WORLD OF RADIO #1264, produced February 16, 2005 by Glenn Hauser

*New COM 05-02 available at and
*Also new edition of Mundo Radial via
*WOR back on SIU Edwardsville Web Radio, 0600 UT Sat,
*Chris Greenway sums up African SW scene in DXLD 5-029; partly here:
*Congo DR: confirmed on: Candip 5066, Kahuzi 6210, Okapi 9550; but
 6713 and 7435 not heard; nor new 4845
*VOA adding new morning Studio 7 in English to Zimbabwe, from Feb 21,
 M-F 0330-0400 UT on 909, 4930, 6080; still eves 1700-1800
*Uganda: active: 4976, 5026, 7110, 7195 but irregular, and under-
 powered; the one on 4976/7195 is weaker and poorly modulated
*R. Ethiopia domestic 5990, 7110, 9704 active, but last two irregular.
 5990 is now varying; 9704 propagates best, but with worst audio;
 external service: 7165 and 9560 active, but vary
*Too bad Ethiopia is playing hip-hop instead of indigenous music;
 but 5 transmitters on air simultaneously, plus 4 from:
*R. Fana 6219 6940, with beautiful IS; V. of Tigre Revolution 5500 and
 6350; heard in NH: 6940 at 0314-0333, better than 6210, calliope at
 0330; R. Ethiopia, 7110 from *0300 but Cairo 7115 slop
*R. Peace, Sudan, 4750 at 0327, English ID 0348; Omdurman 7200 also
 active. No sign of R. Peace on 5895 yet, but occupied by Moscow in
 Persian, local evenings, unlisted
*R. Juba back on 693, including English music request and news at 1800
*Big buzz on 21460 around 1500 is Holy Qur`an service, Saudi Arabia,
 malfunxioning transmitter, blasphemy
*Heat`s on Syria, so a look at clandestines to there: Arab Radio,
 1600 on 12085 via Moldova, extremly strong in Finland, and on 7470
 via Samara, Russia
*R. Free Syria, Sun 1900 via Germany 9495, invites other opposition
 groups to participate, daily 24 hours, but may be referring to
*Only active SW stations in Iraq are the Kurdish ones, which were
 clandestine during Saddam; see DXLD 5-026 for survey with IDs,
 schedules. 4025, V. of the People of Kurdistan; 4160, V. of
 Independence; 6315v, R. Roj; 6335, V. of Iraqi Kurdistan; 11530, V.
 of Mesopotamia via Moldova; lower ones have morning broadcasts; in
 North America try around 0230/0400
*V. of Iranian Kurdistan, from Iraq, at 0305-0435, 3970.2, jammed and
 jumps to 3985, also on unjammed 4860; and on satellite; ondemand and backs it
*Switcheroo in MW Frequencies in the Gulf; R. Farda on new 1575, at
 1520 mixing with VOA Thailand, after R. Asia, UAE moved from 1575 to
 1557; but is Farda 1575 from UAE, planned new 800 KW, along with 800
 kW on 1170; or from Kuwait?
*Farda 1575 already heard in Delaware at 0151-0220 // 9585
*New frequency for V. of the Iranian Nation, 1430-1500 on 11620,
 jammed, ex-15660; believed via CIA in Egypt
*R. Sedaye Zan, V. of Women [to Iran] via Germany, Sat 1900 on 9495,
 has been cancelled
*English from Pakistan at 1600 on 11570, 5080.3, Azad Kashmir 4790;
 Quetta 5027 unheard
*Crossing Continents on BBC Radio 4 was about Maldives, Feb 10, 14,
 and one may Listen Again
*Head of Prasar Bharati, India, plans to take Indian TV and radio to
 the vast diaspora; no mention of present SW service!
*Relay of FM Rainbow 102.6 New Delhi to Andamans on 11585, has ended,
 now back to various external services
*250 kW SW transmitters of AIR in Panaji Goa, named for rivers:
 Mandovi, Zuari; unfortunately, these rivers are not very clear
*Strife-torn Nepal: R. Nepal, 5005.4 still heard occasionally on
 reduced power, such as Feb 6 at 1520 until fade 1540, in Denmark;
 Feb 2 at 1600, in Finland on 5005.35
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1264,
 woradio at or PO Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; for much more in DX Listening Digest
*Thanks this week for financial support go to John Babbis in Maryland
*Hmong Lao Radio now via WHRI South Carolina, Sat 1300-1400, Sun 1400-
 1500 on 15105, mainly for the Hmong in Hminnesota?
