WORLD OF RADIO #1274, produced May 17, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*Chris Mackerell runs own LPFM station WorldFM in Tawa, New Zealand
 [88.2] including WOR, UT days and times: THu 1000, 2300, Fri 2105,
 Sun 0730; add 12 hours for local time. Schedule and streaming via
*New edition of Mundo Radial on WWCR 15825 from May 20, Fri 2115, Tue
 2130, Wed 2100, and also soon via
*STDGP`s new clandestine for the Gambia tested for three days, partly
 in French; weekly from June 4, Saturdays 2000-2030 on 9405 instead of
 9430, 100 kW via Germany, brokered by RMI, Voices from the Diaspora
*Excellent site on history of radio in Angola, back thru the colonial
*Lobby RTE to resume SW broadcasts from Ireland, now that WorldSpace
 charges subscription: hearus @
*RTE says it will provide some licenses for regular listeners on WRN
 via WS, paying costs for subscribing [missionaries only?]
*Mid West Radio, Ireland starts streaming for expatriates, via
*Impending strike at BBC by two unions protesting plans to cut 3780
 jobs, 24 hours on May 23, 31, June 1 and one more date
*Italian court found cardinal and director of Vatican Radio guilty of
 electromagnetic pollution, 10-day suspended sentences, damages; to be
*Kabardino-Balkaria on SW, 7325, 1730-1800 in Kabardian, Sun, Wed and
 Thu only, via Krasnodar, Russia
*R. Station Pacific Ocean not only on SW 12065 at 0835-0900 but also
 on MW 810 which is streamed via but only the
 4th of 5 links works; clip at
*Bangladesh Betar special for national poet`s birthday, in English
 on 7185 May 25, 1230-1300 and 1815-1900
*BB also has new website with audio on demand, some of which work:
*Religious station in Mandarin 1300-1400 on 11940, Trans World
 Broadcasting Ministry, not to be confused with TWR, 100 kW via
 Taibei, Taiwan daily; also links to CVC
*V. of Indonesia, 9525, usually audible here in mornings, closing at
 1400 but carrier stays on past 1500, probably till 1600 resumption
 of programming, but modulation sometimes goes off by 1230
*Wantok Radio Light, new Protestant SW station for Papua New Guinea,
 seems on track for inauguration June 11; lots of info at and DXLD 5-075; ``tropical band``,
 but 7120 is not; with 6 large poles to hold special antenna; might
 start testing any day, so keep an ear on 7120
*Voice of Justice, Iran, 0130-0230 audible one night when Cuba missing
 from 11875, blocked next night; and also on 9495.51; two different
 sites in Iran with satellite delay between
*V. of Iranian Kurdistan shifted from 4860 to 4850, and an hour
 earlier for DST, around 0200
*R. Farda, UAE for Iran on MW 1575, can be heard way back in NE USA,
 such as by Ben Dangerfield, SE PA, quite good 0000-0135; check for
 SW parallels after 0030: 9615, 9805, 9865; 0200 9615 changes to 9775
*Radio Yemen second program Aden has bizarre English program on
 Hispsat, 30 W, at 1800-1830
*R. Oman`s Thumrait transmitter has been down, so no English on SW,
 but expect modulation transformer to be back from repair by Mayend
*No English from Saudi Arabia on SW, but on internet, 05-08, 10-13 and
 16-21 via
*New director general of IBA in Israel is Yair Aloni 
*The 1274th WOR, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA: or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support to Franklin Seiberling who has
 registered for us  and easy to remember
 link to latest DXLD:
*Another Argentine X-band harmonic, on 5100, AM 1710 in Buenos Aires
 which is really on 1700, heard at 1040 but probably also at night; [now changed to but
 logo still reading 1710! as of May 19]
*More info on new Bolivian on 4498.12, Radio Estambul: definitely in
