WORLD OF RADIO #1278, produced June 21, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*WPKN 89.5 in CT rescheduled WOR to Sat 9:30 am EDT in June; from July
 to Sat 6:00 am EDT [1000 UT] on 89.5, plus 88.7 in Montauk LINY
*Thanks to Andy O`Brien, WOR now available as podcast: put in reader:
*WOR reception in UK: best bets on SW, Thu 2030 WWCR 15825, Sun 0230
 WWCR 5070. And WRN on Sky Channel 872; try freesat from Sky service
*Voz Crista finally moved off 15475 to 15485, from June 20, 1200-2400,
 liberating 15475 for Gabon 16-19, LRA-36 Antarctica 18-21. Collisions
 lasted almost three months
*Antarctica remains hard to hear; maybe traces of carrier June 20
*VC 15485 now collides with BBCWS, UK to N&W Africa 1100-1700
*R. Caiari, Porto Velho, Brasil, 4785, has new QSL card and catching
 up on backlog
*R. Virgen de los Remedios heard on 9261 at 1030; now finally made it
 to 90m, heard varying 3335-3337 at 0000-0105; 3340 at 1100
*One new Bolivian interested in reception reports from abroad is R.
 Estambul, 4498; by p-mail wants pennants and flags from listeners;
 ninafelima @
*R. Lider, Colombia, 6139.77, off the air since June started, due to
 Cuban QRM?
*Colombian 5910v reactivated, Marfil Estereo, 5909.88, then 5909.93;
 sometimes // 6010 La Voz de Tu Conciencia
*R. Marti airborne relay on 530, radio war with Cuba: not flying June
 11 but resumed June 18, Sats from 2147; power fluxuates as well as
 that of Cuban jammer
*New FM station in Bermuda, K-JAZ or B-JAZ, on 98.1
*Danny Finkleman`s final CBC Radio show June 25, replaced by Randy
 Bachman from July, but one hour earlier, Saturday evenings, Vinyl
 Tap; 15 new summer shows with samples:
*CRTC authorizes three subscription radio services for Canada: Sirius
 and XM satellites; and terrestrial on L-Band sponsored by CHUM; see
 much more discussion in DXLD
*Mystery Radio, europirate on 6220, draws complaint, bounty from
 another pirate, Laser Hot Hits, which claims channel 6219
*Sirius will add BBC Radio 1 to lineup, timeshifted for North America
*Far-right Belgian station, Vlaams Belang, denied SW via Germany,
 UK, finally via Russia on 13680, a.k.a. Black or White; and changed
 again Sunday June 19 0900-1100 to 15660 via Armavir to W Europe
*European Music Radio via Latvia: Sat June 25 20-21 on 9290
*Sweden`s VLF station SAQ, Sunday, July 3, 17.2 kHz tests in CW at
 0815, 0915, 1215, 1315
*R. Maria, Italy, 26000 kHz, will produce DRM with a PC; photos of
*NEXUS/IBA/IRRS, Italy, says power is raised on 15725 from 20 to 50 kW
 at 0800-1200; 0600-0800 still 20 kW with radio six and Celebrate
 Radio [later, six says it will also be 50 kW, but from what site???]
*Save the Gambia Democracy Project, via Germany, Sat only 2000-2030 on
 9405; committed for 24 months, English, Malinke et al.
*Star Radio, Liberia still hasn`t provided SW schedule from outside
*Radio Veritas, Liberia, back on SW, 5470, from June 12 at 2150-2220,
 and from 2000 on June 14 relaying VOA until 2100; also to 2300* O&O
 by Catholic Archdiocese, 6 kW instead of 10, and from 0600 on 6090,
 colliding with defunct DGS from Anguilla
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1278, woradio at or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Salama Radio International, 1930-2030 Sun & Wed on 11885, P O Box
 6316, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria; in 2001 it was pentecostal. QSL
 from then said it was from Harvestime Ministries
*R. Candip, Congo DR, 5066.4 in French, heard in Japan until 1614 fade 
*SW Radio Africa for Zimbabwe remains on SW, 17-18 on 15145 [still
 heard June 23]
*R. Peace, Southern Sudan, QSL says 4750 is 1 kW to S Sudan in 6
 languages including English; 5895 is 5 kW to N Sudan in English,
 Arabic; 4750 schedule starts with English, 0230-0320, 1630-1720
*Re WOR 1277, R. Horyaal was on 15650 one week, then changed to 11925
 via Germany, Sat-Thu at 1730-1800 // Samara, Russia 12130, to Somalia
*Another new Somali clandestine testing, R. Solmal, via Germany, Fri
 June 10 at 14-1430 on 17550, 16-1630 on 15495
*No decision yet on cancelling SW from Israel, waiting for a board of
 governors to be formed, so will continue past June 30
*R. Damascus has moved Spanish an hour earlier, 2215-2330 on 12085 and
 9330 or maybe 13610, for convenience of Spain, still after midnight
*Deep Dish TV with live coverage of World Tribunal on Iraq, from
 Istanbul, June 24-27 at 2100-2200, also on Free Speech TV, Dish 9415
 at 0000 UT;
*WEWN left 11530 for 11645 in Spanish, clearing 11530 for Denge
 Mezopotamiya, 0400-1600, which had been blocked after 1100
*BBC Monitoring published another extensive survey of media in Iraq,
 legible via
*Salaam Watandar, to Afghanistan, says no more QSLs: no resources or
 time to do this
*India thinking about beefing up external broadcasting; hope adding
 more languages, N American services
*Sri Lanka cancelled evening All Asia Service, 1225-1525 from June 11;
 was on 9770, 15748; still 0030- on 9770
*Wantok Radio Light, new Papua New Guinea station on 7120, well heard
 around Pacific Rim; at Grayland WA, very good for inaugural June 11;
 much more difficult in ENAm, but Scott Barbour in NH is getting
 traces around 1000
*Catholic Radio Network, PNG, 4960, heard two hours past sunrise at
 1402, in WA
*R. Vanuatu, 7259.685, vanished at 0625; from 0642 on 3944.86v
*VOA resumes SW service in Uzbek, 1500-1530 on 11515, 11780, 15390
*Norman Pattiz, responsible for R. Sawa and clones, may be out of a
 job: Bush has not renominated this Democrat to the Broadcasting Board
 of Governors
*Lots of mainstsream press about politics affecting BBG, and CPB:
*VOA Talk to America Tue June 14 was about clandestine broadcasting;
 audio via
*June 27 is target date for WRNO to return to SW, 7355, 7395, 15420
*WWCR`s 15th anniversary quetionnaire contest concludes June 30;
*WWCR shifted 7465 to 7466 to zero-beat Western Sahara, at 2200-0100
*New unit for barometric pressure: megabytes instead of millibars,
 per Perfect Paula at 1500-1530 with Gulf of Alaska marine weather
 via USB from WLO 17362, 13152, 13110, 8806, 8788; and with satellite
 delay from KLB 17311, 13101, 8731
*Corporation for Public Broadcasting: House approved bill to cut
 budget nearly in half; see website of any public radio or TV
 station; far right Republicans trying to destroy our most trusted
 news source
*But better source of funding might be Digital Opportunity Investment
 Trust Act; some of 30 gigadollars from sale of TV spectrum, should
 help fund public programming
*Special 42.8 MHz Major Armstrong commemoration did not propagate
 well; may be put on air more, as authority lasts until Sept 11
*Excellent site for hurricanes and tropical storms:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 21; flux range 80-110-85
*For much more, consult DX Listening Digest at
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding another World of Radio, No. 1278 ###