WORLD OF RADIO #1267, produced March 16, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for credits listen to show or consult DX Listening Digest]

*New edition of my other program, Continent of Media 05-03, now
 available at and
*At least two major SW radios are being discontinued: Drake R8B and
 Icom R75, Universal Radio website announces, still stocks some;
 Satellit 800 also removed from Drake website
*R. Okapi, Hirondelle Foundation station in Congo DR, was difficult
 catch with own 10 kW transmitter on 11690, but good signal now
 relayed by South Africa at 0400-0600 in French, heard in western
 North America
*SW Radio Africa, for Zimbabwe, stepping up broadcasts to combat
 jamming built up to extreme level. 1600-1700 on 11845 via Ascension;
 via somewhere 1700-1800 on 11705, 1800-1900 on 11995; along with
 South Africa 1600-1900 on 3230, 6145. Jammed with 1 kHz tone on
 11845, but rotary jammer on 11705, 11995; keep an eye on for updates, jamming comments
*SWRA morning 0300-0500 not jammed yet, on 3230, 1197; China and Iran
 may have helped Zimbabwe set up jammers. Daily News says jamming
 comes from Thornhill Air Base, with Chinese equipment
*11845 heard and verified in California, but SWRA wishes those in
 Zimbabwe could hear it as well
*BBC Monitoring`s comprehensive guide to media in Rwanda: in DXLD
*High Adventure Canada plans to set up a SW station in Kampala,
 Uganda, by this summer, in deal with FM station and HCJB engineering;
 low power. But Pentecostals tend to exaggerate
*Joe Talbot reports from Galkayo, Somalia: R. Galkayo, 6980, is 100-
 watt ham transceiver like a pirate; only other active SW are R.
 Mogadishu on 6960, R. Hargeisa on 7530; 7 MHz area overrun by rogue
 radio-telephone setups, making 40m unusable by hams daytime in Kenya,
 Somalia, and spreading to 20m, 49m or any frequency up to 30 MHz
*A-05 refers to broadcast season starting March 27 when Europe goes
 on DST a week before we do; lots of such schedules follow
*Sudan Radio Service, A-05 via UK: 03-05 11665, 05-06 15325, 15-19
 or 15-18 17660; partly in English
*Polisario station heard in Portugal at 0740 on MW 700 and SW 7460,
 not always audible on SW: in Spain on 7460 in Spanish at 2330
*Previously unknown private MW in Nigeria, Nagarta Radio, 60 kW,
 747 kHz from Kaduna since March 7, 2004 (or 2005?)
*More details on BBC drastic reduxion in SW to Americas; dropping
 WYFR at 0000-0300 on 11835; A-05 planned without specifying sites:
 presumably 6195, 5975 and 15190 no longer Antigua but elsewhere.
 To Carib, 10-11 6195, 11-13 11865, 13-14 15190, 21-2130 11675;
 21-22 15390, via USA? 22-01 5975. CAm: 12-13 9605 which is WYFR; 
 SAm 12-13 15190; 02-03 5975, 9825, 12095, some probably Ascension. 
 At other times, including our prime evening hours, try to pull in 
 BBC to Europe, Africa or Asia
*Brazilians lament BBC totally dropping Portuguese to Brazil, A-05
*Antigua harmonic heard again on 30380 in NJ, 1640-1700* March 9
*If BBC and DW moving some frequencies to French Guiana, they still
 have problems. RFI 9800 missing in Spanish at 0100, French at 0130
 with 2-second interruptions
*R. Netherlands A-05 English includes: NAm 11 11675; 00 & 01 9845, 04
 6165 9590, all Bonaire; Sat & Sun 19-21 Bonaire and/or Sackvile
 15315, 17660, 17735. Africa 18-21 on 11655, 9895; 19-21 17810; to
 S Asia 14-16 9890, 11835 Madagascar; English to Europe only at 2300,
 rather late, on 1179 Sweden, ex-1512 Belgium
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1267,
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; check for much more including DX Listening
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Steven Zimmerman
*R. Sweden A-05 English to NAm with timeshifts: 1230 on 15240 direct;
 1330 15240 via Sackville; 0130 & 0230 6010 also Sackville. Program
 themes; Mon culture, Tue knowledge, Wed real life, not to be
 confused with Thu lifestyle, Fri debate; rotating on Sat: 1) Headset;
 2) Sweden Today; 3) In Touch; 4) Studio 49; Sun Network Europe
*R. Budapest A-05 English: Eu Sun 15 6025, 9655; rest daily: 19 3975
 6025, 21 6025=via Slovakia; 21 SAf 9525; NAm 01 9590, 0230 9795
*EMR, European Music Radio, via Latvia, Sunday March 20 at 1600-until?