 Guayaramerin, Beni; sign-off at 0207 to return at 0900
*Radio Ecos, 4409.8, 0020-0121 booming signal into NH, off between
 0240 and 0256; hard to catch positive ID becauses of ecosecosecos
*R. Virgen de Remedios, Bolivia, 9223v, claims to be on ``3993 on 90
 meter band`` so quite confused. Says they are licensed
*Director of La Luna Radio, Paco Velasco, fled Ecuador May 3 after
 playing an active part in downfall of Pres Gutierrez
*R. Chaskis, Ecuador, 4909.28 heard in Sweden at 0100, 0145, 0340*
*Thanks to cooperation of Doug Weber at HCJB, Argentina`s 11710 is
 clear of HCJB clash, which moved May 9 to 12000 at 21-23, 11720 plus
 North American beam at 23-01
*Ondas del Orteguaza, Colombia, heard in Ecuador on 3rd harmonic
 3479.51 in early morning
*Morning of May 17, Many Cuban SW and MW frequencies in parallel for
 big anti-US rally about terrorist Posada; and on 530 had powerful new
 signal with R. Rebelde, frequency to block occasional airborne Marti
 broadcasts [later with Radio Cadena Habana programming]
*Brother Stair announcing further reduxions in his WWCR time, but WWRB
 is picking him up 24/7 on 9320, then 6890, then 5085
*KNLS Alaska doubled its transmitter hours from 10 to 20 May 1 with
 second transmitter but why didn`t they just use the first transmitter
 the other 14 hours per day? Prime time in Asia rules, apparently. But
 now there are two idle transmitters between 18 and 08 UT, so if you
 hear R. Free Asia or a new clandestine, suspect KNLS site
*3750 signal could be 3 x 1250, but turns out to be 5 x 750 from KOAL,
 Price UT, which had equipment problems, heard at 1200; also IBOC: how
 does that come thru on harmonics?
*New Utah station for women, KUTR 820, owned by Mormons like KSL, from
 May 9, 50 kW ND day, 2.5 kW direxional night; 50 kW different
 directional critical hours,
*Another new 50 kW, KDJQ, 890, Meridian, ID, testing 1215-0300 UT with
 non-directional day pattern, oldies and IDs
*Public radio in Flagstaff, KNAU, turned down Democracy Now, unlike
 KUNM Albuquerque, which welcomes it and Pacifica programming
*WABC plans another 12-hour Memorial Day special, back to its glory
 music days, 6 am to 6 pm Eastern, maybe webcast too?
*Another TV channel occupied in NYC: WNYZ, channel 6, 3 kW low power,
 but strong in Queens, color bars and test tones since May 8
*WRTH Summer schedules now available to all at
*Altho Space Shuttle postponed until July, pick up the May issue of
 Monitoring Times ASAP, a theme issue on Return to Flight with several
 articles and frequency lists
*CD archive replete with info on the Sony ICF 2010/2000D; see DXLD
 5-075 for contents and ordering info, at
*Ch 4 in Denver had 4-minute local news piece about SW spy numbers
 stations; tnx J. Armani, i.a., in video archive at:
*Two hams on Tonight Show proving CW superior to cellphone text
*Global Crisis Watch is new podcast, first one 37 minutes with phone
 interviews about Saudi clandestine Al-Tajdeed, SOS Iran, and Sound of
 Hope, for China  via:
*New 2005 WTFDA TV Station Guide, 400 pages with channel maps, DTV info,
 3-hole punched. $25 payable to WTFDA, sent to John Ebeling, 9209
 Vincent Ave S, Bloomington MN 55431-2157 or via PayPal to
 mbugaj @
*Extreme geomagnetic storm from 0230 UT May 15 after CME May 13; K-
 index hit 9 at 0900, with rare propagation, such as Fak2, Indonesia,
 4750 heard on 9th harmonic in Perth, 42749.9; same time, V6AJ, 1503,
 Micronesia, heard in Oregon
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 17; flux range 90-110
*That`s World of Radio 1274; Glenn Hauser inviting you back next week