WORLD OF RADIO #1271, produced April 19, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits listen to show or check DX Listening Digest]

*Standard disclaimer
*Did they get the idea from CNN? VOA outsourcing 7 hours a day of its
 news to Hong Kong, despite Chinese jamming! Lots of objections to
 this about loss of control, turning news over to non-citizens
 overseas; saving just a small fraction of VOA`s total budget; Chinese
 could shut down VOA news during Taiwan or other crisis; another
 measure to dismantle VOA and its global reach. VOA director says
 tempest in a teapot, no problems operating from HK
*Condolences to family of Kiko Espinosa who died of cancer April 6;
 was partner and chief engineer at WRMI
*WYLL, 1160, Chicago, has new 50 kW transmitter on south side,
 replacing NW side, still covering south end of Lake Michigan, tighter 
 null toward Salt Lake City
*Re Extra-55 last week, another station playing the Star Spangled
 Banner daily is WRVA 1140, Richmond, VA, at 8:59 am ET after news
*CKY, Winnipeg quit 580, but frequency returns as CJML, for two weeks
 from May 1, commemorating VE day with wartime memories
*Airborne 530 kHz relay of Radio Marti heard again Saturday April 9,
 after some 8 months silence, but gone again the next week
*Radio Lider, Colombia, 6140 provides good reception even in Europe
 until DW blocks at 0600, and I enjoy it too from 0500. Lucked into
 relatively clear frequency, just Turkey at 0300-0400 and occasionally
 Cuba also reported on 6140
*New Ecuadorian is Radio Chaski(s), Otavalo, Imbabura, on 4909.27 at
 0130-0300*; is on government list at and
 4910 used to be occupied by Emisora Gran Colombia, in Quito
*Radio Quito, 4919 has added webstream via
 which might be useful for reports on political strife in Ecuador
*R. Virgen de Remedios, Tupiza, Bolivia is back, varying 9187 to
 9228 with all-Catholic programming, including 1200 and 2000-2400
*R. Illimani, Bolivia, is active on 6025, heard at 0108 in Argentina;
 in Europe, after Budapest closes at 2300; Dominican Republic also
 on 6025; a.k.a. La Voz de Bolivia
*R. Nacional, Paraguay, is being heard more often now, not only on
 Saturdays, on 9737-variable, and not only evenings, but also mornings
*Two horrible frequency collisions reported three weeks ago are still
 not resolved. Voz Cristiana, Chile, 15475, still blocking LRA-36,
 Antarctica, 15476 at 1800-2100; I often hear a het there. Africa
 Number One, Gabon, is also on 15475 at 1600-1900, quite a clash even
 here in OK. No reply from VC frequency manager to our request that
 they move
*HCJB still colliding with Argentina on 11710; HCJB is looking for a
 replacement, but no change so far. Should be a lesson to the
 Argentines to register their frequencies with the HFCC!
*On 1270, report that Faroe Islands 531 was off the air: it had
 already returned, but not at full power. News for mariners was moved
 to Torshavn maritime frequency 1758 kHz
*R. Tatras International premiere April 9-10 including SW via Latvia
 on 9290, but not the following weekend; also supposed to be on MW
 1350, but not; and FM, satellite, --- 9290 hard to
 hear in North America; Eric Wiltshire`s latest project, refuses
 to QSL; see critical blog of it at
*Another former user of 9290 Lativa was Stoersender, now renamed MV
 Baltic Radio, via Julich, 6045, first Sundays at 1200, April 3 and
 May 1
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio No.
 1271, woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; much
 more at
*Thanks this week for financial support to Jeffrey Heller in IL
*WOR and others in mp3 at
*R. Budapest, English to North America at 01-0130 on 9590, except UT
 Sundays on 9560; why? 0230-03 daily on 9795
*A-05 English from ex-Yugoslavia 00-0030 exc Sun and daily 0430-05 on
 9580; Europe 1830 and 21 on 6100; 22 exc Sat to Au 7230
*Hellenes Around the World, weekly English hour from V of Greece is
 Sat 1400 on Delano 9775, but so far only on April 9, elsewhen
 preempted for silly ballgames
*Two weeks ago on 1270 I gave local rather than UT for SW Radio Africa
 to Zimbabwe; current UT schedule: 16-18 15145, 18-19 11770; 16-19
 12145, 4880, 3300; 15 and 11 usually not jammed. 03-05 on MW 1197
 from Lesutu
*Another overlooked clandestine for Zimbabwe is V. of the People, via
 Madagascar, 1659-1757 on 7120, 50 kW, 265 degrees
*Radio Zimbabwe on 6045 ex-3306 all night; due to SWRA on 3300?
*Zimbabwe soon to launch new 24 hour news station on SW, says Xinhua,
 New Ziana, no frequencies; should convert jammers
*R. Rhino International Africa, clandestine to Uganda, resumed April
 11, M-F 15-1530 on 17870; website has manifesto against Museveni,
*QSL from V. of the Revolution of Tigray gives sked: 04-05, 0930-1030,
 15-19 M-F; Sat/Sun 04-09, 11-1630, 10 kW on 5500, 7515; but listed
 recently on 6350 not 7515, heard on 5500 on Jan
*New target programs for Ethiopia via TDP: Tensae Ethiopian V. of
 Unity, 15-16 Sun on 15660; R. V of ENUF, 17-18 Fri & Sun 12120;
*R. Shabelle, Somalia, heard on 6960.1 in Finland, variety of
 programming 1700-2010
*Syria`s new 9330 not only in Spanish 2315-0030, but German at 1805-
 1905, Turkish 1605, then Russian; is ex-13610, still 12085?
*Moshe Oren of Bezeq, hopes Israel Radio will not close SW at end of
 June, but maintain schedule thru October or later
*Israel English at 1900 on 11605 has co-channel from Sweden
*Arabic on 12110 is not 2 x 6055 Kuwait, but Jordan mix of 11810 and
 11960, at 06-0813
*I heard an open carrier on 21605, but Emirates Radio, Dubai, seems to
 have ceased SW with A-05; Arabic at 1620 on 12005 likely Tunisia
*On #1270, clandestine for Iran 1600-1645 on 7490, Seda-ye Jambushi
 Iran-e Farda, --- this transmission is on the FEBA schedule, usually
 religious rather than clandestine; see
 Iran of Tomorrow Movement, Encino, CA
*Taliban have launched pirate station in Afghanistan, including
 unknown SW frequency, and plan two more, Shariat Shagh at 0130-0230
 and 1330-1430
*R. Thailand A-05 in English via Udorn u.o.s.: 0530-06 Europe 17690;
 1230-13 9600, 14-1430 9830 both to SEAs/Au; 19-20 Eu 7155, 2030-2045
 9680; Af 00-0030 9570; via Greenville 0030-01 5890, Delano 03-0330
*Sound of Hope, clandestine for China, per website now has weekly
 English show on WUST 1120 in Washington, 620 in NY, Speaking of Asia,
 also on demand, plus bilingual newscasts and some old shows in
 Spanish, at
*V. of Indonesia`s final hour in Indonesian on 9525 at 1300 includes a
 brief English announcement, such as 1316 or 1319 referring to website
 for news,
*Propagation outlook from Boulder April 19; flux range just 80-85
*New Mundo Radial on WWCR 15825 from April 22; schedule for this and
 all our broadcasts at
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1271 ###