WORLD OF RADIO #1273, produced May 4, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
	[for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

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*Not online, but on paper, new A-05 edition of Broadcasts in English
 from British DX Club; 2 pounds in UK; overseas, 6 IRC, 5 Euros or
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*Current SW schedules sorted by language in time order:
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 Also by time:
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*Martin Schoech`s new DX obituary website:
*Israeli government dismisses director of IBA, Yosef Barel for
 violating rules of conduct; one contender to replace him was Amnon
 Nadav [didn`t get it]; head of English news says Barel kept English
 on the air
*Israel moved from 11605 to 11590 for English at 1900 to avoid Sweden;
 best here on 15640, also on 15615
*Republic of Iraq Radio, English at 1030-1120 moved to 2215-0030
 varying to 0130; on FM 98.3, MW 675, 603, Arabsat, Hotbird 4,
*Coalition Maritime Radio One on new 9133-USB, also on 6125, and hopes
 to resume 15500; 9133 confirmed at 1700-1830+, 1110, multilingual
 music, announcements asking for info on terrorist activities
*On 15500 is Salaam Satandar, Internews via UK to Afghanistan, at
*All India Radio April 30 at 1654 on 3220, apparently Shimla off 3223,
 but back on proper frequency next night
*AIR T`puram 7290 putting out spurs at multiples of plus and minus 24
 kHz, 7002 to 7362; hams complain but station denies the problem
*Bhutan Broadcasting Service, 6035, plans to phase out SW at end of
 2006 when FM coverage of Bhutan is complete
*Radio Station Pacific Ocean (Tikhiy Okean), Vladivostok, is back
 since April 17, 0835-0900 on 810 and 12065; daily or weekly?
*V. of Indonesia, 9525, thundering into Alberta at 1950 [not 1850] in
 German; also here at 1850 in French, but gone by English at 2000, 315
 degree beam; 9525 earlier until 1400* is 30 degrees, better for NAm,
 and well heard here, but no English; they leave open carrier on past
 1430. Should put English on at 1400 or ex-Korean at 1200
*ARDS, Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, back on 5050, heard in Australia
 overriding Tanzania, at 2010 April 13
*DRM transmitters under installation at R. Australia`s Brandon,
 Queensland site
*RNZI, 15720 was missing at 0300 UT April 29; due to regular monthly 
 maintenance period, usually Thursday for 4-5 hours between 2230-0500
 but this was Friday and lasted longer than planned until 0745; may be
 more downtime as DRM transmitter is being installed
*Solomon Islands, 5020 running half power to save costs, only 6 kW
*The end of the Crocodile DX Hunter, Craig Edwards, a real fun read;
*World of Radio 1273, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; woradio at Our website is
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jerry Kiefer [Not Jim!]
*Voz Crista, Chile, makes excuses about how they happened to land on
 the only Antarctic frequency, 15475; did not even know LRA-36 existed
 but receiving lots of complaints. At 2000 I still hear VC on 15475,
 het from Antarctica on 15476. Solution is obvious: VC move off 15475,
 at 1800-2100, and also from 1600 to avoid Gabon
*New 3rd edition of Brazilian MW list via
*Brazil`s R. Anhanguera reactivated on 4905, football at 0130 April 28
*R. Novo Tempo, reactivated on 4895, 0205 April 26, with Adventist ID
 Voz da Esperanca
*R. Virgen de los Remedios, Bolivia, more reports: 9220.1 varying to
 9220.7 between 0005 and 0103; another night on 9225.4 to 9225.5,
 parallel at times to WEWN 7425; in Sweden heard at 2100 and 2205
 varying from 9223 to 9223.6; 9231.7 variable to 9228 at 1052-1110;
 and at 1100 on 9234.9
*New Bolivian on 4498.12, Radio Estambul, Beni Department, April 28,
 not a harmonic; check for clip at
 Also heard at 1006 on 4498.10
*La Voz de Chiriaco, Bagua, Peru, 5264.96 as late as 1200, actually
 ID as Radio Chiriaco, another clip at Malm`s site
*Peru`s La Reina de la Selva, 5487 has streaming audio too:
*4560.06 at 1130 is La Voz de Naranjal, Naranjal, Eucador, also at
 0000, 3 x 1520
*April 29 at 2330, RHC was carrying Hugo Chavez speech not only on
 Spanish frequencies but blowing away English on 9550, Portuguese on
 15230, Guarani on 17705; was live speech at Karl Marx Theater in
*Sad fate of XERMX; 25 photos of what has become of its antennas and
 equipment at
*Columbia Journalism Review, May-June [not March] has excellent
 article on the atmosphere at VOA, and Radio Sawa issue, ``VOA drowned
 out by a mix of pop-flavored propaganda; what should America sound
*Dr Gene Scott planned well for his afterlife on the radio, as old
 tapes continue; widow Melissa can be heard on live Sunday morning
*Brother Scare still on some hours, WWCR-4, 05-12, 15-16, 21-22 UT,
 but all the other time to other preachers, weekdays. Weekends, 48
 hours straight of Pastor Pete Peters` Scriptures for America!
*KNLS Alaska, now with 2 transmitters at once, English at 1400 on
 9795, colliding with France via Japan in Vietnamese
*Armed Forces Day celebrated on radio with crossband contacts, a
 week early, May 14-15; see 
*Another orgy month on WHRB, Harvard, webcasting; check schedule at
*WCPT 850, new progressive talk in Chicago from May 5, Air America and
*CJML 580 Winnipeg, temp VE Day station is 99 watts, not 50 kW
*R. Nederland`s Ascension relay at 00-02 on 11900 moved to 5995; two
 other Spanish frequencies, Bonaire, 0200 6165, 0300 6190 off the air
 with tech problems
*Aland 603, Finland, heard with Rock `n` Roll Radio, oldies at 1630
*Abkhazia heard on second frequency, 9534.75 in addition to 9494.75
 [at 0158 UT]
*Gambian clandestine on 9430 tested at 2000-2015; site was Juelich,
 Germany, 100 kW, 210 degrees. Regular schedule not set yet, but may
 be called Voices from the Diaspora, or in Wollof, Baati Haleyi; to be 
 half an hour weekly in three languages
*New webcast from Radio Lome, Togo, usually not working; media in
*Nigeria cracks down on Biafra secessionist movement; V. of Biafra
 International, heard Sat 2059-2159 on 7380, partly in English, also
 on Weds
*Nigerian state media on strike over unpaid allowances, affecting V.
 of Nigeria external service
*R. Voice of ENUF, Ethiopian cland, heard Sunday May 1 at 17-18 on
 12120, also on Fridays; hired via TDP, with typical CIS site tones says objective is to eliminate present
 oppressive regime
*R. Xoriyo, V. of the Ogadeni People, via Germany, 15670, heard on a
 Tue at *1631 in Somali
*V. of Democratic Alliance, Ethiopia to Eritrea, 9560.1 at 1456-1505,
 very poor as also on 7165.1, no definite ID
*Write to congressman to support House Resoluution 230 calling on FCC
 to review and reconsider its support of and promulgation of broadband
 over power lines 
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 3; flux range 110-80-105
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1273 ###