WORLD OF RADIO #1269, produced March 30, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for credits listen to show or check latest DXLDs}

*WOR on WRN: rest of world now Sat 0800; NAm Sun 0830 and new repeat
 at 1730, so now you can hear us in the daytime on satellite while
 driving around or elsewhere
*WRMI now carrying WRN on 7385 Sundays at 1330-2000, including WOR at
 1730; Saturday 13-23 UT, but from April 9, 12-22; plus many other
 broadcasters now on 7385, limited daytime range
*New edition of Mundo Radial on WWCR, from April 5 shifted to: Tue
 2130, Wed 2100, Fri 2115 on 15825; previous week, one UT hour later
 on 9985
*After elections in Zimbabwe March 31, maybe further changes, but
 latest changes for SW Radio Africa, from outside: gave up jammed
 3230, 4880 and 6145; 1600-1900 UT, also left trio on 25m, and since
 March 27: 16-18 on 15145, rather good here, no jamming heard; and 18-
 19 on 11770; plus 3300 thruout. Mornings only on MW 1197 from Lesotho
 at 03-05; and from March 31 adding 12145 at 1600-1900, the very day
 of the elexion; partly in English
 [more just before end below]
*R. Horiyaal, to Somalia confirmed moved to 12130 at 1743-1800,
 apparently still half an hour from 1730
*Iraq switching to summer time at 2100 UT March 31, and until October
 1; keep in mind when phoning someone there; and when trying to hear
 Kurdish SW stations, should be one hour earlier
*To Iran, already switched earlier, V. of People of Kurdistan, 4860 at
*V. of the Iranian Nation, probably via France, 11630v, also shifted
 one UT hour earlier, to 1330, and so did its jammers
*Soon saying goodbye to many of our listeners via WorldSpace, which
 from April 15 will encrypt WRN and charge subscription fees; RTE
 Ireland objects and explores other options; comments to
*Back to HF where no one can charge you a fee to listen, but we must
 keep up with time and frequency changes
*Radio Pakistan A-05 English: 16-1615 11570 15100 15725 11850; Urdu 08
 -1104, starting and ending with a few minutes of English news on
 17835 15100; Assami to South Asia, still partly in English? 0045-0115
 on 9340, 11565
*R. Tashkent, new English sked: 01-0130 9715 7190; 12-1230 & 1330-14
 17775 15295 7285; 2030-21 and 2130-22 11905 9545 5025
*Lively discussion in DXLD on the merits of China Radio International,
 even from some former workers there: all the management and many of
 the workers are members of the Communist Party; tries to provide
 English for domestic audience so they won`t get a SW radio; news full
 of ``glib guff and formulaic parroting``; a foreign staffer was
 terminated after many years without adequate explanation
*Still no sign of Wavescan, supposed to resume from Guam March 27
*Kim Elliott again on VOA Talk to America, Friday April 1 [1605-1655]
 and was also on a semishow the week before; best here: 15580
*KNLS Alaska English website does not have current frequency schedule,
 but the Chinese site does, in English, showing two transmitters now
 (unconfirmed) and additional English hours: 08 11870, 10 9795, 12
 9615 & 9780, 14 9795
*Yosemite Sam`s successor heard on 3890 and 1770 DSB, with voice
 portion sounding like ``inclines like this`` or ``times like this``
*Internet Radio for the Left website updated, surprising how much:
*This and other links in the summary for this WOR 1269 at or /wor2005.html
*Jerry Springer`s new talkshow going nationwide, picked up by Air
 America from April 1, in the mornings before Al Franken
*Left of the Dial is a special about A.A. on HBO, from March 31 at 8
 pm ET, repeated in April
*Unusual station at the end of the road in Ely, Minnesota, WELY, sold
 to Ojibwe indians; webcasts with unusual
 programming, Finnish on Sunday mornings, Polka Saturday mornings;
