WORLD OF RADIO #1272 produced Aprl 27, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
         [for credits listen to the show or consult recent DXLDs]

*New edition of Continent of Media 05-04 at
*Eike Bierwirth has completed his A-05 SW schedule file, by time and
 by frequency, via  More complete than HFCC
 which has more than 1000 lines censored out of its public file
*Ydun Ritz`s new website including lots from
 DX Listening Digest
*New Domestic Broadcasting Survey #7 now available for ordering: see
*Association of North American Radio Clubs has now been dissolved,
 due to apathy, but website remains for ex-member and other clubs to
*New clandestine for The Gambia, 15 minutes weekly, produced in US;
 first tests April 27-28-29, 2000-2015 on 9430 from secret site; [see
 below] by Save the Gambia Democracy Project (STGDP), part of NADD
 National Alliance for Democracy and Development, running up to Oct
 2006 elections. See
*Togo missing from SW 5047, but Radio Lome now webcasts via including English 0930-1000 M-F and daily
*R. Zimbabwe inactive on 3306, replaced with 6045, 24 hours, but poor
 reception inside Zimbabwe
*BBCM tracked jamming of SW Radio Africa, into Zimbabwe; not daily,
 but when fuxioning is in quarter-hour segments on one frequency,
 then another
*Gerry Jackson, founder of SWRA, to receive Free Media Pioneer Award
 for 2005 from International Press Institute, May 24 in Nairobi
*R. Peace, Sudan, heard *1659-1726* on 5895, April 13 and 16, but not
 14 and 15; English and Arabic
*New Eritrean opposition station, V. of Democratic Alliance, from
 April 21, 1500-1600 in Arabic, Tigrigna and others on 7165 and 9560,
 989; remind us of R. Ethiopia frequencies, plus ``18000``, maybe
 typo for 11800, another ex-R. Ethiopia frequency [and 990 not 989]
*Tensae Ethiopia V. of Unity, via Samara, Russia, Sunday 1458-1600
 on 15660 confirmed; see and V. of ENUF,
 via Tblisskaya, Russia, Sunday 1709-1759* on 12120 also confirmed
*R. Hargeysa, Somaliland, now on FM 98.2; to launch another frequency
 and TV; SW not mentioned. Had been on 7530, boding ill for that?
*R. Damascus, Syria, replaced 13610 with 9330 for external services,
 including English at 2005-2105 and 2110-2210, tho announcing only
 12085, for Australia, New Zealand, Japan. Complaint from Spain that
 2315 UT too late for Spanish: they offer to move it an hour earlier
*V. of Justice, Iran, English to NAm 0130-0230 heard on 9495 and
 11875 under Cuba
*Re Taliban SW station reported last week, still not confirmed on any
 frequency; thought to be in Wazirestan in Pakistan; CIA and Pak
 equivalent should bust it
*CRI at 1300 in English on 17625 booming in here: casual listeners
 would never guess this is relayed by Voz Cristiana, Chile
*V. of Indonesia, English at 0800 on 15150v ex-9525; also on 15150v
 for English at 2000
*Ray Moore in Florida pulls in V7AD, Majuro, Marshall Islands, on 1098
 kHz, peaking at 1053 UT; watch out for Cuban on 1099; more reliable
 in BC, typical South Pacific music, Marshallese
*KNLS self-contradictory schedules finally resolved. They now say that
 2-transmitter schedule effective from May 1; with English at 0800 on
 11870; 1000 9795; 1200 9615 9780; 1400 9795 --- the last one already
 occupied by France in Vietnamese via Japan
*World Christian Broadcasting website has report and photos about the
 new Alaska installation
*Brother Stair departing most or all of his WWCR broadcasts; 7465
 already carrying Power Hour instead in the mornings; 5070 available
 late at night if he wants it; GIGO at
*The 1,272nd World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or
 woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*Standard disclaimer
*Bill by Sen. Santorum, R-PA, proposes to end free access to NWS
 weather info including weather radio by NOAA; Accuweather contributed
 to him and is trying to get rid of government competition. See Palm
 Beach Post:
 NWS website would have to go away. See rants in DXLD 5-068 at
*Big pirate in Nashville on 92.5, stereo rock, naughty language, no
 announcements, covering entire city
*KUR, campus station at Kutztown, PA, on 88.3 and 1670, also streaming
*Wyoming`s X-bander [1630] at Fox Farm is KRND ex-KKWY, Spanish pops
*XETRA 690, Tijuana, bought by PRISA, Spain for $28 mega; to be
 converted to Spanish talk originating at XEW in Mexico City, but
 maybe not for 6 months
*Ouster of Pres. Lucio Gutierrez in Ecuador prompted by little FM
 station, Radio la Luna; see recent DXLDs; in English, HCJB was
 objective; in Portuguese, anti-Gutierrez
*R. Guaruja Paulista, Sao Paulo on 5940 ex-5930, also on 3235, 3385,
*On 5010.2 in Argentina, 3 x 1670 X-band station where also heard but
 not in Buenos Aires
*LRA-36, Antarctica, is aware of interference from Chile on 15475, and
 says it will raise power. But the real solution is not to be on the
 same frequency
*BBC Radio 4, April 23 ``Tracking the Lincolnshire Poacher`` on SW
 numbers stations, available at the Listen Again page
*Bayerischer Rundfunk, Germany, will change 6085 to DRM from May 2,
 0400-2205 but 500 kW transmitter [WRTH: 100] running only 10 kW 
*Moosbrunn, Austria testing DRM for VT Merlin: 05-09 9720, 09-14 on
 9815, 15-17 9705 with programing from Virgin Radio, UK, and others.
 Regular service from May 5, 300 degrees toward England
*R. Clube Portugues is back on MW after 29 years; on 1035 and 783,
 replacing the so-called R. Nacional
*Time change for R. Mi Amigo on IRRS: Sat only on 15725 at 0700-1400
*Program schedules from V. of Greece and R. Filia translated into
 English, in DXLD 5-067
*Follow-up on new clandestine for Gambia; heard in Michigan, Finland
*Planetary Radio is new public radio show on XM, and via NPR
 satellite, and on-demand
*Met Opera may not continue on some commercial radio stations in
 remote areas, as next season it will no longer pay stations not to
 run commercials during it, e.g. Ulysses, Kansas 1420, Coffeyville
 KS 690 which have carried it on AM for many years
*Bill to extend daylight-shifting time from last Sunday in March
 to last Sunday in November, when we are almost to earliest sunsets;
 House Energy & Commerce Committee approved it; full house to vote
 shortly, co-sponsored by Fred Upton, R-MI, and Ed Markey, D-MA
*Propagation outlook from Boulder April 26; flux range 95-80
*[G]lenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1272  ###