WORLD OF RADIO #1276, produced May 31, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*New edition of Continent of Media now available, 05-05, real audio
 file at and
*New clandestine for the Gambia, from June 4, Sats 2000-2030 on 9405,
 100 kW, 210 degrees from Juelich, Germany, Voices from the Diaspora,
 partly in English
*Nothing definite yet on SW times or frequencies for Star Radio,
 Liberia; was previously on 3400 mornings, 5880 evenings, but
 unlikely to use same again; via outside site now
*Salama Radio International, for Nigeria, reactivated, Wed & Sun
 1930-2030 on 11885, Woofferton, 180 degrees, 300 kW, Hausa and
 English, unconfirmed yet
*SW Radio Africa announces it`s leaving SW after May 31 due to
 expenses, remaining on MW 1197 only at 0300-0500, and internet,  Clandestine for Zimbabwe. Jamming
 increased costs, future shaky
*15-minute interview with Gerry Jackson, of SWRA, by Global Crisis
 Watch, via
*Final SWRA broadcast on 12145 monitored May 31 1630-1745
*New clandestine tested for Somaliland Friday May 27 1730-1800 on
 15650, to be regular from June 1, Sat-Thu, but name and sponsorship
 not known; test heard well here, probably UK or German site [but not
 heard on June 2 by several monitors trying]
*Galei Zahal, Israeli Defence Forces on 15785 has severe co-channel
 from WHRI South Carolina, 1700-2000, poor frequency choice by FCC
*HCJB had another frequency collision to resolve, 11760 with Habana,
 so HCJB moved to 11690 at 1100-1500; but this collides with Jordan`s
 only frequency in English, tho it lasts until 1630 [and not on air
 daily per Noel Green]; Habana supposed to move off 12000 to clear
 12005 for HCJB in mornings, but has not done so. How well is R.
 Jordan heard now before and after 1500?
*BBC Monitoring published another comprehensive guide to media,
 broadcast and print, from and to Iran; in DXLD 5-088
*Democratic Voice of Burma adds 15480 for evening broadcast from May
 28; presumably means at 1430, no site given
*Radio Japan`s 70th anniversary June 1 (originally the reviled Radio
 Tokyo in the Japanese Empire), with special programming following
 weekend on Hello from Tokyo, interviewing DXers, from UT Sat 0510
 repeated thru UT Mon 0110; special QSLs
*R. Dien Bien, Vietnam, on new 6442 variable, 1200-1400, ex-6379v,
 and ex-Lai Chau
*More reports of new Wantok Radio Light, Papua New Guinea, on 7120,
 from NW USA, SW Canada, between 0728 and 1230, despite vertical
 antenna supposed to reduce skywave. 7120 already occupied by loads
 of stations around the world. If they must stay on 7 MHz, should
 move below 7000 or above 7300; in the latter, the clearest channel
 appears to be 7435, tho there is HLL5, fax from South Korea listed
 on 7433.5; will have to move out of hamband sooner or later anyway
*Another exotic is ARDS, Humpty Doo, NT, Australia, 5050, heard well
 in NSW at 1010, but is anyone hearing it abroad?
*Standard disclaimer
*The 1276th World of Radio, much more at
 woradio @ or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Airport info station at LAX on 530 AM, AiRadio, 24 hours, live
 at peak times, also
*CFYZ, Pearson International Airport, Toronto, has closed due to
 expenses, 400 watts on 1280, also with live programming; open carrier
 only heard
*A lot of Fidelogorrhaea lately from Cuba, new 17740 at 2317, plus
 many others
*FARC`s La Voz de la Resistencia, Colombian clandestine, heard on
 5880, 6000 and 6120, very distorted until 2313* to return at 2230,
 but unheard here tho there was something under Habana 6000
*No English on SW from RadioBras, but English news on website,  And also audio in
 English and Spanish via
*Argentine X-bander, AM-1710 had website with 1710 in URL while they
 were on 1700, then changed website to but
 changed frequency to 1710 plus third harmonic 5130 [1710 a hot
 target now for North American DXers]
*BBCWS Falkland Islands service, Tue and Fri only 2130-2145 on new
 11720 for this season, collides with China via Chile at 2100-2200
 daily on same; VT may have chosen same frequency for both
*One-day strike against BBC on May 23, but further strikes May 31-
 June 1 called off; contrarians liked programming better when strike
 was on; lots of discussion on this in recent DX Listening Digests
*BBC Radio 3 plays nothing but Beethoven for six days, June 5-10,
 complete works; also availablizing mp3 downloads of BBC SO
 performances of the nine symphonies, as a Beethoven Experience
*Brouhaha in Belgium over right-wing party launching DRM broadcasts
 via Germany, VB-6015, Suns 0900-1100; but another Belgian via
 Germany, Maeva FM, objects by suspending its own broadcasts so as
 not to be associated with Vlaams Beland. Its May 29 broadcast did
 not happen; to start following Sunday via UK instead
*swissinfo staff set up own website
 accusing SBC of censorship about its cutbacks
*Abkhaz State Radio, Soxum on 9494.75v at 1400-1630, but co-channel
 from Cairo in Turkish after 1530
*This just in: may still be possible to hear SW Radio Africa on SW,
 for one hour at 1700 on 15145
*That time of year, near Summer Solstice, allowing high bands such as
 16m to be open all night over high-latitude, not-really-dark paths
*Propagation outlook from Boulder May 31; flux range 95-85
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1276 ###