WORLD OF RADIO #1266, produced March 8, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits listen to the program or consult DXLD]  

*With March, usual change from 9985 to 15825 for WOR on WWCR Thu 2130
*New affiliate in NZ, World FM on 88.2, low power in Tawa, Wellington,
 Thursdays 10 pm local [and Fri 10:30 pm],
*Antigua relays being reduced or eliminated, per DW and BBC info,
 moving to other sites, French Guiana, Bonaire, Sackville; seems to
 be consolidation to use two sites at greater capacity than three at
 lower capacity, with rising Diesel costs
*15190 remains in our morning from BBC, but 30380 harmonic no longer
 heard, perhaps fixed [later: heard again]
*But French Guiana has had a number of transmissions missing lately,
 from RFI, CRI, R. Japan [not Korea, I misspoke]
*What became of DRM equipment in Mexico City for Feb tests? 26 MHz
 stays there till July 31, so could be more tests; also plan to test
 DRM on 26 MHz at NAB Las Vegas in April
*MW DRM exciter on 1060 shipped to Romania, but Grupo Radio Centro
 plans to try DRM this spring, probably on XEQR 1030
*New Colombian Marfil Estereo, back March 4, measured on 5909.93, then
 adjusted upward to exactly 5910 by March 6; in the clear in Europe
 now around 0200 with Ukraine moved to 7440
*R. Guaruja Paulista, Brasil, moved from 3235 to 3385, trying 3400 in
 the meantime, heard by several DXers; on boundary with aero band
*3402 in Europe is 3 x 1134 Croatia, heard at 0500-0530
*RDP Internacional, Portugal, running 100-day fado series Tue-Sat 0035
 on 9410, 9715, 11980, 13700, 13770
*British DJ Tommy Vance died of stroke at age 63; funeral open to
 public on March 15
*Time running out for R. Vlaanderen Internationaal on SW; English news
 7 times a day, but not on SW, just satellite; audio headlines also
 on website plus text; RVi director on VOA Talk to America March 4;
 listen to that archive:
*DXLD 5-036 has long pieces about future of SW by Kim Elliott and
 Graham Mytton
*RVi in same building as RTBF but they barely talk to each other;
 RTBF on 17570 via Germany has great music at 1530-1600, 1800-1830,
 part of relay of domestic service
*TDF France changing to DRM on 6175, 07-11, 12-19, 22-06, blocking
 everything from 6155 to 6195 in Europe
*English from R. Vilnius, Lithuania now at 0130 ex-2330 on 7325; and
 9875 at 0030
*R. Ukraine International already moved by Feb 28 from 5910 to 7440
 including English 0100 and 0400
*Polisario station for Western Sahara, 7460 irregular announced as
 7470; MW now heard on 700 instead of 1550, but not from same site;
 700 could be further east in Algeria, Reggane station listed on 693
*SW Radio Africa, for Zimbabwe, 0300-0500 on new MW 1197, fades out
 before the first hour, presumably from Lesotho, while 3230 is via
 South Africa; 3230 heard in NH, 1197 in Brasil; since March 7 the
 1600-1900 broadcast on 6145 is being jammed; elections coming up in
 Zimbabwe March 31
*Another surrogate service [for Uganda], cancelled, R. Rhino
 International, via Germany M-F 1500 on 17870
*The 1266th World of Radio, woradio at or P O Box 1684,
 Enid OK 73702 USA,
*Thanks for financial support to Michael Eilers, Covington KY, a
 contribution via PayPal
*Standard disclaimer
*QBS, Qatar now streaming radio services including English at 03-10,
 13-22 via
*R. Seda-ye Mellat-e Iran, V. of the Iranian Nation, clandestine,
 1430-1500, heard on new 11625, then 11630.16, jammers following
*R. Peace/Solh via UK for Afghanistan, another surrogate service,
 no longer heard at 07-12 on 21620; but still at 1530 on 17710
*Dr Scott normally blocks Thailand in English at 1400 on 9725, but
 March 3 the Costa Rican transmitter missing, Thailand heard well
*V. of the Strait, Fuzhou, China, has English at 1430-1500 on
 Saturdays, Sundays on 4940, well heard in WNAm, ``Focus on China``
*R. Vanuatu, 7260.17v, heard in Tennessee 0950-1120, and during 1000
 hour a 10-minute loop played over and over; in Queensland 7260 and
 3945 also heard 0700-0940; DRM QRM from Germany 7265 until 1000 in
*R. Australia eliminated Bush Telegraph, The Planet, but still on web
 from R. National; new shows include In the Loop, weekdays 2330-0130;
 Big Ideas, Mondays 0405; for complete program schedule:
*R. New Zealand A-05 from March 27: 0459 11820, 0706 9885, 1100 beam
 change, 1300 6095, 1651 beam change; 1851 9845, 1951 11725, 2051
*More reports of Greenland 3815-USB, heard in UK at 2103-2215*, also
 in Sweden
*Ernst Zundel, Nazi broadcaster formerly on WRNO, WWCR, finally
 deported from Canada to Germany, certain to be prosecuted as
 holocaust-denier, taken into custody immediately at 2100 UT March 2;
 also was heard via Russia; his V. of Freedom on WRNO, 15420, 2200-
 2230 Feb 28, 1994, verified by Ed Kusalik
*Europa Radio International via WRMI from March 20, Sundays 1900-2100
 and Wednesdays 1100-1300; meanwhile, WRMI has left 15725 and 6870,
 now running 7385 1300-1000, and 9955 the rest; also affects WOR, UT
 Suns 0430, Mons 0330 on 7385; DX Partyline heard Sun 1330 on 7385.
 FAA Atlanta complained about 6870
*Other US stations have had to move: WHRI from 7535 to 7520 at 22-01;
 WYFR from 7580 to 6855 at 1945-2245; WEWN has new schedule, including
 both 5825 and 5810 at 0000-0500, maybe producing spurs 5840, 5795
*WWRB testing new 15190 around 1730 after BBC
*Hal Turner, neo-Nazi ex-WBCQ, questioned in killing of judge`s family
 in Chicago since he once said Judge Lefko was worthy of being killed
*Marty Edwards, time signal announcer who died, was heard on US Naval
 Observatory, not WWV
*Two groups of New Mexico hams independently tracked Yosemite Sam, to
 Laguna Pueblo, west of Albuquerque where they have a government
 contract called MATIC involving tactical radio systems, Mobility
 Assessment Test and Integration Center; still unanswered questions
*Last week`s WOR Extra 54, recorded at end of November; at that point
 we did not know that Michael Powell would resign from FCC
*Jim Conrad, well-liked DXer from Waterloo, Iowa, died March 6; suffered
 from health problems all his life
*Donald E. Erickson, ex-publisher of International Radio Club of
 America, died in house-fire full of papers Feb. 28; tributes in DXLD
*Infinity resuming streaming from 11 news/talk stations mid-March,
*More digital IBOC from AM stations: WTOP 1500, KTRB-860, WOAI-1200
*WOR 710 NY seemed to have reduced or turned off IBOC, but they say
 it`s running as usual
*Leonard Kahn`s continuing challenge to IBOC with Cam-D: Keep checking
*KFNY 1640 Enid will no longer be funny from April 1, switching to
 Fox Sports Network
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 8; flux range 100-75
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1266 ###