WORLD OF RADIO #1262, produced February 2, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
       [for full credits listen to the program or consult DXLD]

*Standard disclaimer
*The old KHJ 930 Los Angeles is imitated by a low-power FM in Oregon,
 and now by a station in American Samoa, KKHJ 93.1, known as
 93-KHJ, and webcasts via especially ``Samoan
 Sunrise`` at 1700-2000 UT; covers almost all of Tutuila
*IBB Tinian relay on 7235 put out spurs all over the 41m band, every
 14.8 kHz until 1400
*Bangladesh surprsingly well heard in Pennsylvania, English at 1230-
 1300 on 7185 
*Rainbow FM, from India to Andamans on 11585, plays American music
 from rock to heavy metal to pop and ballads; unique jingle at 1230
 to the Doobie Brothers tune ``Listen to the Music``; why was this
 foreign music network so urgently needed by the Andamans and Nicobars
 that AIR had to start relaying it on SW?
*Station on 7460 at 0230-0315 is not Sahara, but the Baha`i station
 from Moldova to Iran, Radio Payam-e Doost
*Less than two months left for Israeli SW unless reprieved again.
 Revised sked shows English: 0430-0445 on 6280 7545 17600; 1030-1045
 15640 17535; 1830-1845 9390 11585 11605; 2000-2025 6280 9390 15615;
 but 6280 normally only in winter, maybe changing in Feb
*R. Bulgaria thought I said Rai external from Italy had closed down
 completely; European monitors reconfirm it still on air, including
 English to Africa at 2025 on 6040, 11880, but poor even in Europe
*New sharetime in Paris on 1080 to start Feb 7, from 0600 UT, Radio
 de la Mer in the daytime; Paris Live Radio, in English, nights
*R. Vaticana not only on 1530 from Italy but now relayed from Monaco
 (actually France) 1810-1940 on 702, and 1730-1940 on 1467, but all
 suffer from weak signals or interference
*John Babbis compiled program schedule of Voice of Greece, titles
 translated to English in DXLD 5-018; frequency schedule in 5-020
*World Music Radio, Denmark, missing the weekends of Jan 15-16, 22-23
*Reading International Radio Group meeting Sat Feb 5 at International
 Solidarity Centre, 35-39 London St., from 1400; topics include
 interval signal recordings, British Columbia. Everyone welcome; more
 info from Mike Barraclough, 01462 643899 or mikewb @
*Wales Radio International still missing from scheduled transmissions 
 via Austria, Fri 2130-2200 on 7110; to North America, UT Sat 0300 on
 6005 clashes with BBC Ascension; at least we can hear WRI via WRN,
 and archive
*Chris Greenway back in Nairobi for BBC Monitoring, and reports:
 Djibouti still not back on SW 4780, but maybe in March
*R. Peace, Sudan, 4750, until 1745* stronger than before but only a
 few kW, unseems relay as previously reported from Michigan at 0330.
 Jari Savolainen in Finland finds it always weak at 1600; WRTH 2005
 says they will add another transmitter on 5895 in Nuba Mountains
*V. of New Sudan, proposed on 9310 and 9485, not heard yet either
*SAF station from Eritrea on 6985 no longer heard; was part of peace
 accord, but V. of Sudan, 8000 from Eritrea still heard at 1530-1600;
 by NDA, not part of accord
*R. Africa No. 2, Equatorial Guinea, 15190, erratic, as early as 0615,
 and from 1430, but not daily. Xmas program a month late, tape
 hangups; strength varied wildly caused by power variations. Yet to
 be heard in OK, fine with me so no interference to BBC Antigua; not
 heard Sat 1700, but service may be weekdays only, with R. East Africa
 on different frequency weekends
*VOA added new Botswana frequency, 4930, mostly in English 0300-0630,
 1600-1700, 1800-2200, and Zimbabwe service 1700-1800; confirmed
 promptly in Finland from Feb 1, and via longpath in Washington at
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1262;
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA. Check our
 website for much more info in DX Listening Digests via
*Thanks this week to Dave White who provides lots of web space for
 our audio/visual archives
*unidentified Brazilian pirate heard weekends on 7842
*R. Inconfidencia, 6010, again on unlicensed second frequency, 5910
 at 1253
*La Voz de tu Conciencia, 6010v in Colombia, also on second frequency
 5910v, relaying Marfil Estereo 88.8 FM, Puerro Lleras since Jan 30;
 het because it`s on 5910.39; we heard around 0600 with 88.8 FM ID;
 and in Venezuela at 1205, not parallel on two frequencies; but they
 mix, on 5810.75 -- formula 2A minus B so probably another around 6110
*MW harmonic on 3200.15, Colombia Mia, from Careta, Antioquia, 2 x
 1600, military station; clip on
*Military communications heard in Venezuela, 5843-LSB at 1115
*``Alo Presidente`` resumed Sun Jan 30 via Cuba, around 1500 on 11875,
 13750, 17750
*High-frequency Coordinating Committee meeting in Mexico City the
 second week of Feb; R. Nederland, Bonaire, DRM special Feb 5-20:
 2200 Spanish 9900, 2300-2400 Dutch 9885; replacing 12000
*DRM testing from Mexico City, by R. Educacion on 25620, Feb 7-11,
 variable times in daytime, 250 watts, vertical antenna, possibly
 audible elsewhere if propagation cooperate; also DRM test on MW
 1060, 50 kW, Feb 9 at 1700-1720 UT while analog is off
*Caribbean Weather Centre nets, from sloop Bel Ami, in Bahamas:
 1100 on 8137; 1130 4045; 1230 8104; 1300 13259; 1330 16351, exc
*Herb Hilgenberg, Burlington, Ont, ``South Bound 2`` on 12359 at
 1940-2200v with weather and check-ins; alternates 8294, 16531
*Kim Elliott back on VOA Talk to America, Fri Feb 4 with new head of
 R. Nederland, Jan Hoek, at 1605-1655 on 6160 7125 9645 9760 1170 to
 Asia; 9685 11835 15225 Eu/ME/NAf; 4930 15240 17715 17895 909 1530 to
 Af; and archived later at  Kim will be on
 TTA the first Friday of every month, in effect a monthly media show
*VOA Bethany is decaying and needs a million dollars of repairs to
 preserve it as an historical site, ``save America`s treasures``;
*Iowa Public Radio plan approved to merge six stations, two each at
 U of Iowa, Iowa State, University of Northern Iowa; see Current:
*Oregon Public Broadcasting streams its reading service ``Golden
 Hours`` with lots for kids, descriptive video, newspaper reading.
 Schedule at 
*Winter SWL Festival, March 10-13 at Kulpsville PA, expecting Ian
 McFarland, Bob Zanotti, Frans Vossen, Kim Elliott, Dan Robinson;
 attendance about 200; details at
*WETA in Washington plans to drop classical music, switch to newstalk
 despite two others, WAMU and WCSP
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 1; flux range 85-135-80
*And that`s World of Radio 1262; hope you`ll hear me again next week;
 I`m Glenn Hauser ###