WORLD OF RADIO #1260, produced January 18, 2005 by Glenn Hauser

  [for full credits please listen to program or consult recent DXLDs]

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition now available at of Mundo
 Radial and from Jan 21 at WWCR 9985, thrice weekly between 22 and 23 
*And new Continent of Media 05-01 at
*Including a clip of Yosemite Sam, heard again Jan 16 on 10000 and
 20000 with ``Varmint...``
*Specialty programs on WWCR for Jan including musical: Ken`s Country
 Classics Fri 2130 9985; Old Record Shop Sun 1030 5070; Rock the
 Universe Sat 1205 5070, Sun 0905 3210; Into the Blue, Sun 0805 5070;
 Sing for Joy Sat 2130 9985; Latin Catholic Mass Sun 1700 15825
*A View from Europe on WWCR: Sat 1210 15825, Sun 1115 5070; Will
 Martin and I wish they would add a better time for us, such as UT Sun
 0400 on 5070 after WOR
*AFGE Local 1812 reports budget slashes for VOA Greenville, English
*Vietnamese Public Radio, from Washington DC, including on KCSC FM 92
 kHz subcarrier in OK, also with local Viet segments at 1800 and 2330
 UT M-F; not ``shortwave`` as in Daily Disappointment story
*1530 in Cincinnati is once again WCKY, and changed format to Air
 America, also Jerry Springer and other liberals; lament for loss of
 Real Oldies 1530. Now M-F: 1107 UT Morning Sedition; 1407 Springer;
 1707 Al Franken, 2007 Ed Schultz, 2307-0300 Randi Rhodes
*Air America also added affiliates on 1260 in Washington DC, 1310 in
*Updated list of IBOC stations:
*RCI agrees to resume 2300-0100 UT broadcast to North America next
 winter since the 0100-0300 this winter on 6190 is not reaching the
*Next HFCC meet Feb 7-11 in Mexico DF; RIZ from Croatia to demonstrate
 DRM with 1 kW on 26 MHz band, maybe also on XEEP 1060, or X-band
*XEXQ, 6045, San Luis Potosi, putting strong signal into Florida,
 classical music past 1330
*R. Amazonas, 4939.70, active lately 1050-1100; 2-note timecheck tones
*Alo Presidente resumed from Venezuela, and heard via Cuba 11875,
 13750, 17750, approx. 1400-1830 on Sundays
*La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, 6010, about to add second
 transmitter on 5910, one for pre-evangelism, the other for post-
 evangelism; already heard in Venezuela on 5910 with brief test UT Jan
 14 at 0201-0206* but 5 seconds behind 6010; also hum, maybe from
 Ukraine which previously moved there
*Ecuadorian harmonic, Radio Atlantida, Alausi, 2960.90, HCWP5; clip
*R. Candip, Congo DR heard in Sweden until 1645* on 5066.491
*Photos of visit to R. Nederland Madagascar relay site at 
 Besides 3 x 350 kW, a new 250 kW is under construxion; former are
 Philips like Bonaire, Israel; 250 BBC looks like Sottens`
*World of Radio 1260, woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid OK,
 73702 USA;
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*Zambia back on 6165 from 4500 tests, *0250v with Fish Eagle IS, also
 on other network 4910
*V. of Delina, clandestine for Eritrea, 15650, Sat 1500-1600, heard
 Jan 8 at 1500, but gone by 1550 recheck; used echo chamber at first
*R. Cairo cut from 35 to 11 languages not confirmed yet; still going
 Jan. 8-9
*George Campbell, BBC linguistic supervisor, died recently at 92;
 spoke and wrote 44 languages; see obits in Times,,60-1427063,00.html,,14934-1440433,00.html
*Tribute to John Peel, by Tom Roche, in DXLD 5-006
*Wales Radio International missing for three weeks from Austrian
 relay 7110, Fridays at 2130; 0300 UT Sat to NAm on 6005 clashes with
 BBC to Africa, when on; VT looking into it
*From Jan 25, new 1080 MW services in Paris: 0600-1900 Radio de la Mer and at night 1900-0600, Paris Live Radio
 in English both also on satellite, internet
*5045 heard in Finland not Indonesia, but mix of Pori, Finland site,
 7195 leapfrogging 6120, at 1415
*KREBS TV, Riga, Latvia, expanding SW relays on 9290; availablizing
 1, 5 or 10 kW, not just 100, from Ulbroka, starting this summer,
 including DRM
*European Music Radio on 9290 Sun Jan 30, 1500-1630
*R. Slovakia International began year with only a provisional budget,
 and SW likely to end with A-05, remaining on WRN and internet; but
 Slovak Public Radio got unexpected financial boost, unknown if this
 will help RSI
*R. Liberty closed Playa de Pals site on Costa Brava, Spain, in May
 2001, but hazardous towers still standing. Plans to dismantle them to
 be ready by Janend 
*R. Free Syria, via Germany, stopped Fridays but continues Sundays,
 1900 UT on 9495; WFAFI to Iran continues Saturdays (NOT Sundays as I
 said!), same time and frequency
*All India Radio engineer at Goa, ex-Bangalore, now wants reception
 reports for Goa`s two 250 kW SW; sked in DXLD 5-010; I hear 9820 in
 Sinhala at 1300-1500 including Buddhist chanting, squeaky/whistling
 transmitter like Cuba on same frequency
*AIR testing two weeks on 11585, 0030-1730 with FM Rainbow programs
 [to Andaman Islands]
*AIR stations off frequency: Shillong on 4971 ex-4970; Itanagar on
 4999 ex-4990 1150-1302
*K. S. Venkateswarlu, engineer friendly to DXers at AIR Port Blair, 
 Andaman Islands, confirms he is OK, as well as his family in Chennai; 
 4760 has been broadcasting thousands of messages
*R. Taiwan International closing Korean, Arabic and Burmese Jan. 31
*R. Exterior de Espana says their relay via Peking suspended as site
 is being remodeled; still via Kunming 1200-1400 on 11910
*V. of Korea keeps revising its language and frequency schedule in
 January; see DXLD 5-009; English at 1600 on 9990, 11545; 1800 on
 7570, 12015; 1900 on 7100, 9975, 11535, 11910
*R. Korea International about to change name again; possibly to KBS
 World a la Radio Japan
*Jim Bohannon Show on KGUM, 567, in Guam including webcast via but only one is live, UT Sat 0307; others delayed
 hours or days: Fri 18, Sat & Sun 14, Sun 08, all after the news
*Australia`s shadow foreign minister called for R. Australia to be
*World Radio TV Handbook to put update on website around Jan 23
*Plan for broadband via powerlines on 800-10000 MHz which would not
 cause RF interference due to surface effect along wires
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan 18; flux range 130-80
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1260  ###