WORLD OF RADIO #1265, produced February 23, 2005
	[for full credits listen to the program or consult DXLD]

*Standard disclaimer
*Welcome WTND-LP, 106.3 FM, Macomb IL to the WOR network this week,
 Thursdays 7 pm CT, UT Fridays 0100
*Dr Gene Scott died Feb 21 in Los Angeles, of stroke following
 prostate (not lung) cancer. Loop announcing it repeated over and   
 over on SW frequencies. Send-off ceremony following Sunday. Lots of  
 anecdotes about him in DXLD starting with 5-034. Thousands of hours  
 of tapes could go on forever. Raked in a megadollar a month, likely 
 to drop off. SW outlets: 24h on one WWCR transmitter; half a day on 
 KAIJ Dallas, not heard lately; owned a transmitter on Anguilla, 24h, 
 and several in Costa Rica. KAIJ has been looking for other 
 programming; WWCR could fill with other shows. Anguilla and CR could 
 be up for sale before long
*Quoting a bit from published obits of DGS; check NPR ATC Feb 22
*Admitted he was a con artist, but honest about it, an entertainer
*Re WRNO planning to resume SW from New Orleans, sketchy info; E-mail 
 to them bounced; owned by Good News 
 World Outreach, Fort Worth
*Davidzon Radio, new Russian `station` from Feb 28 on 930 AM in NYC
 area, M-F 7-11 am, 5-7 pm ET initially
*Jay Marvin, liberal talk host, ex-WLS, back to Denver from Feb 28;
 ex-KHOW, now on Air America affiliate KKZN 760, M-F 6-10 am MT;
 webcasts He is also a SW listener
*Remarkable development in OKC, two hours of progressive talk, WKY 930 
 Sun 6-8 pm CT, Left Hook, Liberal Talk for a Liberal World, with 
 Brian Kelly
*Hams want to put every conceivable island on the air even if they are 
 not radio countries. Trying to get Farallon Islands wildlife refuge 
 opened to visitors, but denied as any human presence would damage  
 sensitive species; Not everywhere has to be trampled by humans
*Yosemite Sam no longer heard since Feb 17; was busted with help from
 New Mexico hams, located west of Albuquerque off I-40; FCC taking 
 care of problem, but details not yet released; this was repeated
 `Varmint, Ima gonna blow ya ta smithereens` on 3700 and others
*KNLS Alaska has outdated schedule on own website; 0800 English now
 heard on 11765
*RCI Action Committee, with Wojtek Gwiazda laments cutback of  
 Ukrainian service, no longer on SW, just on cable around Kiev, just  
 two half-hours on weekends, kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmare
*RCI celebrating 60th anniversary Feb 25; staff party for present and 
 former employees Feb 24; special programs in English and French on 
 Sun Feb 27; congratulations
*Canadian International DX Club converted from print to online pdf
 publication; membership details at
*Alessandro Gropazzi and friends on beverage DXpedition in Italy
 pulled in Greenland 3815-USB
*After 25 years, R. Huayacocotla, Veracruz, finally granted an FM
 license; we hope they will keep 2390 as well
*R. Insurgente, Zapatista clandestine in Mexico has its 3rd  
 anniversary program on website, claims 6.0 MHz SW but never heard 
 there (recording of multilingual opening)
*HCJB adding broadcasts in Cofan language for remote Amazonian tribe
 who will have no choice but to listen to HCJB 6050 on fixed-tuned
*Brazilian varying around 11801 0600-0900 turned out to be Voz
 Crista, Chile, supposed to be on 11890, not a spur, but way off
 frequency for two weeks until notified by Wolfgang Bueschel
*LTA, 15820 in Buenos Aires relays various stations for Antarctica; at 
 1930 with local temp; R. Continental on LSB at 0650; 15820.2 LSB at 
 1018 with R. Continental; I hear around 2300, any specific schedule? 
 R. Rivadavia at 0120 with futbol
*RAE, Buenos Aires, plays tangos, 15344.9 heard Sat (1959-2100 with
 special on Astor Piazzola, usually on Sundays instead
*Peter I DXpedition, contrary to last week, had to be postponed until
 next year as charter vessel delayed and time ran out: also many other
 problems, with helicopters, etc. Better luck next year!
*YLE Radio Finland decides to stop DAB services this year, due to lack 
 of interest by commercial operators, only 1000 receivers sold; had 
 been on since 1997 in 212 MHz area
*Cool new show on BBC Radio 7, All Classical Music Explained,  
 hilarious, ondemand via
*Olympia Radio, Athens coastal station, widely heard in Latin America
 on 6507-USB, with loop ID, 2215-0305+, also on 8734-USB; address  [but bounces]
*English from Belarus monitored on 5970 and weak 7210, UT Sat 0300,
 and UT Sun 0330
*R. Ukraine International disappointed with 5910, to North America at 
 0000-0500, may switch to 7440 in March; QRM de Colombia, ute 5912
*R. Georgia better heard in English at 0730 on 11805, 1030 on 11910,
 also scheduled at 0930 on 11910; frequencies now exact, and better
 audio, seemingly refurbished
*Two clandestines heard using Nutcracker interval signal, V. of Komala
 in Persian at 1657 on 3930, 4610; and V. of Communist Party of Iran
 at 1627 on 3880 4380 6425
*R. Farda, on new MW 1575 is definitely from UAE, not Kuwait, another
 800 kW Thales transmitter [accompanying 1170v]
*Kuwait heard in DRM on 11675, but bitrate so low it sounds no better
 than analog, 5 kHz audio
*Special ham callsign for Liberation Day in Kuwait, 9K44NLD, Feb 25-28
*Blog called Radio free Nepal, nothing to do with radio, getting
 uncensored news out of country:
*R. Que Me, via Uzbekistan to Vietnam, Sat 1200-1230 11850 ex-15385
*R. Korea International quits denying name change, confirmed to become
 KBS World Radio on March 3; Spanish version?
*Fu Hsing Radio, Taiwan, 15250 from 1100 but with siren jammer; before 
 1100 on 15250 is CRI via Kunming in Chinese, also sirened; nothing 
 but siren heard in Greece at 1100, 1235
*RTV Guineene and its white elephant --- new broadcast center built by 
 China, but without water, electricity, retraining, accessories;
 frequent breakdowns of MW, SW, FM transmitters
*Christian Vision testing to Nigeria until Feb 26, on complex sked; 
 see DXLD 5-034 [and 5-035]
*SW Radio Africa, clandestine to Zimbabwe, adds MW 1197 0300-0500, //
 3230; and evenings on 6145; presumably 1197 is 100 kW Lesotho already 
 used evenings by Family Radio [or is it too far for daytime?]
*R. Cairo new schedule still shows all 33 languages; media minister
 replaced by youth minister, so hope they give second thoughts to
 ceasing some overseas broadcasts
*Propagation anomalies in WBCQ reception to be explained by Allan  
 Weiner this week UT Sat Feb 26 at 0100 on 7415, plus repeats
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 22; flux range 85-105-80
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1265 ###