*R. Malaysia, Sarawak, reactivated on 5030 // 7130 in evenings; at
 1515 but clashing with China; also maybe local mornings, but at
 2300 we hear Burkina Faso on 5030 in French
*Low-power PBS Marulas, Valenzuela, Philippines back on 9581.90 ex
 9619.90, but at 0500 spurs up to 9740, heard in Philippines
*R. Vanuatu, back on 7260.2v, heard as late as 0729 in Hawaii, and
 also tentatively at 1129-1140; nominal schedule only 2000-0600 but
 usually reported later. Once nighttime frequency 3945 (or 3940?)
 is back, will be harder for us to hear
*RA plans new schedule Feb 28; Grandstand, weekends will be on all
 frequencies, not just a few; New 2-hour magazine show for Pacific
 and Asia, a Radio Australia production
*RNZI Mailbox currently featuring broadcasting in Samoa; next one
 from end of Feb, about Niue; on demand via
*As of Feb 15, latest on ham DX-pedition to Peter I: it is a `Go`,
 after many delays, to depart Ushuaia Feb 18, to island in 5 or 6
 days, but time shortened, quickly setting up a couple stations
*R. Cimarrona, Sun at 2245 missing from 9480, opposition program
 from Germany to southern Cone, so seems to be gone, or new schedule
*Brazil summer time ends Sat Feb 19, so much programming will start
 one UT hour later from 20th
*HCJB testing DRM Feb 14-25 on 3220 or 6095, 1000-1300, 2200-0100,
 in Quichua, but only one at a time
*Reactivated Colombian on 6139.73: R. Lider, ex-R. Melodia, relaying
 HJCU 730; since Feb 12 at 0211 with musical requests; also heard at
 1102-1118; Lider means Leader
*La Voz de tu Conciencia mixing product on 5810.81 very weak at
 0031 in Venezuela
*R. Educacion, Mexico City, special DRM test one week only on 25620,
 was heard by gh Feb 10 at 2135, thanks to a sporadic E opening; no
 one on the DRM forums reported it
*VOA`s Talk to America, M-F 1605, getting fewer and fewer phone calls
 even tho VOA pays; may change to another kind of talk show, with
 phone-ins only once a week; listen to and support the show!
*Bush budget for 2006 includes 21% increase for public diplomacy and
 10% for international broadcasting
*USA Today article suggests ``Bits of America`` for laptops abroad,
*WHRI Noblesville IN antennas have been dismantled, and the two
 transmitters will be moved to Maine and South Carolina, which is
 now officially WHRI ex-WSHB
*WMLK, 9265, Pennsylvania missing for weeks until Feb 15, barely
 heard on 9265.04 at 1910
*WRNO New Orleans plans to start testing new 100 kW transmitter in
 next couple weeks, 15420 days, 7355 at night, with religion; has
 been silent for years
*Feb 11 was 41st anniversary of Herb Jepko`s Nightcap on KSL, first
 national talk radio show; and later some other big stations; all
 about it at including audio clips
*Three MW DX tests early Sunday Feb 20: 0600-0700 UT, WISN 1130 and
 WOKY 920 Milwaukee; 0705-0800 KEVA 1240 Evanston WY; listen for
 CW IDs and tones amid regular programming
*Pirate in Paseo district of Oklahoma City, on 93.9, Thu and Sun
 nights, R. Free OKC
*Competition for BBCM? School of Oriental and African Studies at
 London University establishing Arab media unit with weekly
*Expat Finns petitioning to preserve SW from YLE R. Finland; not
 decided yet; a big campaign, which R. Finland is NOT involved in
*Next European Music Radio via Latvia 9290, Sun Feb 20 1500-1620
 incliding letterbox; and Sat Feb 26 EMR World Service at 2100-2200
*TWR Romanian service 1930-2000 on new 1566, ex-1467 from Moldova;
 clearing 1457 for Vatican via France/Monaco
*Propagation outlook from Boulder February 15; flux range 120-85-100
*With a standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser here, concluding World of Radio 1264   ###