 entire sked in DXLD 5-054
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1269, P O Box 1684,
 Enid OK 73702; or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Rodney Scribner in Maine
*Last minute news of special MW DX tests: WLLL 930 Lynchburg VA, Sat
 Apr 2 12-12:30 am ET; WIMA 1150 Lima OH, Mon Apr 4, 6 minutes each at
 3 and 4 am EDT [we are not responsible for erroneously expressed days
 and/or times]
*The Antigua Sun, Feb 22 revealed BBC would close down relay station
 at Marchend, blaming decline in SW listening; may try to privatize
 the site to help the island`s economy; new GM is David Bones
*Excellent new publication to help ID Mexican FM stations, 2005
 edition of The Mexico FM Directory, maps for each of 31 states, and
 frequency list; sample pages and ordering info at
*Third harmonic from Emisora Ideal, Planeta Rica, Colombia is now
 on exactly 3300.00, not to be confused with inactive R. Cultural,
*Musica del Ecuador heard on HCJB, UT Thu 0230-0330 on 9745
*Unfortunate A-05 frequency collisions: HCJB moved from 11700 to 11710
 despite Argentina on 11710 forever: overlap 2200-0100, since
 Argentina did not participate in HFCC; HCJB looking for a replacement
*The other prevents anyone from hearing LRA-36, Antarctica, 15476,
 also not in HFCC, so Voz Cristiana, Chile expanded usage of 15475, to
 1200-2400 [including 1800-2100 when LRA-36 is on]. We also notified
 VC and hope they will find some accommodation
*Discussed in DXLD and Swprograms, BBC WS SW cuts; Kai Ludwig
 comments: considered sexy to make SW cuts even tho not really total
*RVi Belgium gone, but R. Sweden carrying Network Europe on Sunday,
 1330 via Canada 15240 including an item from RVi; Network Europe also
 on other stations
*RFI new A-05 English: half an hour at 04 on 7315 11700; 05 on 9825
 13680 15160; 06 11665 15160 17800; 07-08 15605; 12-1230 on 17815
 21620; 16-17 on 15160 7170 17850; 16-1730 on 17605 15605; 14-15 to
 India on 15615, not so good here anymore, and via China 9580; many
 others mentioned are via Gabon, Ascension, South Africa
*REE in Spanish, La Banyera de Ulises, still Tue after 1400 news,
 21570 and 17595 best here; Nuesto Sello, classical music, still at
 01-02 Tue-Sat on 15160 11680 9620 9535 6055 6020; very strange and
 silly English show, The Spanish Sponge, 23 x 15 minute programs [in
 mp3 on website]. Weekly half hour in Sephardic confirmed on 9650, UT
 Tue 0415-0445
*Radio Mi Amigo, now via IRRS Italy, 15725, 20 kW, Sat 0800-1500
*Eike Bierwirth compiling new A-05 schedules
*Slovakia in English: 1630 Eu 5920 7345; 1830 5920 6055; 01 Ams 5930
 9440; 07 Au/SAs/Oc 9440 15460
*Austria`s new schedule includes Canada relay 15-16 on 13775; Ams
 direct 0030-0200 on 9870; English times vary; weekdays 1515 and 1545,
 0043, 0113, 0143
*Daniel Sampson, with A-05 skeds
*R. Polonia English is only: 12-1259 11850 9525; 17-1759 5965 7285
*More about Zimbabwe: new newspaper online now:
*Zimbabwe denies South African stations from covering the polls, Talk
 Radio 702, and 567 Cape Talk; also BBC not allowed in, accused of
 being biased against the present government
*From April 5 our times shift one UT hour earlier, including our US SW
 stations; WBCQ: Wed 2200 7415 17495; UT Sun & Mon 03 9330; Mon 0430
 7415; WWCR Thu 2030 15825, Sat 1030 5070, Sun 0230 5070, 0630 3210,
 Wed 0930 9985; WRMI Sun 0330, Mon 0230 on 7385; Sun 12 7385, Mon 09
 9955 [plus Sun 1730 as above]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 29: flux range 80-100-75
*Reminder to check for much more info
 including DX Listening Digest archive, our latest schedules
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1269, and inviting you to
 join me again next week ###