WORLD OF RADIO #1261, produced January 26, 2005 by Glenn Hauser

     [for full credits please listen to the program or consult latest
      issues of DX Listening Digest]

*Update to WRTH 2005 in pdf now at
*David Schwartz interviewed gh on WPKN Bridgeport January 21;
 audio at
*``I Found Jesus`` parody show on WBCQ UT Tuesdays 0000-0100 on 7415
*``This Week on Amateur Radio`` starts on WBCQ Jan 29, Sats 2100-2200
 on 7415
*Long, critical review of WWRB programming at
*Report that WWV announcer Martin Edwards had died, denied by NIST;
 announcer is Lee Rodgers, who is a rightwing talkost on KSFO 560
 San Francisco, alive, but his bio does not mention WWV!
*Construxion of new tower and curtain antenna at KNLS Alaska started
 Jan 17; hope to start using with second transmitter March 28
*RCI running an essay/art contest with Desjardins International
 Development, C$15K prizes:
*CHSL 1610 Toronto changed calls to CHHA, but doesn`t use them
*CRTC approves transaxion between CORUS and Astral, resulting in
 ``slow death`` of CKAC 730, to become ``health/sports`` station,
 despite lack of baseball and hockey
*KNR, Greenland, 3815-USB, confirmed after 2200 in Lapland
*Laser Hots Hits, Euro-pirate, off 6220, but still on 7465, 9385, 4025
 24 hours; some streaming at
*R. Slovakia International, in German, hints they have another
 reprieve to continue SW until June 30
*No SW or MW broadcast sites from within Monaco, but coastal 3AC is
 inside Monaco, 8728-USB, IDs and promos, with orchestral version of
 same tune used by TWR; heard at 1430
*Heard in Finland, Guinea not only on 7125, but also R. Rurale on MW
 1385.8, strong after China via Kaliningrad closes at 2300
*FRCN, Kaduna, Nigeria, revived on 4770 from Jan 25, quickly reported
 at 1900, 2042, 2245
*R. Africa No. 2, Equatorial Guinea, with brokered American religious
 programs, reactivated after years on 15190, as early as 1430, past
 1700, with California address, new Chinese transmitter? Same
 frequency as BBC Antigua to America, but no QRM heard here
*R. Tanzania reactivated second SW transmitter, at 1300 on both 5050
 and 6105
*Al-Balagh is new client of TDP, [site
 not yet activated] but no SW schedule yet, just satellite; licensed 
 in UK, Arabic cultural service
*Two FM transmitters stolen from Kol Israel near Jerusalem, for
 Reshet Aleph, and REKA; thieves unknown, but surely will QSY
*Iraqi media update from BBCM at
*Iranian journalist jailed for giving interviews to BBC and R. Farda,
 allegedly with CIA
*R. Free Afghanistan in Prague has opening for Broadcast Director; with closing date Jan 31
*Salaam Watandar, Internews service to Afghanistan rescheduled to
 1300-1430 on 13650 via Rampisham, UK
*New Friends of Maldives site
*All India Radio special SW to Andaman & Nicobar, relaying FM Rainbow
 from Delhi 102.6, 0030-1200 and 1215-1830 on 11585, mostly in Hindi,
 from Kamphur site near Delhi, 250 kW, reducing other services
*AIR special for Haj pilgrims in Urdu until Feb 23, 0530-0600 on
 11730, 15770, 17845
*David Norcross monitored from Hong Kong, Indian regionals; see DXLD
 5-012 at
*WOR 1261, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley, who adds
 ``JKDI`` -- just keep doin` it!
*Bangladesh English at 1230 on 7185 and 4808 instead of 4880 by error
*Laos in English at 1330 on 7145, not on weekends; 2330-0030, 0500-
 0630, 1130-1400; 6130 has VG audio and strength
*Cambodia not heard on 11938 by Norcross or Uwe Volk in SE Asia
*Norcross also surveyed Vietnam homeservice, in DXLD 5-012
*R. Taiwan International dropping 5 languages at Janend, not only
 Korean, Burmese and Arabic, but also Mongolian and Tibetan
*CEO of NHK and others resigned Jan 25 in face of refusals to pay
 subscription fees following embezzlement scandals; new CEO the next
 day is Gen-ichi Hashimoto; more in DXLDs
*ARDS, 5050, Humpty Doo near Darwin, Australia, not heard for monoths,
 and now website says on MW 1530, hopes to resume SW
*IS-804 satellite failed Jan 24, putting lots of Pacific islands out
 of communication with rest of world; Solomon Islands relying on SW
 instead from NZ, Australia
*Guatemalan heard in Florida on 2320 at 1135, presumably 2nd harmonic
 of TGRI, R. Izabal, Morales, if not 4 x 580 TGY
*Colombia snatched FARC leader from Caracas where Venezuela was
 harboring him and other terrorists; YVKE Mundial 550 is now a mouth-
 piece of Chavez government; little about this published in English
*R. Caracol, Colombia heard on 6923.5 USB at 1106-1123, apparently
 relayed from 810 kHz; on 6923.4 at 1345, program ``Punto de
 Encuentro``, something to do with Colombian national parks
*Ivan Dias visited his obscure hometown SW station, R. Cacique in
 Sorocaba, SP, Brazil; looked thru old reception reports; personnel
 not aware they are on 2370 instead of 2470
*Brazilian not inactive on 90 m is Rdif. 6 de Agosto, Xapuri, 3255, at
 10-14, 22-02
*Totally unique station testing from Milford PA on 1620, WB3XNN, to
 measure groundwave coverage, daytime only around 1430-2000 UT or
 less, open carrier with IDs at hourtop
*Heard in RI are National Park Service info stations on 1140 kHz, in
 daytime, KCA715 and KCA717, also heard near Worcester MA at 2322;
 seems to be part of Blackstone River Corridor Park complex
*Boston-area low-power and unlicensed AM and FM stations, mostly
 Haitian or Caribbean and on the X-band: see list in DXLD 5-013 with
 follow-ups in next two issues
*WNAR-AM is Old Time Radio Re-Creation Station, micropower on 1620 in
 Lansdale PA, also
*FCC chairman Michael Powell resigning in March; see DXLD 5-013; who
 might replace him
*R. Roja, Kurdish clandestine on 6315 ex-6310, at 1617, since Jan 19;
 includes Turkish? rock
*unID in Kurdish on 1116 kHz heard by BBCM about elections, biased
 towards KDP, mentioned V. of Democratic Kurdistan, jammed after 1345
*VOA Philippines on new 1170 kHz, inaudible in Queensland, because it
 is highly direxional protecting southern Philippines station; deep
 minima to S and SE
*RF Noise ID website updated with new mp3 files, some needing IDing;
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan 25; flux range 95-120-90
*And that concludes World of Radio 1261; Glenn Hauser, here with a
*Standard disclaimer ###