 on 9290; Feb 26 at 2145, was barely audible here; why? beam 250
 degrees across Brussels, Brazil
*R. Dnester, Pridnestrovye Moldavian Rep, A-05 on new 5910 at 16-1630
 in English and other languages rotating
*V. of Turkey A-05 English: 1230 15225 15535; 1830 9785; 2030 7170;
 NAm 22 9830, 03 6140; 03 also to elsewhere 7270
*V. of Islamic Republic of Iran A-05 English, tentative: 1030 15600
 17660; 1530 9635 11650; 1930 7205 9800 9925 11660 11670 11860; to NAm
 0130 9495 11875, V. of Justice
*On March 4 only, R. Pakistan Quetta was on 5000 instead of 5027, at
 0127-0215; engineer may have misplaced glasses
*Thomas Roth, Kathmandu, explains why he cannot help DXers abroad get
 QSLs: Nepal is too poverty-stricken; they don`t understand hobbies;
 log and record it, let that be your verification
*R. Nepal heard in Austria, very weak with flute 0015 on 5005.35
*A-05 Democratic Voice of Burma: 1429-1526 17625 Madagsascar; 1430-
 1530 5910 Almaty, Kazakhstan; 2330-0030 9435 via Juelich, Germany
*V. of Korea 3rd and 4th harmonics heard in South Australia, March 15
 at 0200 on 35205, 0235 on 37380.2
*Fu Hsing, Taiwan, 15250, QSLed after one month; reports may be in
 English; says has been on air since August 1993; name means
 rehabilitation or reconstruction
*Wantok Radio Light 7120 project in Papua New Guinea delayed; target
 now late May to early June after HCJB engineers install SW; to
 celebrate SW on June 11
*0315 UT is a good time to listen to R. Australia features: Mon, In
 Conversation, about science; Tue, Ockham`s razor, science & ethix.
 Wed, Lingua Franca; Thu, The Ark, on religious history; plus more 
 good shows at 0330
*NZ returns to standard time March 20, UT+12, so RNZI relays from
 domestic service will be one hour later
*UN Radio A-05 for English M-F 1730-1745: 7150 South Africa, 15495
 Skelton UK, 17810 Ascension
*WJIE no longer has 7490 to itself; WHRI South Carolina now there at
 0100-0600; has WJIE left, or do they clash?
*Infinity has sold KFRC 610 San Francisco for $35 mega to Family Radio
 which already has KEAR-FM; Infinity needed to divest something; KEAR
 could be sold for much more than that
*IOTA team leader objects to my remarks about Farallon Islands in
 #1265; ``deception by environmental extremists``; I reply ``Extremism
 in defense of the Environment is no vice; what else do we have?``
*Xavier University selling WVXU to WGUC for $15 mega, in Cincinnati;
 so one will be classical, the other news and info; James King,
 founder of WVXU implores new owners to maintain its integrity; he
 still does Music Shelf, oldies, Sundays at 21 UT
*Air America now in Austin on KOKE 1600, Metroplex from March 21 on
 weak-signal KXEB 910
*Liberal talk radio coming to San Antonio on 92.5, KRPT, but not Air
 America; rounding up other liberals, such as Jerry Springer, Phil
 Hendrie, Ed Schultz
*Heard in Florida, background music from Santiago, Chile on 47.9 FM at
 2300 UT March 9, combo of sporadic E, Trans-equatorial
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 15; solar flux range [not A&K
 indices as I misspoke]: 110-85-100
*Next solar minimum predicted for Dec 06-Jan 07
*Standard Disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1267 ###