`s World of Radio 1256; standard disclaimer. I`m Glenn Hauser ###