WORLD OF RADIO #1257, produced December 15, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

[for full credits please listen to the program or consult DX Listening
 Digest during the previous week]

*Standard disclaimer
*Our new WWCR frequency 9985 is excellent in Victoria, Australia, UT
 Thursdays 2130 [Friday morning there]
*New times on WBCQ, temporarily: Fri 2200 on 7415, UT Sat 0030 on 9330
*World Microscope, on WBCQ, recommended, UT Wed-Sat 0200-0300 on 7415,
 5105; Radio Free New York back on WBCQ, Sun 2100-2200 on 7415, ex-
 WHOT pirate crew on 1620
*KNLS finally updated website to show 9615 for English at 0800 and
 1300, could change before end of December; staff list includes Doug
 Poling, ex-CBS News; and Fred Osterman of Universal Radio and with monthly interviews on new equipment, DX news
*AWR Wavescan going on hiatus for three months, resuming at end of
 March with A-05 season, from Singapore instead of London
*VOA temporary Ukrainian service at 1800 deleted, but one hour at 2100
 on 9570, 7595, 7295
*Paul Winter Solstice Celebration, yearly 2-hour special on public
 radio we look forward to; dates and times vary, but on a number of
 stations the day of solstice, Tuesday evening, Dec 21; see schedule
 in DXLD 4-183
*Other holiday specials on public radio: and click on link to
 Advance Info, for public radio holiday pages
*WBZ talkhost David Brudnoy has died, highly respected; tributes
 include from Scott Fybush, NE Radio Watch:
 and by Bruce Conti in DXLD 4-183
*WB3XNN, experimental on 1620 from Dec 15 thru January, Milford PA,
 measuring ground conductivity, 1415-2045 [not 1945 as I said] UT
 only, unmod carrier, IDs on hour, 1000 watts, 50 foot top-loaded
 tower; DX test later. Reports to Dave Schmidt, c/o Digital Radio
 Engineering, 2927 US Route 6, Slate Hill, NY 10973
*Early Wed Dec 27, 0700-0900 UT, DX test scheduled from KTNS, 1060,
 Oakhurst, California, or is it from 0800, local midnight? Morse and
 voice IDs, sweep tones, TV theme songs. Report to Larry W. Gamble,
 mtkaat @
*New station in Washington DC for government employees, WFED 1050,
 ex-WPLC in Spanish, outgrowth of
*R. Marti announces it is now on FM 102.5 from Summerland Key,
 Florida, 2300-1200 UT; it`s time bought from WIPK, ``Pickin` 102.5``,
 50 kW, antenna only 126 m high
*R. Habana Cuba has another nice music show Cancionero Iberoamericano,
 Sat 1430-1445, including calypso in English, on 9550, 11760, 11800,
 12000; poor on 6000, 15230; why doesn`t RHC do any English in the
 morning, before 2030? Takes censors all day to approve programming?
*HRMI Honduras reactivated on 3340 until 0507*, Radio Misiones
*US-military sponsored over-the-horizon radar in South America, on
 22665 varying to 22668 with pulses from 8 to 62 per second; three
 each in Peru, Colombia, total of 17, for detecting contraband
 flights of drugs                                            
*R. Ondas del Suroriente, Cuzco, Peru at 0127 on 5070.7, and also
 until blocked by WWCR at 2300; anyone hear a het when WWCR fades
 down? a.k.a. Radio Suroriente
*R. Educadora Limeira, SP, Brasil, 2380 heard at 0510, so is it 24h?
