WORLD OF RADIO #1275, produced May 25, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*Standard disclaimer
*Thanks to WRN for additional WOR airtime to NAm, Sat 1730 UT, so also
 on WRMI 7385 then as well as Sun 1730; and on Sirius Satellite Radio
 Channel 115
*Also, WBCQ has shifted WOR a quarter-hour earlier, UT Monday 0415 on
*Plans for a new progressive SW station in Monticello, Illinois; Bill
 Taylor, WEFT 90.1, raising money for 50 kW listener-sponsored SW
 station. See
 Urbana Champaign Indpendent Media Center; Radio for Peace 
 International, ex-Costa Rica may be involved in this project
*Test of WX4NHC from National Hurricane Center, June 4, 13-22 UT,
 including phone, around 7268, 14325, 21325, 28525
*Recommended: speech by Bill Moyers, on CPB and politics, via
 CSPAN, maybe in archives, and full text:
*May 23 issue of The Nation magazine, online and in print has several
 articles about radio including Confessions of a Listener, by
 Garrison Keillor
*Pat Griffith, spending a week in Socorro NM, discovered a local
 pirate on 530 kHz, strange mix of music
*KMUL 1380 Muleshoe TX, reincarnated on 830 with 50 kW in Farwell
 TX, but 9 watts at night, 14 kW critical hours
*WNYZ-LP, new channel 6 in NYC, is using FM rather than TV audio
 stereo, dual cast, which may be legal; TV sets will not decode this
 stereo due to different pilot frequency; Spanish hip hop and rap
*High-Definition Radio = IBAC = IBOC, a hot topic of discussion in
 recent issues of DX Listening Digesgt via
*This is the season for possible greyline MW DX from Anchorage AK
 to lower 48 at sunrise. Explained at
*RCI has online scrapbook of listening posts:
*Jaime Bonilla Mexican border stations busted for not broadcasting
 from authorized sites, higher power interfering with US stations,
 AM and FM
*New Cuban on 530 kept changing networks, settled on Radio Cadena
 Habana [later: back to Rebelde], awful audio
*R. Amazonas, Venezuela, 4939.5, signs on daily at 0910
*Most reliable Bolivian heard in DR is R. Santa Cruz, 6135, opening
 at 0900, closing a few minutes after 0100
*Polisario station for Western Sahara from Algeria changed from 7460
 to 7466, 2104-2303+, to avoid interference, at 1700 [not 1800]-2400, 
 0600-0800 and evenings in parallel on 700
*Hirondelle Foundation says Star Radio, Liberia, resumed May 25 at
 1600 on FM and SW. SW to be two hours daily, but no frequencies
 mentioned; previous SW was from Sept 1997 to Oct 1998 [on 3400,
 5880, but new SW is to be from an external site]
*24-hour strike against BBC on May 23, disrupting domestic and World
 Service programming; 48 hours more planned May 31-June 1, but
 unions and management were to meet on May 26; dispute over how many
 went on strike
*Strike made for greater variety in WS programming, more full-service
*But such outages may lose relays like WBUR which went with more NPR
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1275,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jerry Kiefer in Florida
*Radio Six International, Scotland, launches new broadcasts June 4:
 via IRRS, Italy, Sat 06-07 on 15725, so what becomes of R. for Peace,
 clandestine for W. Sahara? This will be live, Saturday Sounds, with
 guests, listener contact, and also on Latvia 9290, WorldFM, NZ, 88.2
 and repeated at 2300 on WBCQ 5105. has 24-h
 webstream; on WBCQ daily 23-01 on 5105, until 02 on Sun and Mon; and
 some more complicated times on IRRS
*A new Two Bobs one-hour show, from
*DOS Inspector General report on IBB stations in Greece: crisis in
 workforce, with retirements imminent, but hiring freeze; and 11% of
 Kavala site has been encroached with beach structures and a church;
 renewal due in 2007y
*Shipcom opens new station in addition to WLO, KLB: EKA in Yerevan,
 Armenia, on two channels at first, 12604.5 and 16818.5; heard at 1404
*Nothing this week from Middle East or Asia
*Wantok Radio Light, Papua New Guinea, has started on 7120, barely
 audible in Washington state, 0830-1100+; NVIS antenna supposed to
 minimize horizontal coverage but don`t believe it; first reported by
 Chris Hambly, Victoria, May 23 at 0630; strong in Sydney at 0900.
 Is one kW Christian station relaying FM 93.9, from Kaupena, Southern
 Highlands. Official launch June 11, but fully operational by May 26.
 How long will they last on 7120, considering numerous hi-power
 international stations on frequency such as China, Madagascar, India,
 UAE? See DXLD 5-083
*R. Central, Boroko, PNG, reactivated after a sesquiyear, on 3290,
 1000-1201* partly // 4890
*National Radio, New Zealand plans programming changes [in Sept],
 retaining birdcalls; In Touch With NZ, popular in NAm, will retain
 Wayne Mowat, but music portion moved to late nights on Sat and Sun;
 much of RNZI`s SW programming comes from National Radio; on-demand
 audio to increase
*Off-tune, tracking off-frequency MW stations around the world, as an
 aid to identification. See list in DXLD 5-074. New yahoogroup
 specializing in this
*Automatic Information System enables tracking ships at sea in real-
 time; free but delayed for enthusiasts:
*Vocal opponent of IBOC, Eric Bueneman, N0UIH has website
*154 ham DX rm sound clips for 2004 at
*Jem Cullen in Australia reported 60m Latin Americans May 14 1640-1700
 UT = mid-day there, from XERTA Mexico 4810, Litoral Honduras 4830,
 Andahuaylas Peru 4840. Astounding DX if correct; major geomag storm
 did not hit until 9.5 hours later
*Propagation outlook from Boulder May 24; flux range 85-105-80
*Check for much more
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1275 ###