WORLD OF RADIO #1263, produced February 9, 2005 by Glenn Hauser

      [for full credits listen to the program or consult recent DXLDs]

*Our WWCR broadcast, Sunday at 2030 UT on 12160 is off the schedule
*Our broadcasts on WRMI may be a week late, primarily UT Sun 0430,
 UT Mon 0330 on 6870; check
*BBG in line for 10% Bush budget increase in 2006
*Stephen Sumrall quits LeSEA, reasons unclear, but friction with his
 brother Peter, who will now head the organization, including 5 SW
 radio stations
*Karl Haas, Adventures in Good Music, died Feb 6 at age of 91, see and
 schedules via Also for those of
*Successor program already running, Exploring Music, on only ten
 webcasting stations, likely to increase
*Including Fine Arts Radio International, Joplin MO, KXMS, which has
 resumed webcasting after a couple of years, with comprehensive
 advance playlist; but poor sound quality:
*KXMS now has competition from KOSN 107.5 relaying KOSU
*CAM-D system gets glowing review from KDYL 1060 at Leonard Kahn`s
 new website against IBOC ``HD radio``
*Format swap in LA market: KLAC 570 now ``Extra Sports``; while
 XETRA 690 has big band and adult standards; 1150 now Air America,
*Sen McCain and colleagues introduce bill to eliminate third-adjacent
 channel protexions, against Low Power FM
*ARRL petitions FCC to reconsider, rescind and restudy BPL rulling
 allowing it on HF and low VHF; ``a gross policy mistake``
*Superbowl commercials at
 and the rejects:
*Yosemite Sam again heard at 1720 UT Feb 9 on 10500, 6500, 3700?
*Earle Fisher, who hosted Listeners Corner on CBC International
 Service in the 60s, died Jan 27 in Cobourg, Ontario, at age 88;
 very popular SW broadcaster, predecessor to Ian McFarland; obit
 including portrait of the dapper gentleman: [only till Febend?]
*RCI and its relay clients had big problems Feb 6-7, audio cutting
 out, replaced by fill music, and even on wrong frequencies. Bell
 circuit linking Montreal and Sackville failed; replacement equipment
 flown out overnight, repaired by mid-day Feb 7. But why don`t they
 have a backup like dialup phone lines or even internet?
*RCI getting incredible response to its new Brazilian service, Canada
*RCI celebrates 60th anniversary Feb 25, with live anniversary parties
*Took three years for Canadian government to set up shortwave service
 during WW II
*R. Juventus Don Bosco, 1640, Dominican Republic, since last July
 heard in Europe and Latin America, now finally in eastern North
 America, 0130-0305, ``una voz para la civilizacion del amor``
*Colombian MW harmonics: 2740, at 0730, R. Mundial, 2 x 1370; and
 on 3219.8, CARACOL at 2125-2315+, presumably 2 x 1610, Armonias de
*R. Imperio, 4385, Chiclayo, Peru, has normal folk music before 0100
 or 0000, then into `sick, abnormal` religious programming; belongs to
*Standard disclaimer
*The 1263rd World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or
 woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*R. Cultura Araraquara, Sao Paulo, has been off 3365 since tractor
 knocked over tower, to be back by Febend
*R. Educacao Rural, Campo Grande, out with popular programing, in
 with religious, Rede Milicia Sat relay, at 0410 on 4755
*R. Baluarte, 6215, Argentine pirate until 0033 on a weekend,
 tentatively heard in New Hampshire
*Major ham radio DX-pedition, after several delays, to get underway
 around Feb 18-March 3 on Peter I, 90 west, 68 south, Antarctic island
 owned by Norway. All about it at Needs help
 with 26% of costs; non hams along, including ``the most traveled man
 in the world``
*Frans Vossen says only six of his Radio World programs remain on RVi
 (until SW closes at Marchend); has been playing vintage clips of
 exotic stations, well worth capturing. Best time is 2200 UT via
 Bonaire on 11730
*Mike Spenser, of Pirate Radio 603 on Aland Islands, denied license
 since he does not speak Swedish; Roy Sandgren says he got the 603
 license and will return to air in May; also applying for 756 kHz
*Aland spelt ALAND with a circle over the [first] A
*Jewish online station from Spain, Radio Sefarad has Spanish, English
 and French via
*Equatorial Guinea on 15190 is R. Africa 2 most of the time, but on a
 Sunday at 1600 it was Radio East Africa
*ZBC, Zimbabwe active on 3306, heard at 2000-2100, and 0338-0407
*R. Fana, Ethiopia, `Torch` on 6210, 6940 has website in English,
 ondemand audio at
*On Feb 6 SBC Seychelles was waiving subscription fees for online
 radio and TV
*R. Roj, Kurdish music station on 6310, 6315, now 6312v, 1400-1500,
 0530, weaker than 6335:
*On 6335 ex-6340 and 1116 kHz at 0300 is V. of Iraqi Kurdistan, a.k.a.
 V. of Kurdistan, and KTV Radio -- with live audio
*V. of Islamic Republic of Iran, Spanish Service, absurd QSL policy
 with step-up system: 2nd QSL requires 10 more reports; 10th requires
 200 reports after the 9th; pinnacle at 1,767 reports; then valuable
 gifts and diplomas; automate it? Must have enormous bookkeeping staff
*CRI asks for reports on Spectrum 558 relay in London; Chris Greenway
 reminds us to remind them that China does not permit such relays in
 their country; further has massive shortwave jamming operation, also
 blocking websites
*R. Korea International announced it is changing name to KBS World
 Radio following merger with TV service; also adding Vietnamese
*R. Taiwan International, closing 5 languages, leaving 18, due to
 yearly budget cuts down from 9 to 5 Taiwanese gigadollars a year;
 too many on payroll; but from July 1 adds 5 foreign language services
 including English for domestic audience; to
 increase webcasting and digital broadcasting, obsoleting receivers
*Fu Hsing, Taiwan, now on SW with 3rd program, 15250, at 23-01, 04-06,
 08-10, 13-15 with webcast, not jammed. Is
 it really new?
*R. Vanuatu improving SW service following tsunami, with NZ and Aussie
 aid, first 7260, then 3945; 7260.2 heard poorly in Hawaii at 0625-
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 8; flux range 115-80
*You`ve been listening to World of Radio #1,263. Glenn Hauser, here,
 hoping you enjoyed the program and will hear me again next week  ###