*R. Nacional, Paraguay, heard on 9734 at 0245-0330; varies but no het
 heard here against 9735 stations
*R. Cimarrona, from Germany to Uruguay, but also to Argentina; heard
 Dec 5 at 2200 on 9480, denouncing banks and investors pillaging
 Argentina, reminiscent of the old R. Magallanes from USSR to Chile;
 only on Sundays and Mondays
*Very exotic service, Calling Falklands, from BBC Tue & Fri 2130-2145
 on 11680 direct from UK, following Caribbean service from Antigua on
*RFI Club 9516 mentioned frequency change to 17625; presumably for
 the 1400 on 17620, due to China on 17615
*RVi Radio World, Belgium, missing Sunday at 0800; and the Dec 12
 program introduced as the last edition [more in DXLD 4-186]
*In the midst of World of Radio 1257, woradio at or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley
*Sun Dec 19 at 1500 UT is next broadcast from European Music Radio via
 Latvia on 9290; length unknown
*DTK Germany heard testing on 26000 AM, at 1120 Dec 14, in German and
*Anyone still hearing KOA relay on 25950?
*Austrian Radio outsourcing transmission department to a new company
 Jan 1, Oesterreichischer Rundfunksender GMBH, including Moosbrunn
 SW site
*Mali on 60m wanders around from 4783, between 4782 and 4786, while
 parallel 4835 missing. Opening at 0556; 2230 on 4786.9
*RTV Gabonaise, Libreville, reactivated on 4777 since December 11,
 around 2205; and December 12 at 0513-0533
*Dec 15 at 1545, on 5066.4, Bunia, Congo DR, closing one day at 1630
 [more below], last heard Dec 2003; just back for holidays?
*Joe Talbot now at R. Galkayo, Somalia, 6980, 0400-0600 and 0900-1900,
 with repaired equipment; correct reports welcome, but no postal mail;
 will QSL full-data via travellers abroad; send to Joe at 
 n52w113 @ 
*R. Peace, southern Sudan, unexpectedly strong, on 4750, 0323-0346+
 with Engish ID at 0345 heard in Michigan; also heard for first time
 in Sofia 0245-0415; could they have started a relay via a higher-
 powered transmitter site?
*R. Cairo mixing products with 12050 Arabic service: 1800 in Russian
 on 4930, while supposed to be on 7120: 12050 minus 7120 = 4930;
 English at 2330 on 4935, likewise, 12050 minus 7115
*Big news this week, tho brief: Kol Israel SW closure postponed from 
 Dec 31 to March 30; ever hear of crying wolf?
*R. Jordan`s English broadcast made it thru the teletype here Dec 12
 at 1515, but with teeny-bopper request show, nothing about Jordanian
*V. of Women, clandestine for Iran via Germany, Sat 1900-1930 on 9495:
 Columbia Journalism Review article about it and other clands
 including TV; three women produce it at George Mason University, near
 Washington DC; only Iranian opposition show not linked to political
*AIR stations sometimes shift 5 kHz for reasons unknown and without
 notice, such as Port Blair, 4765 instead of 4760, Dec 11 only, at
 1530, not clashing with Leh on 4760 for a change
*AIR Gangtok, Sikkim finally logged by Scott Barbour in NH after two
 years trying, on 3390, 1103-1145; also by Steve Lare, MI, for his
 235th NASWA radio country, 1240-1310+; also heard in Sweden at 1450,
*V. of Korea, Pyongyang adds 6185, already used by China, Mexico,
 Singapore and Brasil; English at 1000+
*Sound of Hope, clandestine to China, B-04: 22-23 on 9635, 16-17 on
 11765, sites not certain, probably Pacific island
*Larry Fields visited KSDA and KTWR on Guam; the latter has a system
 to cut its power consumption in half
*Following up Congo DR 5066.4 above: ID as R. Candip, French, until
 1604* the next day
*One reason for KAIJ Dallas planning to broadcast something besides Dr
 Gene Scott: reportedly has terminal cancer after puffing cigars; but
 if his heirs want to continue the University Network ministry, they
 could run his tapes 24 hours for 7 years without repeating
*New US DRM website now activated:
*Just in time for holiday DXing, Eike Bierwirth has completed his
 comprehensive B-04 SW schedules of all international broadcasters via and click on DX pages or direct to schedules
 by time:
 by frequency:
 -- more up-to-date than Passport, and a free service to SW community
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Dec 14; solar flux range 85-100-80
*And that`s World of Radio 1257; Glenn Hauser, inviting you back next
 week ###